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    Awesomeness incarnate.
  2. -ReVenge-

    Jimi Hendrix

    Hendrix is great. He does stuff that is almost technically impossible. Crazy skilled.
  3. True. True. True. True. True. True.
  4. -ReVenge-

    Which One?

    Gresh, definitely.
  5. -ReVenge-


    Could you take a picture of Vorox with the dark tan joints?
  6. -ReVenge-

    It Arrived

    Well, they had to keep the ending the way it was. Otherwise, they would have to come up with a new plot for the next game.
  7. So it's either Tuyet or Helryx. I remember that Helryx was in Iron ghost, and that she was rather forceful and tough. It fits the picture. Tuyet, I don't think, was ever in ToM's stories. Or it could be a Nui Rama.
  8. No. Seran's reviews are too mean for the front page. Little kids would cry, and over protective parents would stop their children from going on this website.
  9. Hilarious. But you really hate this set that much? And what about Krika?
  10. -ReVenge-

    Back To 48

    Luckily, most everyone in the Bay Area voted no one Prop 8. However, it seemed that was not enough. To those who voted yes on 8, how would you feel if you couldn't marry the person you love?
  11. *points to himself and closes eyes tightly* "If you cry, you are worthless! I swear, if you cry, I will dress you up like a baby seal and jump into an orca tank. Now don't you cry!" Lol. I love that kick he does when he's emotional.
  12. -ReVenge-


    Where's the Emperor when you need him? There's too much pink!
  13. -ReVenge-


    Why end every comment with an "x"?
  14. Are you going to buy Krika?
  15. -ReVenge-

    Odi Et Amo

    » Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «As far as I know, Skrall never had a true "body that used a black Piraka body instead of an Inika one and had a Rahkshi lower back piece as its base." In the leaked pictures, the body design was a piraka body that's computer edited and tilted. Thus, one can assume that this was onlya placeholder and was meant to be redesigned later, just as the launcher was. I agree with everything else you said.
  16. "put the crumb-filled wrapper into Mike's bag." Why would you do that?
  17. It's so awesome! It's be even better if it was one of your famous L&G animated movies.
  18. -ReVenge-

    I Am God

    Turaga Nuva? And Avo-Matoran? What about poor Grievous' topic?
  19. -ReVenge-

    I Am God

    The !? Blue-Green Death?
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