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  1. question since im a bit confused on some of the wording. Would I be able to enter, say, Kopaka mata + muaka for the contest, or would it be one or the other?
  2. They're not as organic as the sets made them out to be, but I like my robots as robots http://www.majhost.com/gallery/Cappy/newstuffyo/screen_shot_2014-07-30_at_9.28.15_am.png And Jaller http://www.majhost.com/gallery/Cappy/newstuffyo/screen_shot_2014-07-30_at_9.28.26_am.png Edit: Please keep embedded images on BZP under 750 kB! -Wind-
  3. Well, good news and bad news. Good news? I have an update. Bad news? its not much of an update. Since theres no deadline, i'm moving slowly... LINK TO UPDATE Trying out a new brush set for the shading... any thoughts?
  4. Well, I didn't realize there was a new art contest until late last night, and i got it into my head that i had enough time to put something together before the deadline. It was going to be an epic piece with tahu in the foreground, with a larger then life BZPOWER behind him. I was excited! Then life happened, so I didn't come close to finishing. In fact, this is all i got done so far. That being said, I guess this will be a WIP thread of sorts to keep me on track and kinda motivate me to actually finish this one. If you guys have any thoughts on the progress of the piece, feel free to post bellow, i'll be sure to take it into account! (also, is double posting still prohibited here? its been a really long time since I was last here) ~Cappy (p.s. didn't realize my title didn't fit... and I can't edit it... whelp...)
  5. Its been a while hasn't it? Well, philosophy class is boring, so this happened one day Back To Back Followed by this Kopaka Doodle Sheet Happy New Years everyone!
  6. Another doodle has been added, thanks for the comments guys
  7. Hi all, I got excruciatingly bored in class today, and accidentally drew bionicles again. Watcha think? ^click for full image^ Edit: more because class is horribly boring
  8. Thanks for the comments guys @Flamestreak; yea, the legs were unfinished, but i can't be bothered to mess with them anymore. finished leg design can be seen on the honorguard variation Bump for updates and great justice
  9. so.... what are some cool characters who don't have designs yet?

    1. The Legendary TNT

      The Legendary TNT

      Helryx, all the Toa Hagah except Iruni and Norik, Lhii (kinda, he's just a fictional matoran based on Lhikan). Can't think of anymore off the top of my head.

  10. Got bored during a road trip, spat this sucker out. Enjoy maybe? ^click for full image^ Aaaand, I made another one Dumes Honor Guard: Oh, Nokama wanted to come to the party too (inb4 her mask is fugly, trust me, i know) (sorry for the shoddy picture, theres only so much i can do in a dimly lit room and a camera phone)
  11. No way in ###### am i winning, but this is all i could do between a wisdom teeth extraction and both my scanner and tablet being broken.whelpheres what i ended up withHerewatcha think about a pain killer induced drawing people?
  12. not sure if its still open, but here goes nothing..?scanner is broken, as is the tablet, but heres what i ended up withMember name: Captain FlowersEntry URL: linkyTopic: Linkeh
  13. whelp, tablet up and broke, looks like we're going hand drawn.scanning is better then photographs right? (never done this before)
  14. im in. gimme.... 2 days. just making sure, i can't put all three in one file right?
  15. That signature...I love that signature. PSG is the best.

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