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  1. BioLogic-KAL


    Wow...Just, wow. Good stuff flushed down the drain. -+L
  2. This seems to happen a lot, oddly; People who misuse "gay" as a derogatory term on straight people are oblivious to the fact that a lot of gay people lead successful lives and are sought after by fangirls. Often more girls than straight people from what I've gathered. >.< Good luck with your school projects, Seran. -+L
  3. Have a good time, Seran. Off topic: My god, Makaru, is that Big Daddy in your avatar? -+L
  4. The "Radar" at the top reminds me of that old arcade game...Was it called....Defender 2000? It looks like this draws from those roots. -+L
  5. BioLogic-KAL

    Lemon Club

    It's not lemon blood and gore. It's a lemon, but it's deformed. You should feel sorry for it, not say eeew, because it's still a lemon no matter what. Yes, I know that. But I ew'd at how the lemon has been deglorified. -+L Give just £25,000 a week to the Rift and we will ensure the protection of deglorified Lemons forever.* *May or may not be true -Seran
  6. BioLogic-KAL

    Lemon Club

    Hey, Seran... Is the lemon club still a fresh idea? All good things come to an end...this was made waaay back. are you guys still doing stuff for it? I'm not too worried myself...Sadly, even lemons wear over time. If this club dies, I will leave with no remorse... -+L
  7. BioLogic-KAL

    Lemon Club

    Is this idea still fresh? ...-+L
  8. 1. Magical points are handed out simply by your own mood, correct? 2. Magical points have no cash value and cannot be redeemed for lemons.
  9. BioLogic-KAL

    Lemon Club

    Ew...Lemon blood and gore... -+L
  10. This is Nuparu as a matoran, correct? Hence, I asked if you were building his Inika and Mahri forms next. -+L I already confirmed I'm revamping the Boxor. So nope, no Inika and Mahri revamps. At least, not yet. -S
  11. BioLogic-KAL

    B B C C 4 6

    Oh, why must thou yanketh our chains!? -+L Because I can. -S
  12. BioLogic-KAL

    Lemon Club

    Indeed... Though, I'm not too sure if I can enter anymore. I'm a little busy administrating two Forum RPG's (which I cannot mention here), as well as with life in general. -+L
  13. You're going to build your own version of Nuparu Inika and Mahri next? -+L I suggest you read the previous comments. -S
  14. You look very similar to what I had imagined. May be a side effect of seeing your artwork. -+L
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