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    Vegas, Baby!
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    Kamen Rider, Final Fantasy, Gaming, Various Animes(MECHA!) and Mangas, Bionicle (Duh...) and BZP(How cute!)<br />-----------------------------------------------------------------------<br />Shojou is fail. I hates it. I am more of a Manga Reader than an Anime watcher.<br /><br />Favorite Animes <br />------------<br />King Of Braves! GaoGaiGar<br />Yu-Gi-Oh GX <br />Final Fantasy: Unlimited<br />Dragon Ball<br />Neon Genesis Evangelion<br />F-Zero Falcon Densetsu<br />Black Cat<br />Yu-Gi-Oh Season Zero <br />Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann<br />Azumanga Daioh<br />Gundam<br />Karas<br />-----------<br /><br />Favorite Manga<br />------------<br />Death Note<br />Fullmetal Alchemist<br />YuYu Hakusho<br />Dragon Ball<br />Dragon Ball Z<br />Phoenix<br />Bobobo-Bobobobo<br />--------------<br />Currently Watching <br />--------------<br />King of Braves! GaoGaiGar (Finally found subbed episodes!!!)<br /><br />Elfen Lied (Yes...Yes... -_-)<br /><br />Godannar<br /><br />Dragonar<br /><br />Gundam Wing<br /><br />Lucky Star<br />--------------<br />Just Finished<br />---------------<br />---------------<br />Plan to Watch<br />---------------<br />Heroman (Dub)<br />Gintama<br />Possibly Iron Man (Anime Series) <br />----------------<br /><br /><br />-----------------------------------------------------------------------<br />I love RPGs, Action-Platformers, Fighting Games and Games Developed in Japan. I'm not a real fan of FPS games. Except for Halo and Battlefield.<br /><br />Favorite Games<br />------------------<br />Final Fantasy IX<br />Final Fantasy VI<br />Super Smash Bros. Melee and Brawl <br />Super Mario 64<br />Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time<br />The World Ends With You<br />Final Fantasy: Dissidia<br />Marvel Vs. Capcom 2<br />Legend of Zelda: A Link to The Past<br />Halo<br />RuneScape<br />-------------<br />CURRENTLY PLAYING!<br />--------------<br />Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness<br />Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days<br />Super Robot Wars MX<br />-------------<br />Will be playing<br />-------------<br />Tatsunoku Vs. Capcom <br />Disgaea: Bad Hero Days<br />-----------<br />Game Log<br />-------------<br />Final Fantasy- At Elfheim<br />Final Fantasy II- At Kashaun Keep<br />Final Fantasy IV- Underworld with the Falcon<br />Final Fanasty V- At the Floating City Right Before Archeoavis<br />Final Fantasy VI- At the Airship Fleet<br />Final Fantasy VII -BEATEN! <br />Final Fantasy VIII- At Great Salt Lake<br />Final Fantasy IX - At Disc Four, Before Memoria<br />Final Fantasy X- Considering...<br />Final Fantasy XII- At the tomb of Merrimam<br />Final Fantasy VII:Crisis Core-BEATEN!<br />Final Fantasy IV:The After Years- Stuck at an Inn. <br />Final Fantasy Dissidia- Needs Wi-Fi...Got Bored. <br />Final Fantasy X-2- Threw it out the window.

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  1. do i spy char in your avatar desu?

  2. *Narrows eyes* Your just scared of her Prinnies.

  3. hey, I ain't complaining xP

  4. Poor TTN who has to comply with Tufi or she will toss prinnies and then get the bat out. >:3

  5. Desu, I served with Suiseiseki, I knew Suiseiseki, Suiseiseki was a friend of mine. Desu, you're no Suiseiseki.

  6. lol i dont mean it.

  7. Do that to Shinn or Kira.

  8. You need to be slapped.

  9. Enjoy watching that series. It came after Xabungle which was a cheerful anime right? And It's a Tomino Production too? I have bets that everyone is going to die. Now To find subs for Ideon...

  10. That is indeed Dunbine. I've only seen the sequels so far (they're shorter, heh), but I'm planning to watch the show itself soon.

  11. That sig. It looks like Dunbine, doesn't it? (I haven't seen Aura Battler Dunbine as I'm currently seeing Xabungle...)

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