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    Vegas, Baby!
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    Kamen Rider, Final Fantasy, Gaming, Various Animes(MECHA!) and Mangas, Bionicle (Duh...) and BZP(How cute!)<br />-----------------------------------------------------------------------<br />Shojou is fail. I hates it. I am more of a Manga Reader than an Anime watcher.<br /><br />Favorite Animes <br />------------<br />King Of Braves! GaoGaiGar<br />Yu-Gi-Oh GX <br />Final Fantasy: Unlimited<br />Dragon Ball<br />Neon Genesis Evangelion<br />F-Zero Falcon Densetsu<br />Black Cat<br />Yu-Gi-Oh Season Zero <br />Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann<br />Azumanga Daioh<br />Gundam<br />Karas<br />-----------<br /><br />Favorite Manga<br />------------<br />Death Note<br />Fullmetal Alchemist<br />YuYu Hakusho<br />Dragon Ball<br />Dragon Ball Z<br />Phoenix<br />Bobobo-Bobobobo<br />--------------<br />Currently Watching <br />--------------<br />King of Braves! GaoGaiGar (Finally found subbed episodes!!!)<br /><br />Elfen Lied (Yes...Yes... -_-)<br /><br />Godannar<br /><br />Dragonar<br /><br />Gundam Wing<br /><br />Lucky Star<br />--------------<br />Just Finished<br />---------------<br />---------------<br />Plan to Watch<br />---------------<br />Heroman (Dub)<br />Gintama<br />Possibly Iron Man (Anime Series) <br />----------------<br /><br /><br />-----------------------------------------------------------------------<br />I love RPGs, Action-Platformers, Fighting Games and Games Developed in Japan. I'm not a real fan of FPS games. Except for Halo and Battlefield.<br /><br />Favorite Games<br />------------------<br />Final Fantasy IX<br />Final Fantasy VI<br />Super Smash Bros. Melee and Brawl <br />Super Mario 64<br />Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time<br />The World Ends With You<br />Final Fantasy: Dissidia<br />Marvel Vs. Capcom 2<br />Legend of Zelda: A Link to The Past<br />Halo<br />RuneScape<br />-------------<br />CURRENTLY PLAYING!<br />--------------<br />Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness<br />Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days<br />Super Robot Wars MX<br />-------------<br />Will be playing<br />-------------<br />Tatsunoku Vs. Capcom <br />Disgaea: Bad Hero Days<br />-----------<br />Game Log<br />-------------<br />Final Fantasy- At Elfheim<br />Final Fantasy II- At Kashaun Keep<br />Final Fantasy IV- Underworld with the Falcon<br />Final Fanasty V- At the Floating City Right Before Archeoavis<br />Final Fantasy VI- At the Airship Fleet<br />Final Fantasy VII -BEATEN! <br />Final Fantasy VIII- At Great Salt Lake<br />Final Fantasy IX - At Disc Four, Before Memoria<br />Final Fantasy X- Considering...<br />Final Fantasy XII- At the tomb of Merrimam<br />Final Fantasy VII:Crisis Core-BEATEN!<br />Final Fantasy IV:The After Years- Stuck at an Inn. <br />Final Fantasy Dissidia- Needs Wi-Fi...Got Bored. <br />Final Fantasy X-2- Threw it out the window.

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