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    If you'd like to chat IM me! Just remember, I use Meebo.
  1. haha I have died on this site :D.

  2. Yeah I'm content on just watching Avatar on Netflix online streaming for my Xbox lolz. That movie looks like garabbbbbbbbaaaaagggggee. And Twilight is fail. Most bland characters ever. -Colin
  3. Ha, I'm getting it at 11 yay! It's going to be so funnn.
  4. I'll get it up today. Sorry some friends and I went to go see a movie, then I had a swim meet saturday. ER
  5. .Colin

    Bye Guys

    Haha, true true. . . You still in Texas?
  6. I lol'd at his mtrix he found on Flickr! If you haven't seen it, check it out, it's the link to the right called 'Open Book'. Also, a few entries back he posted abput how he (somewhat) regrets not being able to be more active throughout the forums and other websites unmentioned, and I too have been feeling a little saddened over this issue. I recently have been working on a WIP, off and on the last few months, which you can find new pictures of on my Flickr tomorrow, but other than that, I've pretty much died and went off to Imaginary Highschool land. Which makes me sad. But, like all things amazing, my popularity (or at least self love, haha) on BZP has been rolled over by the tidal wave known as 2009. I'll try to be more active, but can't really say much. Swim season is coming to an end though here in San Anton, and that will be an extra hour and a half, so I might have some free time to build. I've also been trying to give back to the community that has helped me through the last few years of my life, for good and bad. What I'm trying to say is this: if you need parts, I've got plenty and am willing to give you some if you need. Now, I'm not syaing I'm getting rid of my entire collection, but I have tens of thousands of parts and really don't need them all. I've got a job, I can just buy new stuff when I need it (which is no time soon). So let me know. For anyone interested, my lifes pretty good right now. I made the JV team freshmen year, and currently have shaved off 4 seconds on my 50 free, and 12 seconds on my hundred free. I'm mainly and backstroke/free kind of guy, and I'm pretty happy on my accomplishments. I'm in 5 pre-AP classes, all of which I maintain anything from a mid B to low A, which is an enormous improvement from last year where I was getting 1-2 C's per report card. I've been through a few relationships, had some drama in my life, and am still trying to figure it all out. Relationships are just too complex haha. Skate boarding is also a recent hobbie I picked up, mostly long boarding and cruising, but I can trey flip, varial, moonwalk, ollie, etc., on my Element. So, I'm about done talking for tonight. I'll try to upload those WIP pics tomorrow night, so If you care you can check this post out tomorrow or something. I'm off to watch some Bones before Texas and Bama go at it. G'night peeps:). ER
  7. .Colin

    Bye Guys

    Maybe you can come see me in San Anton! Or not. Stupid Aggies, horns all the way. ER
  8. Have you preordered Mass Effect 2 yet?

  9. Haha, yeah, I didn't mean to but accidently did. Yeah, the second I did, I was like "wait, why did I do that? Why would I let Loghain live. . ." Not to mention Alistair was a key party member and Loghain is terrible. . . ER
  10. So I'm playing on Hardcore (which is VERY hardcore), and I'm stuck on the final boss, the Archdemon. I've tried to use a variety of spells and tactics (my party is Shale, Sten, (my rogue), and Morrigan. Should I change it up? I lost Zevran & Leliana, killed Wynne, and betrayed Alistair, but I have Loghain, Oghren, Shale, Sten, and Morrigan. Thanks, ER
  11. .Colin

    Mw2 & Odst

    K, I can play anytime this week, I'll be on anywhere from 6:30-9 pm central. ER
  12. .Colin

    Mw2 & Odst

    Yes but helmet is no gooooood. And I'll probably change back to it. Sure, I'll hit you up later today. Im central time zone.
  13. .Colin

    Mw2 & Odst

    Hit me up for Endure, De Ja Vu, or for MW2: (hehe, i rhymed) ER
  14. Cloud Raptor Wonderful Work Machine. WWM is beautiful <3. ER
  15. You guys are actually watching Legends? Is it any good, because IMO it looks ridiculous. ER
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