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    Bionicle The Fray<br />Toa<br />Matoran<br />Evil sets<br />Bionicle<br />Bzpower<br />The Beatles<br />Cycling<br />Indoor rowing

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  1. I'd like to be in. I'm in then =)
  2. Tre Cool


    Yeah, I know I'm supposed to go through all the topics and shizz, but I've been away for a loong time, and to be frank - I couldn't be bothered haha
  3. Tre Cool


    So I haven't been around for a loooong time. I sorta haven't been here since before the downtime.My profile says I have 2 'Warnings' , but I think they're supposed to be positive proto. A glitch maybe.Help an old timer out-TC-
  4. Ahh. Thanks Man. I'd just like someone who knows for sure to back me up here.
  5. Would it TECHNICALLY be against the rule, if I put my name (or variation of said name) As my Display Name? I mean, I have no problem with people knowing my real name, and it's not like I'm giving out my name, age, credit card details, home adress and phone number is it? Cheers Guys -TC-
  6. Okay, So I kinda lied about posting EVERY day, but I have had a cold, thanks to the lovely British Winter (ie all year). How is everyone?
  7. Whenever I log in to BZP, I check the "Stay Logged In" Box, in the hopes that I won't have to log back in, with my long Username and Password, yet it never seems to work... Any ideas?
  8. Again, I don't REALLY wan't to get ideas. I just want to find out my Post Count without wasting my 500th post. I've already reported this topic to be deleted. And the Title, and Tags say "Please ignore this topic... And delete it."
  9. Sorry. I'm not trying to spam, but I think my next post would be my 500th, and I don't want to waste it..
  10. Tre Cool

    Welcome Back

    So now the forums are back, and we all have perks, I'm going to try and post here every day. Starting off, my summer was good, although no BZPower kinda made me unhappy. Also - Congrats to BZPower for 10 years 1
  11. Is that not a Recoloured Will Furno? Tré out.
  12. Tre Cool

    Iron Man 2

    And it was even Cooler last saturday . PM Discuss?
  13. It may be good - but it's totally untrue to the comic books. Such as the way Big Daddy dies among other things...
  14. Tre Cool

    Matt Smith...

    Well i THINK (am not sure) But i think only 1 weeping angel comes back.
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