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  1. Tre Cool
    So now the forums are back, and we all have perks, I'm going to try and post here every day.
    Starting off, my summer was good, although no BZPower kinda made me unhappy.
    Also - Congrats to BZPower for 10 years 1
  2. Tre Cool
    Well I Guess this is it, i hope everyone enjoyed Celebration week, and goodbye Blog! See ya
    EDIT: Guess I was off by a day or 2!
  3. Tre Cool
    Well now that BZP is back online, we finally get our treats. I've done absolutely nothing more than drum... yeah. What about you?
  4. Tre Cool
    BZP is 7 years old, and for the third year running it has given regular members the power to do all that premiers have. Thanks once again BZP and happy 7th
    See my PM. -Kohaku
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