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    Uh... I like... uh.... A lot of stuff, for example, I like you. But here is a more detailed list of the things I like, placed in categories.<br /><br />The General Shebang<br />-BIONICLE (Duh)<br />-Comics<br />-Manga<br />-Anime<br />-Art<br /><br />Books<br />-The Wardstone Chronicles/The Last Apprentice.<br />-Skulduggery Pleasant<br />-The Demonata<br />-Imperial Assassin<br /><br />Music<br />-AC/DC (YEAH! LET THERE BE ROCK!)<br />-Scouting for Girls<br />-Coldplay<br />-Nirvana<br />-Metallica<br />-Beatles<br />-Eagles<br />-Earth, Wind and Fire<br />-AAR<br />-The Cranberries<br />-The Fray<br />-A.I.K.<br />-MacGyver intro song<br />-Lynyrd Skynyrd (I have recently listened to them and they are <br /> PSYCHEDELIC!!!)<br /><br />Hobbies<br />-Reading<br />-Writing<br />-Drawing<br />-Going on BZP<br />-making MOCS<br />-Watching MacGyver<br />-Daydreaming. Yeah I really like daydreaming. <br /> Thinking up of worlds I wish so much to visit, my dreams that I<br /> wish could be real, escape from this world. Yeah, kinda like <br /> that.<br /><br />TV Series<br />-MacGyver<br />-Supernatural<br />-Heroes<br />-Prison Break<br />-Gilmore Girls (Yeah, I know, "WTH!?!?!" kinda saw it when I<br /> was a kid, and now I'm stuck with it)<br />-Any shows that manages to grab my attention.<br />-The Dresden Files (Yeah! They finally air it at my place! Whoo!)<br />-MacGyver<br /> <br />Games<br />-MMORPGs<br />-Browser based Flash games like the games from <br /> Artix Entertainment<br />-Zero Online<br />-MacGyver Online. ;p<br /><br />Miscellaneous<br />-Winning<br />-Ruling the world<br />-You<br />-You<br />-You<br />-Power<br />-Mythology<br />-Wildlife<br />-My friends<br />-MacGyver<br /><br />And last but not least...<br /> MACGYVER!<br /><br />But also, MacGyver hates:<br /><br />-School<br />-Studying<br />-Kappa Mikey (except for Mitsuki's voice actor, Rebecca Soler)<br />-Maths<br />-Thinking<br />-Artist's and Writer's Block<br />-People who ridicule MacGyver<br />-Murdoc<br />-I also hate the channel that airs MacGyver because they don't air the show daily.<br /><br />And I suck at:-<br />- Video games (That's right. Laugh all you want. But I totally own in Digimon Rumble Arena 1 & 2)<br />-Poetry<br />-Songwriting<br />-Ballads.<br /><br />MacGyver doesn't know how to:<br />-Play the guitar or any other instrument as I lack the attention to learn music and because I'm left-handed.<br />-Hit on girls. That's right. MacGyver (Not the Richard Dean Anderson one, anyway) does not know how to make passes on girls. Even if she wants him to do so.<br />-Make this profile anymore cooler.<br /><br />Now, let's end this with a trademark word--<br /><br /> MU-HA!

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    Run fast,little dude! Run!
  1. Where are you, Aeromancer. (Yes, I did just end that with a period.)

  2. Always nice to see a fellow MacGyver fan. It's a great show.

  3. Hey, Mac! Guess who's back with a new scheme...?

  4. I'll buy you a new one! :o

  5. Lol, no problem.

    I saved you some cake, but I think it's a bit mouldy by now.

  6. Brickeens!! I'm so sorry fo rthe late reply, but thanks for wishing me happy birthday!

    Did you, did you save me any cake?

  7. Hello, Aeromancer. :P Yes, this is a random comment...

  8. o y thx u.

    sorry for replying late.


  10. You like MacGyver, too? Awesome!

  11. Stay away from the computer or the Matrix WILL EAT YOU. Actually, I recommend doing this a lot, because I do it too. Like once upon a time ago, I had your problem just as well, and it all changed when I let my brother have a go at the computer. Seriously dude, life is awesome, let's not waste it.
  12. Done in Illustrator? ANyways, nice. WoG is certainly fantastic.
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