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  1. Zaxvo

    Movie Recommendations

    I've got a list like this myself, and I must warn you, this will explode, fast. But anyways, here are my suggestions: Cloud Atlas Inception Ex Machina Under the Skin Her John Wick Battle Royale
  2. I didn't play any of them, but just from the reading the game rules it looks like Maze of the Dark Hunters, Matoran's Court, and Cavern Challenge were most conducive to creative posts. Went with Maze, IMO that looked the most fun.
  3. So I've been a member for...wow, I don't even know anymore. It's been a while. Anyways, I have fond memories of the absolutely legendary BZP April Fools pranks...and yet I forgot to check the site yesterday. I've poked around a few of the subforums today and nothing immediately jumps out me; can anyone catch me up on what happened?
  4. Oh man I remember seeing this in the original 01-08 form...but that 09-10 extension really works well. "I think I'm going to take over the world today." "Splat."
  5. To clarify, the MOC we submit does not have to be made with Gen2 pieces (ie CCBS), it just has to look similar to the Gen2 sets, correct? So if mine was, say, 90% Gen1 pieces, but it looked enough like the Gen2 sets, that would be fine? Edit: If LDD isn't allowed, what's the point of that line I highlighted? Check with the mods, but I'd guess that might be referring to picture quality? eg. "He used a 10 megapixel image, I don't have enough space on my hard drive for that, etc."
  6. Well, that's a color you don't see everyday. I like it. I love the general theme at hand here -- all of the gears really play up the mechanical part of this guy, and the orange works very well as wood. I might have gone for brown or tan, to be honest, but then you're looking at an entirely different pool of pieces. The pink looks good as eyes, although I'd prefer something brighter and/or less close to the orange you used.
  7. Wow. Loving the head design on this guy, those eyes are too perfect. Colour scheme works really well too. The white rubber on the alternate hip/hand pieces stands out, but there isn't really much you can do with that. I'm also not a huge fan of the arms -- they seem a little stubby and almost half complete to me. Maybe if the claws at the ends were rotated 90 degrees, so they rotated in the same direction as the elbow does?
  8. The headdress is great and I love the old rahkshi staff. I'm not a big fan of the thighs, however. The color stands out and they're too thin.
  9. Soooo...I haven't MOCed in years now but this is just what I needed to get back in the game. Good luck all. Also: I don't have any pieces newer than 2011 BIONICLE -- never actually bought any HF sets. It's ok if my entry is restricted to those parts, right?
  10. I can see two new elements and there are a bunch of missing/removed ones. Besides the hot topics and member spotlight...I feel like there are other stuff that got removed, I just don't remember what. Neither of those was really integral to front page, I don't really mind their absence. The tweets sidebar is nice, I like it. I don't, however, like the placement and layout of the social connections buttons. They just stand out, and not in a good way. Hopefully they can be reworked/redesigned to fit in better with the rest of the page.
  11. I'm actually very tempted to enter -- I'm pretty certain I won't make it to the final round, but if I do and I can't ship my MOC, what happens? Do I just have to bow out?
  12. That first Miru Nuva isn't anything spectacularly new, but wow it looks great. And those two Hau Nuvas are spectacular, the hollowed out one in particular is gorgeous. And that pakari with the plate on it looks great too. Recolored it would fit really with on a Deathstroke moc haha And I'm a particular fan of the third armor set, the R-7 one. I'm not, however, a fan of that custom mask -- I'm not entirely sure how to describe it lol, I can't identify the base pieces it came from, but tbh it looks crooked and a tad sloppy. :S I think it would be interesting to see an Akaku or Akaku Nuva that's totally symmetric -- ie with the scope removed. Not sure how possible that would be though.
  13. The collection of items you've built and the sheer obsession (no pun intended haha) with detail just blows my mind. Link is gloriously well done, and I particularly like the detail on the hookshot. With that said, there's something off about Ganondorf. He's not quite bulky/muscular enough and the level of detail, while good, just doesn't match up to same level as Link.
  14. This is a tough call...narrowed it down to Halo and Zelda, but the Halo just was a tiny bit better.
  15. Wow. Simply wow. I really like your technique here, the use of the lime spiked inika feet on the legs parallels the use of the lime nuva armor on the torso and it's a really interesting use of the parts. Overall very slick and well put together. I like it.
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