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    -somewhere- in Utah
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    -Bionicles <br /><br />-other LEGO Bricks<br /><br />-Star Wars<br /><br />-computer & video games (like the Zelda series. and any of the Super Smash Brothers games). <br /><br />-I like Pokemon cards (I have over 1000, and most of them are good. I have 13 legal decks)<br /><br />-I think the Pokemon show is lame, except for like the first season. Back then, everyone thought Pokemon was cool. <br /><br />-I play the piano, have for about 10 years. <br /><br />-Music I listen to: Lots of oldies rock. For new stuff, I listen to Owl City. <br /><br />-I run the 110 Meter Hurdles, my PR is 15.66 seconds, which I ran at the Region Championships. <br /><br />-I like waterskiing, snowskiing, fourwheeling, snowmobiling, jetskiing, cliffjumping, kayaking (I built my own kayak 3 years ago), river rafting, rock climbing, snowball throwing, candy eating, just eating in general, and a host of other -ing words I can't think of right now. <br /><br />-Girls are wonderful. I happen to have a favorite of them right now, and I seem to be her favorite as well. Yay! Happiness....<br /><br />-IRON MAN. My girlfriend got me an Iron Man coloring book for Christmas, and I USE it, gosh dang it!<br /><br />-"9". Go watch it. Now. Amazing and a half.<br /><br />-Avatar. (as in Jake Sully. Not the Last Airbender.... *shudder*)<br /><br /><br />---------------------<br />Hey! In case anyone cares or is curious, my bionicles are- <br /><br />Good-<br /><br />Toa: Tahu Olda, Kopaka Olda, Lewa Olda, Gali Olda, Onua Olda, Pohatu Olda, Lewa Nuva, Nuju Metru, Iruini Hagah (x2. One is still unopened in the canister.), Norik Hagah, Jaller Inika, Hahli Inika, Kongu Inika, Matoro Inika, Hewkii Inika, Nuparu Inika, Jaller Mahri, Matoro Mahri, Pohatu Nuva Phantoka, Kopaka Nuva Phantoka<br />Turaga: Vakama, Nokama, Nuju, Matau, Onewa, Whenua, <br />Rahaga: Norik, Kualus, Gaaki, Iruini, Bomonga, Pouks<br />Tohunga/Matoran: Piruk, Defilak, Solek, Mazeka<br />Titans: Axonn, Takanuva<br />Vehicles: the Swamp Strider<br /><br />Bad- <br /><br />Bahrag: Cadok and Gadok<br />Rahkshi: Tuurahk, Lerahk, Kuurahk, Rahkshi Star<br />Vahki: The brown one.... don't really remember its name...<br />Dark Hunters: Nidhiki<br />Titans: Brutaka, Sidorak, Maxilos aka The Makuta<br />Visorak: Suukorak<br />Piraka: Thok, Vezok<br />Barraki: Carapar<br />---------------------<br /><br />Dislikes:<br />-People speaking texting acronyms... ie "Oh Em Jee!"<br />-Terrorists<br />-People who won't listen to reason<br />-People who can't find a better vocabulary than cuss words<br />-Pasta salad<br />-Stepping on sharp LEGO Bricks<br /><br />So. That would appear to be it.

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  1. Okay, I cleared out some space.

  2. Whoops, sorry about that.

  3. Hey, clean out your inbox... I couldn't reply to your last PM...

  4. Matt-a-Nui

    Ussal Crab Club

    *Joins* Hello fellow Ussal fans!
  5. Ussal awards, eh? How about... for a post with the largest legitimate use of the word, "ussals," "ussal crab," "ussalry," or related words? But emphasize the LEGITIMACY of their usage. For example, something like, "Ussals, I like ussals, ussals are cool, ussals ussals ussals ussals ussals ussals ussals ussals ussals ussals ussals ussals ussals ussals ussals ussals ussals ussals ussals ussals!" would not count. If that's the case, then I believe that I am currently leading the contest, with a total of five legitimate ussal-related words (including this sentence)...
  6. Hey, what's up?

  7. Hi! Nice to meet you! I like your interests page. I pretend to be good at piano like you think you're good at drums... :D

  8. Either he was hacked like none other, or he was TRYING to get banned. Poor guy.

  9. Matt-a-Nui

    Ask Seran

    What is your favorite Bionicle power?
  10. Same here. Actually, just one that I know of, but the feeling's mutual, so I'm good with it! I always pronounce it as a word, "Mock." If you pronounce it "em oh see" then it would be appropriate to say "an" but since I use it as a word, I say "a MOC." Which leads me to another interesting tidbit. I MOC Bionicles. My older brother mocks Bionicles. *snickers* Okay, so maybe it wasn't that funny. Oh well.
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