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  1. IC: Pae - Onu-Koro - ??? Pae's deep voice sounded over the noise of settling rubble, "Hold on," He crouched, and held out his fist, punching forwards. Beneath their feet, a three-inch platform as wide as the beam they stood on, appeared forwards, most of the way across to the lower building. The jump would be much easier now. The only question was whether or not they could evade the soon to be oncoming wave of disks from the Ussalry below. He slid forward on the platform, putting both fists up, attempting to create a thin iron wall angled towards the forces on the ground. There wasn't time to make a shield any thicker than an 1/8th of an inch that would cover he and Nika completely, but it was the best that could be done, "The flying Toa!" Pae shouted to Nika. She would be the most likely to be their more immediate problem, while the others on the roof attempted to recover. OOC: @Void Emissary @Snelly @ARROW404
  2. So cool to see some more Taajar clans. Really awesome to see that the player-made Taajar culture has been further fleshed out - all done by players. Not only in clans but picking up on Taajar words and stuff and just expanding the cultures further. It's an example of the great collaborative storytelling that makes me enjoy the BZPRPG so much. Actually tempting me to make ANOTHER Taajar character rn. I will likely cave.
  3. thimking about... writting more....

    1. Mushy the Mushroom

      Mushy the Mushroom

      A curiosity:
      Do you consider RPGs to be more writing, or a game? 
      (As a bystander to the realm, it looks like more like a fantastic fiction club in my eyes and wondered what a participant thought. ^_^ )

    2. Palm


      Are you referencing text based RPGs? I love them, the BZPRPG is pretty much the only one I play in these days, but it's made me grow a bit as a writer and it's always fun seeing what stories everybody else is making. As to whether it's more game than writing, I would say the BZPRPG can be a bit of both, depending on how you want to play, but I would say it leans a LITTLE more towards writing.

    3. Mushy the Mushroom

      Mushy the Mushroom

      Oh yes, I did mean text-based, my apologies.
      Intriguing, thanks so much! I'd wondered about this for years. :)

  4. IC: Tuara Drigton - Ga-Wahi Tuara, I’m writing to you on my third day in prison. The accommodations in my cell are fine, and the food isn’t as bad as I always thought it would be in a prison. Maybe I’ve just lost my sense of taste! I heard that they let you go already. That’s good. I have to tell you, as your brother, I’m disappointed that after everything, you still chose to write up that fake letter from me to keep me in here. But I hope that given enough time, we can come to some understanding. I’m willing to forgive you, as long as you’re willing to do the right thing and tell the truth. I know I will. I also heard a rumour that you got hurt during your interrogation. I know you’re upset about everything that’s happened - I am too - but your behavior indicates to me you at least feel some remorse, and that’s good. Please, you have to set the record straight. I don’t want to be trapped here with these animals all alone. You know I don’t belong here. I ask as your brother, tell the truth. Kitea * * * * * The travel had been pretty quiet, all things considered, between Tuara and Agni. It was kept mostly to some small talk, and some theorizing about the Dasakan fleet. Tuara felt it was best to let Agni think for now, and she herself was appreciating the change in the air. Most of the actual speaking had happened while exchanging kind words with a few Guardsmen on the way out of Ta-Koro. It was still a little odd, interacting with members of the Guard. The record had been set straight, and it was clear to many that Tuara was manipulated into playing her awful part in her brother's strange and awful scheme, but that didn't make things any less uncomfortable. One more thing to live with. Agni led the pair along the dirt path, flanked on each side by thick walls of bamboo. Eventually, they rounded a hill at the edge of the beach, and there they saw Ga-Koro - almost dwarfed by the number of ships in the water, big and small. "Wow. 'Fleet' is right," Tuara remarked, a little awestruck, "At least they haven't started blowing anything up yet. That's probably a good sign." OOC: @Vezok's Friend | Agni and Tuara from Ta-Wahi
  5. IC: Tuara Drigton - Ta-Koro Tuara nodded quietly, and went to retrieve her knack-sack in her bedroom at the foot of the bed. She reached down and lifted it up. Once she rose, she stared at the bedside table where her brother's venomous letters were kept. Slowly, she stepped over and gently opened the drawer. Then, suddenly, she grabbed them, and stuffed them into the open bag with a quiet 'humph'. * * * * * OOC: Sure thing, @Vezok's Friend. Agni and Tuara to Ga-Wahi
  6. IC: Chand Kura - Odaiba - Western Wilderness "She is very gentle," I said, stroking Naiana's mane, "She remained calm even as those beasts took Koshiki, so don't be nervous. I doubt you could frighten her if they couldn't," I looked at Hyan-Fei and did my best to give her a reassuring smile. I put my hand on the bump of the saddle on the opposite side we stood. "When you jump up, put your hand here, so you don't twist the saddle," I stepped back to let her try. OOC: @capMARVELOUS
  7. IC: Pae - Onu-Koro - ??? ...one. Even through their metallic shield, Pae and Nika could hear the beams overhead cry out in anguish. The roof folded in on itself, and the sound of stone crashing overhead boomed inside their protective dome. Before the debris had even stopped, Pae tore open the dome and raised one more pillar, this time at a 45 degree angle beneath his feet, launching the pair into the air, trailing dust behind them in a long streak. The Kakama glowed brightly as Pae and Nika began to fall precisely where he aimed them - at one exposed vertical beam at the edge of the building. OOC: @Void Emissary @ARROW404 @Snelly
  8. IC: Pae - Onu-Koro - ??? Pae flicked his fingers, suddenly changing position. He had identified what he thought would be good beams to pull, but there was something else he thought to try before. What should be down the hallway, just at the corner, he tore a hole in the ceiling. Hoping that if it would not entice them to come inside to find him and Nika, it would at least create a different expectation from what was about to happen next. They would not be emerging from the hole, there would simply be little roof left in a moment. From the instant Pae created the hole, he began counting down from three, returning his hand to it's previous position, and feeling those beams he identified before. OOC: @Void Emissary @ARROW404 @Snelly
  9. IC: Chand Kura - Odaiba - Western Wilderness "South," I say. At this point, it was starting to seem a lot more likely that nobody had gone north. Maybe, many Taajar had finally turned their eyes onto Sado, but if my mother was still alive, she certainly wouldn't. Leaving her ancestral lands was one thing, but leaving Odaiba was an entirely different story. I turn to Hyan-Fei, and instead of elaborating further, I pat Naiana's back, and playfully raised an eyebrow. "Would you like your first lesson, Hyan-Fei?" OOC: @capMARVELOUS no worries!
  10. IC: N'ashka Akkataka - Campsite - Outside Irnakk's Tooth N'ashka drew her rags tighter to her body, and shifted a stitch closer to the fire, "We will need to gather more, and I will need to train; learn to fight," she chewed some morsel, only now dislodged from her teeth, "I might even go some rounds in the Sarke pits," she spat the morsel, it turned out not be food, "All the while, we'll need income. I have the cause and the credit. Many of my husband's Skakdi will return to me once they hear of it. But we'll need more than just them." OOC: @NorikSigma @Visaru
  11. IC: Tuara Drigton - Ta-Koro Tuara looked out the window, feeling her fingers which were wrapped around the warm mug, tighten. Leave? There was a time when Tuara did that any time something went wrong. Just thinking about it activated something inside her. A reflex, somehow aware that something had taken a bad turn, just by reading her habits. Something had gone wrong before, everything was ok now right? There had been time, she had stopped drinking, but - her mind flashed back to the letters, now stuffed into her bedside table drawer. Something was wrong, it just wasn't the thought of leaving which indicated as such. Well, why break tradition now? "That sounds like it could be a problem for Ga-Koro," Tuara put her thumb to her chin, let out a long breath, and made a swiping motion, bringing her hand down again as if deciding something. She turned to Agni, "And I've been here since Kitea first showed. Let's go." OOC: @Vezok's Friend
  12. IC: Chand Kura - Odaiba - Western Wilderness I shrugged, pretending not to see Hyan-Fei's expression by looking down at my knees. I wiped some debris off my lap, the traditional Long clothing, coloured with Chand markings I had made myself, "Nothing you wouldn't expect - old fire pits, maybe some discarded material - though not much. Or Soko tracks," I looked away. How I had not come across any of these things which lined up with the timeline of the Mountain's Death, I had not yet figured out. "If we are lucky, and if she-" I slipped, but corrected myself, hoping Hyan-Fei would not notice, "- they - would have left some guide stones somewhere, to let stragglers know what to go." OOC: @capMARVELOUS
  13. IC: Pae - Onu-Koro - ??? Pae looked at his compatriot, then put his hands together. This would not be easy, and there was a good chance somebody uninvolved would be hurt. Such was the consequence of something as important as their work. They had to succeed in their mission - the promise of a job well done would come with an impossibly important prize. It would not help them in the long run, to hurt any of the Ussalry. But today, all they could do was hope to try again after yet another failure. Pae brought his hands up, creating a small iron dome around the pair, then he pushed downwards, creating a floor, and one long thick iron pillar down through the levels below to provide some stability for the new shelter. Then, he dropped to one knee, and closed his eyes, feeling out for metal in the walls and on the roof. He could tell that there were indeed beings outside as Nika indicated, but could not quite make out many details about them. He felt his teeth clench - an involuntary action he typically never fell into. The long length of time for the team's work had begun to wear down on even him. Nevertheless, Pae could sense some of the more structurally important beams of the building. All he would need to do, was bend them outwards, and the roof should collapse while he . Anybody on on the rim outside could be in danger of falling to the streets below, but anybody on the flat surface should fall inwards. But, the difficult part would be bending only the tops, and then pulling down the horizontal beams immediately after to catch anybody up there off-guard. The timing would be very difficult. He took a deep, deep breath, feeling his "fingers" wrap around the metal in question, "Prepare to get on my back." OOC: @Void Emissary @ARROW404 @Snelly
  14. IC: Chand Kura - Odaiba - Western Wilderness I took the chopsticks handed to me, and took my share of the fish. I quickly put my fists together, gave a bow, and muttered a quick prayer in thanks at my luck of having found Hyan-Fei and thus, a tasty meal. I finished my prayer, and spoke aloud, "...and thanks to you, Hyan-Fei, for the catch," I dug into the fish, and suddenly felt relief at the taste. It was the best meat I had in weeks. I thought about what Hyan-Fei had said while I scarfed down my first few bites. I had yet to search the coast. For much of the early days after the Mountain Died, I spent most of my time hiding with Naina, and evading the monsters as much as possible. Afterwards, I continued in desperate lines back and forth in the lands of my people. My mother had swore once very seriously she would never leave the plains under any circumstances, and it was well known to those around her that she was a woman of conviction. I simply could not believe that she would have left unless physically forced to. But, I found no evidence of her - not living nor dead - and had thus pushed my search out farther and farther. I suppose, if the world had ended, then maybe mother really did leave. Of course, I had to tell myself this, as I was not willing to accept that death could have found her. I spoke, "You're right. We could take a snaking path towards a port town," I drew such a pattern with my hand, "Pick up anyone left behind, or lost."
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