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  1. Cool! Will it stick to canon? or will it take certain...creative liberties? Well, considering that Kodan's story has never been properly told in canon, I'd have to say no.
  2. My camera appears to have switched places with my toaster without my noticing, but regardless, here's Nidhiki. (Hopefully I made the cutoff, it was mad close) Imgur Album here: https://imgur.com/a/64q6G
  3. Just FYI, if you ever feel like going back and making a few corrections, Nuhrii's name was spelled 'Nuri' while on Mata Nui, for whatever reason.
  4. Actually, it's made of other parts, simply recolored to match the palette of the original Kahu (of course, being made out of the parts from Nui-Jaga). The game is a sidescrolling RPG, where you play as the four Chroniclers (Kodan, Takua, Hahli, & Kopeke) through their parts of the overarching storyline.
  5. I was messing around with the Rayg 2.5 sprite sheets, since I'm planning on using it as the basis for an upcoming game, and I decided to cobble together a Kahu, with and without crew. It may seem a bit small on imgur, but I'm quite pleased with how it turned out. Bonus points to anyone who can figure out exactly what parts I used to make it. I also made Lewa with infected mask (using a custom palette made by yours truly), as well as the original Toa Kaita, Akamai and Wairuha, at the same size as the Toa comprising them. Full album can be found here, including Kahu, Kahu with Kongu and Takua, Lewa with infected mask, Akamai, Wairuha, as well as two Chroniclers, Kopeke and my rendition of Kodan, two of the playable characters in the game I'm working on.
  6. I would love to see a reboot featuring a mission that requires a team to return to the MU, to go retrieve some important MacGuffin. Preferably the Chronicler's Company, Toa-fied. And since the life-support systems are down, they would have to go in wearing some type of hazmat armor. But once they arrive, they find mutants & scavengers roaming the destroyed islands. ...excuse me while I go write a fanfic.
  7. Lego Broken Sky. Aww yeah. Not that too many of you know what that is. Transformers would make my day, if Hasbro didn't already have the rights to it. I'm not really a fan of Gundam, but it looks like it would make amazing sets.
  8. So I was just derping around in my room, admiring how fricken awesome Vezok's speargun is, when a very, very random thought popped into my mind.What if Tamaru isn't a Le-Matoran? He's afraid of heights, which is strange for a Le-Matoran, who have a love of heights practically written into their DNA. And, while this isn't really a reason, I vividly remember him sitting on that giant flower in MNOG.So my theory? Tamaru is either an Av-Matoran or a Matoran of the Green. If he's an Av-Matoran, then he could have gotten to Mata-Nui via Metru-Nui the same way Takua did, during the Time Slip. If he's a Matoran of the Green, then he could have happened to have been in Metru-Nui, perhaps trading, perhaps he even immigrated there, when Terry launched his evil plan to turn the Matoran into hunchbacked garden gnomes. Then, when he arrived on Mata-Nui, he would have been mixed in with the rest of the Le-Matoran, and he would have blended in, and no one would know that he was different.So what do you guys think? Could I be right?
  9. Let the rant begin...Hahli was a terrible character. She was stuck in the story to add another main character, and it wasn't handled well. She just sort of went from assistant flax maker to Chronicler. Kotu should have been Nokama's right hand, and Macku should have been her left. It makes sense, because Kotu seemed like the more responsible one, and Macku spent half of her time over in Po-Koro. Tamaru was awesome, but I can't see how he became second-in-command of an entire village. Seriously. That's some bad judgement on Matau's part. Kopeke was infinately cooler with a Komau, and the Matatu just made him a clone of Kantai. Nuparu & perhaps Hahli shouldn't have been Inika, Onepu & Kotu would have worked better. Onepu got a terrible deal, storyline-wise. He was so important, and he made a great hero, but he just kind of disappeared and didn't really feature in the story at all.
  10. After watching way too much yogscast, I now think of Vezon as having Simon's Grizzwold voice. Oh yeah.
  11. Well, I looked at a few of your textures, and I'm a pretty good texture texture artist, and I think I could probably make improved versions of some of them, just because they don't really seem to fit in with the other Minecraft textures. And if you need anything else textured, I would be happy to help.
  12. So I got Rocka earlier today and built him before I even left the car. I disassembled him and combined him w/ some other Heroes to make this.Click!SideBackCannon ArmStand DownRaisedOpenHead-OnDroneFlight TopFlight BottomLand FrontMugshotClick again!So then I got to thinking that I wanted to make more of these, you know, mixing Breakout with 2.0/3.0. But then I realized that it would be really hard, because I have only 5 HF sets. And my budget isn't that great. So I thought, "how about I let the people @ bzpower have a go at it?" And I that's how I came up with the idea of HFDS. A short little blurb:"Black Phantom and Speeda Demon have been locked up, but that's not the end of the escaped villains. A group of villians have stowed away on a starship, and escaped to the planet of Baltron. Alpha Team is out to stop them, equipped with new armor and weapons. The villains they are chasing have a head start, and a few of them are old friends of Alpha Team..."And Rocka's blurb:"To prepare for the mission to Baltron, Rocka recieved upgraded equipment, including triple spear rockets, a transforming drone with electric blades, and his Collector Cannon, which draws in any energy nearby- light, heat, you name it- and uses it to power up the energy fired from it. But will his new weapons and his always excellent aim be enough to stop the evil Crucible from bringing down the Red Star space station and killing the civilians of Baltron?"So yeah. If you want to make a hero/villain, just PM me so I can add you to the list, then go ahead and make a separate topic. If you have any suggestions for villains, post here and I'll most likely add it to the list.When you post one, have the topic title be the same is this one (with the correct name, of course), and put 'HFDS' in the tags.Heros- CreatorRocka- MeFurno-Stormer-Bulk-Stringer-Nex-Evo-Surge-Breez-??? XLVillains- CreatorCrucible-??????????????????????????????This is a bit of an experiment to see how well this kind of thing works. If it is successful, I have a rough storyline to go with it.I'm really looking forward to what you guys come up with!Any suggestions and criticism, whether for Rocka or the project, is always appreciated.Edit: Large images linked! Please keep posted images in BBC to 640x640 pixels and 100 kB.-Wind-
  13. Droyds. I don't know how many people made them, but they were the coolest thing on earth. Seriously. I'm proud to be the 3rd person to make a Bohronicle (BTW that's not actually the name, flameman calls them something else), and hope more people jump on. Cuz they actually look cool.
  14. The Witch-King Demise looks good. For a small set, it would definately be one that I would buy. I'm kind of curious about the helmet. How did you make it? The attachment system looks nice, but the square 1x1 tile would look better in silver, if it comes in silver. Nice job.
  15. Ah, sorry about getting the name wrong. Glad to see that you like the design! Version 2.0 in the works ATM.
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