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  1. The crew behind the film Being John Malkovich struggle to make its script work after contractual obligations of USA Films/Focus Features force them to have to cast Prince in it in a starring role, as himself, and use only his music as the soundtrack.
  2. I actually was planning on giving it away. Just a matter of figuring out if the recipient is a specific friend, or if I should have a raffle or something for it, and either way what the shipping costs would be if I don't know them in-person.
  3. So around this time of year I hear a lot of scrooges trying to dampen the holiday mood by saying something along the lines of "You know, people commit suicide more often around Christmas. It's a shame how people get so stressed out over gifts that they end their lives." Well, no more! Because that is 100% false! I'm bringing this up right now because I've heard this four or five times in the last three days, and it annoys me incredibly. I don't even celebrate Christmas and I love the holiday season because of how cheery people get, and how they seem to be more generous, so people trying to dampen things by spreading misinformation about people dying gets under my skin. So please, next time someone tries to rain on the parade with that line, present the facts. A bit of a heavy topic for BZP, but I think that saying "Hey, people aren't killing themselves in droves, things aren't as bad as you might think they are!" is an acceptable reason to delve into a heavy topic.
  4. Decided to buy two blind boxes and see what I got. The good news: I got Discord! The bad news: I got a second Discord!
  5. Just Another Christmas Song ~ Stephen Colbert
  6. Picked up about four or five of the first set of blind box figures(Derpy, Pinkie, Lyra, Octavia, and The Doctor), as well as the 6" Derpy figure. The black figures don't show fingerprints as readily as I thought they would,, and I'm fond enough of them that I'm planning to try and dig up a few of the second set(Discord and Rarity, and maybe Trixie and Big Mac). The 6" figure I'm also fond of, but I'm not planning on buying another any time soon only because they've yet to make a new one I'm interested in. If there's anything specific you want to know about either, let me know.
  7. The black 2.5" blind box figures or the regular 6" figures?
  8. I've been playing guitar since I was ten, bass since sixteen, and piano since about seventeen, though I'm not particularly proficient with it. I've also been singing as long as I could talk according to my mother, though it's been years since I managed to write a set of lyrics. I also have a bit of a hobby in the form of making EPs and albums of music I put together
  9. Necro


    Friend, you have taken words I have had in my head for months and said them in a much more eloquent fashion than I would have. Believe me when I say you're not alone in your observations or in your frustrations.
  10. Necro

    Hey look what I found

    I would think that he could post his own review topic for the set in the Bionicle Discussion Forum. I've seen people post set review topics in the Lego Discussion Forum, so I would think he could do the same in the Bionicle one. Anyways, congrats on finding this set! Question: Can I post a review thread there, then copy and paste the exact same review into here?
  11. Necro

    They did The Thing

    So, the Korra ending. That was...a thing. Still not sure how I feel about it. I think I liked it, but right now the whole thing's still just washing over me. I'll get back to you in a day or two.
  12. Necro

    Hey look what I found

    But I didn't get Pohatu?
  13. So I went to do some Hanukkah shopping, and while browsing the toy section, I ran across this guy. He was the only Bionice I could find out, so I tracked down a sales guy and asked if he could tell me if there were others out. As some might recall, I was originally really down on the new sets, so I was hoping there would be some on-display somewhere. That, and Tahu was my first Bionicle, I wanted him more than Lewa. Apparently these aren't supposed to come out until January, and someone put it out by mistake. The sales guy, being awesome, let me keep it rather than taking it into the back, so I decided to buy myself a gift, too. How do you submit reviews again?
  14. How I have been searching for one for weeks Where and how
  15. Necro


    I always saw Francis as more of a Hau man, though I wouldn't be surprised if he preferred an Akaku.
  16. If a community ostracizes individuals simply for having an interpretation of a fictional work that does not agree with your own over what seems to be implied are insignificant, irrelevant details, is it really a worthwhile community in the first place? I have admittedly never paid any attention to S&T because I never saw the appeal, so I have no idea the context of who's saying what and why it's causing a rift. so maybe I'm missing something here. But until I'm clued in, it doesn't make sense to me. I have not seen any outrage or squabbling beyond some playful jabbing over this sort of thing in any other fan community I've been a part of, the idea that this is some serious issue where people are excluded from discussions or treated with hostility because of their interpretations doesn't make any sense.
  17. Necro


    Is a thing I know nothing about since I'm Jewish, but apparently if involves popes or something.
  18. Necro


    ...So? I still don't understand the issue. Why does it matter that John Doe got his made official and that his contradicts Jim Doe's headcanon? Headcanons by definition are not bound to obey the canon, and it's not like they're making a comic about Toa Donut Steel now. John Doe's being made official because the author liked it or whatever other reason doesn't stop anyone else. And if they're being a jerk and lording it over others and treating them as inferior because the author went "Hey I didn't think about that, but I like that idea, so lets do that", then I'm pretty sure they can be punished since that's against the rules("Respect your fellow members", as well as "Yelling at and needlessly criticizing other members" come to mind as portions that those actions would run counter to). If they're being rude about it, they're violating the rules. If they're being respectful about it, then it makes no difference. I still do not see the issue.
  19. Necro


    ...Why do people care? I do not understand how this is an issue, because I understand neither side. Unless the individual in-question is going around trying to force their headcanon on people and treating it like the gospel truth, in which case I can understand the frustration, why do people give a rat's behind about what someone else has as their fanon? If you don't like it, just ignore it. You're not entitled to try and censor someone just because you disagree with them as long as they're obeying the law and, when online, obeying the rules of the site in-question. I don't like how many happy cheery things I love have grim, morbid headcanons and fan content floating around, but I don't try and destroy it, I ignore it. If you don't like it, just ignore it. It doesn't matter, it doesn't hurt you. At the same time, the entire concept of headcanons is that they are information that either does not exist or is outright contradicted by canon. The very idea itself is ambivalent to established canon because it revolves around filling in and changing canon. A headcanon is not magically more or less valid canonically because of word-of-god, because it never has canonical value in the first place. That doesn't make it worthless, but something that is worth $0 cannot become worth less. A piece of information that is not canon is not suddenly even less canon just because the author says that X is Y rather than Z. There is no change. If Greg says X, which goes counter to Y headcanon, so what? Canon has never stopped fanon. Even on here canon only applies when convenient, just go look at the BZRPG to get a confirmation of that. Neither side makes any sense to me. The people getting butthurt over the canon of others don't make sense, and the people who're hurt because their headcanon doesn't match with the canon don't make sense. And to the whole thing, why in the name of all that is good are you concerned with what is and isn't canonical in the storyline that accompanies a 13-year old children's toy as it relates to your fan-made aberration from that storyline? Why does this matter to either of you so much? Heck, when did people suddenly start caring about what Greg says again? I remember after they released that whole "They're all robotic antobodies in mata-nui's body repelling an infection" twist or whatever it was that a ton of people got angry and proceeded to adhere to a fanon where that wasn't the case. When did Greg's word suddenly become so meaningful to people again?
  20. Steam sales aren't about why! They're about why not! Why are so many of our sales insane? Why not marry sane sales if you love them so much! In fact, why not make a special sane sale door that won't hit you on the butt on your way out because you are VAC-banned!
  21. Necro

    Have you felt it?

    Shulk confirmed for Jedi Knight This joke wasn't funny the first time and it's probably still not funny
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