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  1. IC: Vakua nodded to Kalyss. :A mindlink is being set up now. I will try to add the Dasaka Dakte in as well: Vakua closed his eyes as he activated his Suletu, concentrating on his allows minds and thoughts. Reading them was comparatively easy to he was doing now. Slowly, he began relaying each and every thought from one person to another, becoming himself a bridge between the two consciousnesses. Thoughts, ideas and even memories could be transferred across if they came up in someones mind while the link was intact. But then, so could emotion and pain. It was a useful, albeit dangerous skill. :It is done:.
  2. IC: "Would all of you please just leave so we can kill the pesky Maru in peace?" Lantz snarled at Maru's allies and the newcomers. ooc: Where is everyone in the fight in relation to each other right now? It's a little confusing having everything happen all at once. also: nice to see the activity pick up here!
  3. IC: Lantz cocked his head at the Toa that had just spoke back to him. He scratched his head. Were all "good" Toa really so stupid? Ko-Koro was now a Legacy stronghold. Despite whatever temporary advantage the Matru and their allies had in the warehouse, soon Lantz reinforcements would arrive and squash the invaders. But, Lantz supposed, the longer this conversation this went on, the longer Eisen had to dispose of Stannis, and the sooner help would get there. "Hmm, well, let me think about that......I'm going to have to say decline your offer. Here's my counteroffer to your counteroffer. ​You all leave, or I'll rip you apart first" Lantz said, pointing a finger at the Toa of Ice.
  4. IC: Lantz hadn't seen the Toa of Ice enter the warehouse, nor had he seen him approach himself the Matoran hostage. When Veneras yanked Azibo away Lantz nearly dropped his dagger, reflexively reaching forward with his other arm to grab at Azibo and prevent him from being rescued. He was a fraction of a second too slow - the Matoran slipped through Lantz' fingers, his fingers grasping for anything, something - his mask! - to keep the hostage close. And then the Matoran was gone, too far, pulled away from Lantz reach. But the Dark Toa's hand had found something, clenched it in a strong grip. The Matoran's Kanohi. He placed it carefully beneath his tunic nestled by his chest, hiding it from view. "Leave this place now and I will spare your lives today. Perhaps I'll even give back the pitiful Matoran his mask. Stay, and your lives are forfeit" he told the assembled Toa. ooc: Apologies about the previous post. I think I had some ideas of what I wanted to do, but I didn't quite write it out properly and made it seem pretty bad. I edited to fit with Azibo's post. Sorry again.
  5. IC: The Toa of Nuissance - or Air, rather - had been battered down with Eisen's help. Perhaps Lantz would thank his fellow Dark Toa for the aid after they'd killed these Toa invaders and the Maru leaders. Or perhaps he wouldn't. Lantz had some time to decide. What he didn't have time for, however, was to think. Skyra may have been near concussed and bumbling on the floor with her blunderbuss but that still left the the intruders room to manoeuvre and attack. The Matoran had thrown a disk, and Lantz' opposite Toa of Gravity was lunging at him with a sabre. One of Lantz' own blades had fallen to the floor, which left three more on his person. Running more on instinct than actual cognitive thinking, Lantz activated his Kanohi and whipped out a dagger. His Jutlin degraded the throwing disk as it flew through the air, and when it finally hit him it disintegrated into dust. The metal dagger, on the other hand, parried Skorm's blade and led it down a path to the side of Lantz' body. The sabre didn't kill him, but it did manage to cut a long and thin wound down Lantz' arm not holding the dagger. He growled at the searing pain and spat at Skorm. "Filthy Mata-Nui worshipper! You shall fall like your false god!" he hissed. Lantz didn't bother to become locked in a sword fight with Skorm. Instead, he seamlessly reduced his own weight and jumped - practically soared - across the room. He used his powers again mid-flight on a new target, the kanoka-throwing Matoran, reducing Azza's weight as well. He hooked his arm beneath Azza and the pair began to soar a few feet away, toward the wall of the warehouse. Lantz started to return his weight to normal before he even started descending. He lifted his dagger toward Azza, though it was still several handbreadths from the Matoran's neck. "Ba Toa, Le toa, all you self-righteous fools. Stop moving, or this Matoran's story ends now."
  6. IC: A lot happened very quickly. The first thing Lantz noticed was Skyra already fighting against the crushing weight of the gravity field Lantz had created around her. Her arm reaching for her gun, struggling to raise it to his level. Then the excess gravity dissipated, no doubt due to one of the new incomers. Fortunately, in addition to a gravity field, Lantz had also reduced the effect of gravity on himself; so even at normal gravity, he weighed less than his opponents. Though he had been charging at Skyra he deftly jumped to the side and away from his target. He sailed across the room, and as he did so a Kanoka disk flew past him. It missed Lantz but succeeded in knocking away a blade from his hands and causing the Dark Toa to roll slightly off kilter. He managed to stick the landing against the wall, a good distance from Skyra, Skorm and the matoran, but immediately turned to face them and snarled. The fight had begun as a two against one, which already weren't the best odds. Now, it had become four against Lantz. "Leave now, or I'll crush your bodies to dust!" he screamed at the Toa and Matoran.
  7. IC: "It would be my pleasure" Lantz said with a smirk. Let Eisen deal with the leader of the Maru for now, the Toa of Gravity thought to himself. It didn't really matter who won that fight, Lantz would benefit. Either one of his Father's murderers were killed or a position in the organization that served him opened up. Win-win situation. He turned to face the newcomer Le-Toa and expected to watch her be skewered by the assortment of sharp metal objects that Eisen had thrown her way. Before they could reach their target however they seemed to swerve in mid air, towards himself. The Ba-Toa roared in anger and raised his hand in defence. A heavy field of gravity manifested for a moment, pulling and burying the metal objects into the ground. Another Toa had joined the fight. There, at the entrance, brown-clad Toa had slid into the doorway... a little too fast for Lantz' liking. "Oh, Fe-Toa, do come closer and play" he laughed, mostly too himself. Lantz created a dense field of gravity with Skyra at the epicentre and charged at her, making sure to keep an eye on the Fe Toa and while also allowing himself to move through the gravity field unhindered. --- Vakua gulped, and nodded. I will join you to help free our friends. How could I not?
  8. IC: Vakua nodded wordlessly at Master Aelied before recounting the spate of recent events back to Kalyss. With the help of his telepathic powers, the storytelling passed far more quickly than if any of the Kalta has used their mouths and actual words. With all the terrible news coming out of Ko-Koro, we decided to come here and help out however we could. The Dasakan princess Vilda Soraph offered her assistance, and along with her came her friends Dakte and Mako. Last night, Master Aelied sent Soraph and Skorm on a scouting mission. They have yet to return. Then, a whisper floated by on the wind. The voice was familiar and sounded...scared? Vakua looked around the group, but it didn't seem as though anyone else had heard anything. Privately, he spoke to Aelied. I... I think I Soraph just sent us a message. I think she's in trouble.
  9. IC: As Kulrik was escorted back to his room he couldn't help but let his mind wander back to the image of Plangori Akiyo. Like most Menti of her clan the Toroshu's daughter was impeccably dressed, but what surprised Kulrik was that for a non-Vilda, she was still remarkably beautiful. Perhaps more so? The Vilda were bred for their aesthetics, among other characteristics, but this Akiyo had her own charm. And, Kulrik sensed she was also somewhat dangerous. It made her even more alluring. Back in his room Kulrik stood by the window. He could sneak out, find his way to Akiyo's bedroom and they could continue the...conversation they were having earlier. He smirked at the thought and even began to lift himself out the window. Then Shuuan burst into his imagination and began scolding him with that horrible nickname she had for him. "Tsk tsk Kulrikky, dont be causing trouble in my home!" Zuto-Nui, couldn't that woman leave him alone? Kulrik sighed. He got back down, dismissing both Plangori from his mind. Perhaps another time, the Vilda First Son told himself as he went to bed alone and tired. .... Kulrik woke up early the next day, refreshing himself with splash of cold water to the face and putting on a fresh pair of clothes. He opened the door to his room and found two Plangori guardswomen outside. "Could you please take me to Plangori Akiyo? We've got a quite a day ahead of us."
  10. IC: Lantz grunted his understanding of Eisen's order and activated his mask. A spot in the floor began to slowly crumble away. The Legacy's path to the tunnel would soon be opening up... "Let's just kill the Maru already!" he told the others, while still keeping his focus on the deepening hole.
  11. IC: The Vilda First Son had started to look down in disappointment as Akiyo began speaking, but color and excitement quickly returned to his face as the Plangori Menti proposed a solution. "What may happen indeed..." Kulrik said with a low voice and gazing longingly at his host. He looked down at his food and scarfed down the few pieces of food he'd strewn on it earlier. Kulrik cleared his throat and wiped his hands with the napkin beside him. The Vilda got up to leave. He was distinctly aware of the guards nearby who seemed to tense as he rose. "Thank you, Plangori Akiyo, for the excellent meal and your wonderful company" he said loud enough for the guards to hear."I'm afraid I must retire for the night, but I look forward to our little excursion tomorrow. More quietly, he added "and if you'd like to talk to me a little more tonight... well, you know where to find me" Kulrik finished with a wink. With a bow and turn, he started off back to his guest quarters.
  12. IC: "That really does depend" Kulrik replied. "I've outwitted some of the best out there, so I don't think your cousins should be too much trouble. No disrespect to your family of course - they've just never dealt with someone like myself" the First Son added with a grin. He reached for some vegetables. Hopefully he'd at least be able to stomach those. The fake "fresh" fist didn't agree with his mouth, tongue, throat or stomach. "Now I agree, the Umbralines have ruled over centuries of peace. As much as I disagree with the way things are right now, I can't think of a better alternative that doesn't involve bloodshed. And that is absolutely something I would like the Empire to avoid for many, many years to come. That's actually part of the reason I'm here. I've stumbled into a bit of a treasure that can cause a lot of trouble if said treasure falls into the wrong hands, and I think it might. But I'm just one person, or two with my aide. So I could use your help on this quest of mine. "I know you said your cousins dont give you much free time, but I could sneak you away with me if you'd like. I said I need motivation, and well... you're quite the motivator" Kulrik said with a grin.
  13. IC: Lantz snarled at the Legacy general. He did not like being told what to do. He was Makuta's true heir - not Echelon, not the Piraka and certainly not Eisen. One day they would all recognize this fact and crown Lantz their king. But that day was not today. Until then, Lantz would had to stay in line. "My pleasure" he replied with a curl of his lip. As he activated his mask he imagined avenging Makuta and bringing the surviving Maru to their knees. The glee fuelled his Kanohi. He directed his sight on the now-repaired wall, the very one Leah Maru had torn through using her elemental powers. Lantz walked closer so that that particular section of the wall filled his vision. The loam started to change color as the degradation took place. Small cracks began to form. Some merged, large issues appeared suddenly with accompanying noise like gunshots. The integrity of the patch was failing. It took longer than Lantz thought - there was more material stuffed into it he had realized - but eventually the loam collapsed into a heap of pebbles, fine dust obscuring the passageway. "After you" he told Eisen. Fools rush in he thought to himself.
  14. IC: Soraph's mind dreamed while two Toa Kalta freed her from the Dark Turaga's imprisonment. The dreams were surprisingly dark, violent and unlike any the Willhammer had had before. In one she stood over the fresh corpses of a dozen enemies, her hands (claws?) drenched in their blood. In another she feasted on the remains of her treacherous aunt. And in the last, she lay draped on an oversized obsidian throne, hundreds of enslaved Matoran bowing before her in fear and awe. Most of the Kalta were locked in a cage at the far end of the crowd except for Vakua, who sat near her playing music, and Casanuva, who's hands were tied as he waited on her with wine and fruit. During moments of lucidity Soraph could pull herself away from these malicious thoughts and guess their origin. She'd been told about the effects Parakuka had on their hosts - infecting their minds with shadows and empty promises of power. But those moments came and went and then the Dasaka was pulled back into the dreams. She felt like a swimmer, just able to surface for a few mouthfuls of air before being dragged back down into the water by some slimy creature. Do not resist Soraph, it is far too late for that now. I am already in your mind, and soon our union will be complete. Relax. Enjoy these visions I share with you. When we awake, you will, for once, understand the meaning of strength, and thank Makuta for the day we met. Who....who are you? Soraph asked the other voice in her head. I am a part of you, now and for the rest of our life together. But you may call me Mapris.
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