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  1. Probably the fact that Mata Nui turned out to be a giant robot with an entire world contained inside, oceans, islands, undersea caverns and all.
  2. I remember in my first few years on the site (I was like 9 or 10), myself and a few other members made certificates for the staff...they looked so bad. I think we made them with Powerpoint. I'll laugh about that for years. Another fun one was doing that crazy Kanoka collector thing...not sure if anyone else remembers. There was that interactive banner and you'd collect Kanoka by going to specific links. I don't even remember why we did that haha Another fun experience was being on the "story squad." If I remember right we made some actual contributions to the story through that! There are lots of others. I remember winning one of the RPG contests, that was fun. I also remember having a banner & avatar shop on the old forums. Those were good times too!
  3. I forgot that just this week, I passed the 9 year mark! I joined this site when I was 8...woahhhh I joined because my brother convinced me to. He was a guest star in Kayru's comics. I remember a while back I made staff certificates...man I was weird. Time flies! I posted somewhere -- I think on my blog nope, it was here -- about the fact that most of my life and my career prospects came from the stuff I was involved in through this site. It really is incredible. So much gratitude for this site and the people I met here! Unfortunately, I can't even remember my first memory.
  4. It was on BZP that I first met the guy who got me into web development. It was also through BZP that I joined (and eventually co-managed) the KanohiJournal, where I got a loooooot of my major web dev experience. Fast forward nearly 9 years, and I'm in college studying Computer Science, all because someone I met on a BIONICLE fansite was willing to get me into web design. I'd say a pretty huge aspect of my life would have (maybe) never existed without BZP.
  5. Check back on the MNI forum soon.
  6. Been browsing through old posts and blog entries. I realized how much I've grown since joining BZP. I first joined when I was in just 3rd grade, over 8 years ago...think how young you were in 3rd grade! Yet I was glued to a computer screen, for BZP, among other reasons. I think back to my childhood and teenage years. So much of my life now is defined by the things I did here. It was through someone I met on BZPower that I first got into web development, which then inexplicably led me to work on KanohiJournal and other projects that let me hone my programming skills. I am now a freshman in college majoring in Computer Science. It's all just really interesting for me. Looking back through my activity on this site is like seeing myself grow. I haven't been very active at all for the past few years, but I spent a lot of my formative ones on this site. Cheers to BZP. It's played a bigger part in my life than I ever thought. If I could just get unbanned from the Facebook group...yeah, that's be great. If you're one of the followers of this blog (major points if you still are), or if you're one of my closer friends on here (you know who you are), thanks for everything you contributed to my experience on BZP. After graduating high school, I realized we take friends for granted. So if you're one of the people reading this and we've communicated on this site before, ever, thanks to you. Wish you all the best! Maybe I'll post on here every so often.
  7. There are some specific problems that don't really get attention. In general, though, there are very few problems. But a big one is definitely the jump-the-gun approach to removing "unwanted" people from the conversation.
  8. Daft Punk has been my obsession for years. Favorite song would be either Da Funk (from Homework) or Prime Time of Your Life/Brainwasher/Rollin' and Scratchin'/Alive (from Alive 2007). Also Chemical Brothers, favorite song would be Container Park (from the HANNA soundtrack). And Metallica, favorite song is Call of Ktulu (S&M version).
  9. This show. Is. Incredible. HOWEVER. I didn't like the first episode of S3 much because the mystery was sooooooo boring. I get they were pretty much following up after the ending of S2 but still...it wasn't very exciting. The second episode took a while to set up but it got AWESOME in the end...I just wish they explained the more conclusively. I need to rewatch it to understand it more. But the third episode...now that was magnificent.
  10. Uhhhhhhhhhhh which Aegon buddy????

    1. Tyler Durden

      Tyler Durden

      Aegon VI Targaryen.


      I am NOT dead.

    2. P~M
  11. I'm glad to say that I'm one of those members who, despite a drop in activity, still visits this site to interact with the many people I've met throughout my years and be among the fandom of the LEGO line that brought us all here in the first place. It's an amazing testament to the culture and atmosphere of BZPower that despite BIONICLE's end, those of us who have stuck with the site as long as we have have formed true friendships and a real community, regardless of the fact that many of us have never met face-to-face. Plus, we can say that we stuck with it long enough to get to say the word "YouTube." Thanks for keeping me busy and introducing me to some of my greatest friends in the past few years, BZPower. To many more years.
  12. http://hf.biosector01.com/wiki/File:44000_Furno_XL.jpg I voted "It could have been better" only because I think the mask itself is a bit clunky and like others have said, the colors are a bit boring and unmatching.
  13. Last one was A Clash of Kings, currently on A Storm of Swords. Gonna finish up GoT and go for some Palahniuk, starting with Rant.
  14. This movie was incredibly impressive. I personally don't think the story was particularly weak. The script could have used some work, and there are a few continuity errors I noticed, but other than that, pretty solid. Jaw-dropping effects. Simply brilliant. I am not one to criticize generic storylines. If they can execute the tropes in a way that is unique, I am all for it. This movie did just that.
  15. Be wary for the trademark on the name. Lego still holds the trademark--this is the reason BS01's url is not bioniclesector01.com. You may get a cease and desist on grounds of trademark infringement.
  16. The only reason I got Premier Membership was because my then-shallow self wanted proto. It means a lot more to me now. I am incredibly glad I was able to support BZP, even though the small contribution of Lifetime PMship doesn't necessarily go a long way on its own. But these things add up and I know it helped. In any case, I voted no.
  17. Let's not fail to acknowledge that the internet as a whole has undergone some cultural shifts in the past five years or so...these just happened to coincide with the end of BIONICLE. There are a lot more ways for fans of something to get together than just through forums, particularly Facebook, where we have a BZPower group. So besides less users joining and everybody getting more mature, I think we are 'taking our business elsewhere.' At least, I am--and it's not a matter of liking this site or not. It's just that some other ways of getting your news and interacting with fans integrate well with things I do in my daily life, like social networking. -SK
  18. Keep in mind that Destination Playstation is taking place next Monday through Thursday. I think we'll probably see the console and the price there. -SK
  19. Were you expecting the system to have built in fireworks or an espresso machine? There is literally nothing to announce but games, controllers, specs, and architecture...all of which they talked about, and the last of which you failed to acknowledge. -SK
  20. Console rankings are entirely subjective. I personally think that the PS3 has beaten out MIcrosoft on most, if not all, fronts. But that's beside the point. I haven't seen the game presentations yet, I've only heard about which games are confirmed. There are rumors circulating of a $429 model and $529 model (significant steps down from the first PS3 launch, so pretty excited. I got my PS3 slim for $400, including warranty. And for that much power in the console, it's a totally worthwhile purchase.) -SK
  21. At a press conference earlier today, Sony confirmed the Playstation 4, as well as several launch titles. The company has expanded heavily on the concept of social gaming--most notably, they've added a live stream system in which you can stream your game screen, receive comments from friends, and even let a friend take over the controller remotely temporarily. The console will have 8gb of RAM and a secondary chip dedicated to downloads. This will allow downloads to continue after the system is put into a low power mode. The low power mode also allows for games to be continued exactly where you left off. The game will not be quit when entering the low power mode so the session is preserved. The Dualshock 4 controller now includes a headphone jack and an LCD touchpad, as well as Move capabilities and a "Share" button. The share button will bring up a video recording of the previous 15 minutes played, from which you can clip desired sections or separate individual screenshots for uploading to video sites and social networking sites, respectively. Basically, lots of improvements. We have no visual on the console yet, but more will be unveiled in the coming months. Discuss rumors and such here. -SK
  22. Nuju Metru, Velox, Shadrahk, Cajun. I think that's the whole list. I met the last three at the same event in a nearby city like, four or five years ago maybe?-SK
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