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  1. IC: Triki, Northern Desert, Vahki Transport Triki got to his feet after being tossed around, still a little disoriented. Still, after hearing Whisper, he said, "What kind of wishes are we talkin' about? Can-be we wish for more wishes??" @Toru Nui @Nato the Traveler @Edelgard @Jakura Nuva
  2. IC: Triki - Northern Desert, Vahki Transport Coincidentally, the only thing that saved Triki from getting splattered by the acid he had just created was NU-8020S grabbing him and pulling him away... "Hey, down-let me!" Triki protests, thinking that he had done a fine job of opening up the window to allow the flying being to enter / speak (as long as they avoided the acid splatter themselves). He couldn't see why NU-8020S was upset that the window was now gone and droplets of acid were eating away at the metal floor of the Vahki transport. Surely it would give the transport a stylized look, right? @Nato the Traveler @Edelgard @Jakura Nuva @Toru Nui @ZippyWharrgarbl
  3. IC: Triki - Northern Desert / Vahki Transport "I think-be robot pal said to open window," Triki said, using his ability of selective hearing. "Wonder-be what flying-thing wants with tap-tap of glass." Triki reaches forward and touches the glass, consequentially triggering his Reconstruct at Random power to turn the glass into something else... OOC: Somebody else can determine what it turns into... @Edelgard@Jakura Nuva@Toru Nui@Nato the Traveler@ZippyWharrgarbl
  4. IC Triki - Northern Desert "Approaching Rahi, you say?" Triki said. "Well, I can help with that; I ever-learned how to speak Rahi when trapped in sewers! I can speak everything from mole-rats to rat-moles! I can-be translator, yes-good!" @Edelgard @Jakura Nuva @ZippyWharrgarbl @Toru Nui @Nato the Traveler
  5. IC Triki - Northern Desert "Alright, fun-time adventure-time awaits! Let us sand-crawl into the sunset!" Triki continued to babble as he pushed the currently-silent Yaushe onto the transport, whether she wanted to or not. @Edelgard @Jakura Nuva @ZippyWharrgarbl @Toru Nui
  6. IC: Triki - Northern Desert Triki was very much intrigued by the Vahki transport. He didn't much care about tracking down some old warlord and helping people, but he would like to tinker around inside and see what made it run. He starts pushing the van towards the ramp. "C'mon, Yaushe, looks like we found free-ride thru sand-land!" @Toru Nui@Edelgard@Jakura Nuva@ZippyWharrgarbl
  7. IC: Triki - Northern Desert "He-be lousy player of hide-and-seek if he near-close to here," Triki said, gesturing out to the barren desert around them. "Can see incoming thingies from Kios out." He paused for a moment and asked, "Why-be you seek-search for him? He is hiding good treasure on his person?" @Toru Nui@Edelgard@Jakura Nuva@ZippyWharrgarbl
  8. IC: Triki - Northern Desert "Hmm," Triki mused, watching the incoming bug approach. "Wounder if we can find-seek tread-parts on that thing, make Yaushe super-speed across sand!" @Edelgard@Jakura Nuva@ZippyWharrgarbl@Toru Nui
  9. Oh dang, you have Chicago. Nice. Of that batch, my favorite is Tokyo, but San Francisco is probably my top pick of the Skyline sets. It is fun to line them all up once built.
  10. IC: Triki, Northern Desert Triki was working on the back of the van, where one of the wheels had buckled on one of the desert rocks and needed repair. "We be good-right in soon-time," he called up to Mahryo and Lueiji. "Fix-work no problem, and we be drive-rolling across hot-sand before you can say 'Kikinalo Krunchies'." Patting the side of the van, he adds, "How-be you doing, Yaushe?"
  11. Name: Triki Breed: Le-Matoran Faction: Metru-Nui Refugees Description: He is a green Le-Matoran who wears a Great Kanohi Kakama (powerless). He is eccentric and impulsive and occasionally quite violent. His left arm has been mutated and merged with a Kanoka disc, giving it a silvery gleam. Background: A brilliant mechanic turned treasure hunter, Triki found himself lost and abandoned in the pipes beneath Ga-Metru, where he went crazier still from the isolation, causing significant memory loss. He was eventually freed when the GSR crashed, and he made his escape to Zakaz, where he can use his mechanical skills to service vehicles and hopefully search for more treasure. He also claims that his time trapped underground taught him how to speak Rahi, although this ability remains unconfirmed. Flaws: Triki’s crazy persona and chute-speak are often found off-putting to others, and his violent tendencies and shortsightedness often land him in trouble. He also has memory loss from his time lost underneath Ga-Metru. Powers: Beneath Ga-Metru he encountered a mysterious substance, which merged his left arm with a Reconstruct at Random Kanoka disc. Now, he can trigger the reconstruct power by touching something... but the power is unreliable and uncontrollable, and only as strong as a level 4 Kanoka.
  12. I as never a big Pirates fan, but this set is very appealing...
  13. Oh hey I think I'll actually review a set I've picked up from this year... Okay, this is one of Ninjago's more substantial figs packs. 9 figs for $29.99? Not bad! Well, okay, the builds are bad, polybag level IMO. But the weapons and accessories more than make up for it. We've got katana in gold, silver, azure, pale green, red, and orange all in one set. And the new gamepad weapon hilts are super fun! Not to mention that pink sword that does fit loosely into an axle hole. And more of the Ninjago blades pack in trans green! This set is great for the figs and accessories, but mostly supplemental when it comes to actual sets. $30 for 218 pieces is a bit steep, after all, so this is really targeting minifig enthusiasts. (I'm one, so it still works out for me.) For the figs... you get four of the Ninjas. Jay is in his new Digi outfit, very cool looking with the blue and white and cyber face, but he shows up in a bunch of other sets. Cole and Nva get their generic Avatar forms here, which is cool because they didn't get the arcade pods like Jay, Kai, and Lloyd... of course, their torsos are common City ones so nothing too exciting. The highlight of this set is Pink Gi Zane; I guess it's supposed to be his avatar, but it's placement in the set makes it look more like a display, so who knows who he's supposed to be character wise. Still, it's a great callback to a one-shot fig from the early years of the TV show. (Second year but first season... the numbering of the TV seasons irks me.) The baddies here are Red Visor and Richie, both who appear in other sets but still come with the trans orange icons and such. Richie is interesting with his custom head and wields a game controller weapon too. Scott has a fancy pale blue outfit, and while Okino is in a very generic white robe, he comes with the new ponytail hair piece, which is fun because the ponytail includes a bar element that can be gripped. The final fig is the Harumi avatar; I first thought she was in a prisoner's uniform, but I guess it's actually more of a standard orange jumpsuit. Dunno if this is supposed to represent her returning to the series or just a depiction of her... haven't actually caught up on the last few seasons of Ninjago. There are three marketplace stands, which look even less interesting because I didn't apply stickers. One is a standard red / black arch, but I couldn't ruin the nice 6x6 teal tile with a sticker, so it stayed blank. Then you have the weapons market, which has a lot of the green blades attached to it. Some interesting connections, but still fairly simple. The "Item Market" is even more generic with basic bars making up a hat stand (and a place for pink Zane to stand). It's neat to get a lot of headgear to customize your figs, but display wise it's filler. I mean, not a whole lot to really say about this set. Great figs and accessories. Lousy builds. But I think for the price and number of figs, that's to be expected. I am interested in getting a couple more of the substantial Ninjago Prime Empire sets to see how they build out the theme.
  14. xccj


  15. So I am not an Overwatch fan by any regards. Never played the game, was only barely aware of the characters before the Lego sets were announced. I'll admit that some of the figs have been mildly appealing, but most of the models didn't look that great to me. Well, except this one; the two Mechs look awesome, and having one in pink is another major draw, because I think that'll be a first for an official Lego set. (Why haven't we seen a Friends subtheme with pastel colored mechs and spaceships!?!) So I picked this set up last spring, but set it aside for the chance to do a livestream of it eventually... only now livestreams are more complicated than I can easily pull off, so I'm transitioning to blog / Instagram picture reviews. Horray. First is Reinhardt's mech. I am getting serious Sauron vibes from his helmet, and the bulky mech fits the same mood. I especially like the detailing textures on the torso, and the arm shoulder pad elements are quite striking. (Seriously, I'm thinking of a lot of fun things do with them in greater quantities; shame I'm late to the game with this set.) I also like the clean way the fig just easily slides into the torso, with the neck piece flipping down to secure him in nicely; it's a cool design that beats the Nexo-Knight mini mechs from a few years ago. However... posability is an issue. The legs are okay; there's no knee joints but that's standard for Lego system mechs. But the arms... there's a balljoint at the shoulder, but only a restricted swivel plate at the elbow and nothing for the wrist. It limits posing options, especially when trying to adjust him with the hammer in hand. It's a solid look, yes, and I don't know how to improve the mobility while keeping it to the same scale... but all the same, it's a bit disappointing. D.Va's pink mech is far from a standard mech. (I'm assuming it's true to the game, but again I never played it so that's not a big issue for me.) It's kind of like a mix between a spaceship and a mech with a rabbit theme, complete with ears and jumping legs. I was concerned with the legs because the feet are loosely connected via rods, which doesn't seem like a solid stand at all. But overall, they're actually pretty sturdy and hold the model up well. Not the most posable, but they suffice. The arms use Mixel joints and are a bit short, but they work well enough given that they're mainly restricted by the big pink side fins. I'll give some props for the cockpit and screen having an unconventional look, but the original instructions just have an empty space in the center where you toss the fig in without any points of connection. No studs for the feet, no bars for the hand, just a loose fitting fig. This didn't work for me at all, so I replaced a tile on the interior with one of the feet panels used for the mini-dolls, this giving the fig in the mech a bit of a connection. It felt like a weak and pathetic oversight, and the fact that I was able to put together an alternative design with ease makes me wonder why the official designs did without it. (I mean, probably from a playability stance it's too complicated to attach the fig... but gosh they should've done something instead of nothing.) It's a different style of mech, but I think it works, and the vibrant pink color makes it stand out too. For $39.99 USD and 455 pieces, this set is a good value, especially when it has some rare pink elements and that exclusive shoulder armor piece. Oh, and the figs look great too; I like the bubblegum look with D.Va. Certainly a worthwhile set, and you don't even need to be a fan of the game to appreciate it. (I assume if you are a fan then you probably appreciate it even more.) I'm mostly disappointed in myself for not building this sooner. I also have the unopened Overwatch Wrecking Ball set which I'm looking forward to finally building; will probably post a short review for it too.
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