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  1. So I've helped make a bunch of Bionicle mosaics over the last nine years. The first couple we did as a large group, but over time people's interest (and parts collection) waned, while my interest in making cool Lego mosaics has grown. I gave up on trying to do big group projects after I ended up doing over half of the 2016 "group" mosaic, and instead Chocolate Frogs and I have done a couple of smaller size ones that have traveled around the convention circuit. But... We're coming up on the 20th anniversary of Bionicle. (In 2020 or 2021, depending on where you start count.) So I was thinking... what if we made a big mosaic to celebrate the theme on this anniversary. Nothing as complicated at the Lenticular mosaics design wise, but something larger than we've attempted before. I couldn't make this on my own... but if we could get a handful of people in the community to participate, we could turn this into a big project. And if we aim for BrickFair 2020, that should give us plenty of time to plan, order parts, build, cancel, force me to build a replacement, ext. The tentative idea I have at the moment is a collage of different characters arranged in a movie-poster style. In the center would be the likes of Takanuva and Mata Nui (09 Toa form), and then slightly smaller on the sides would be filled out with other Toa from over the years. I'm thinking at the moment of Kopaka Mata, Tahu Nuva, Matau Metru, Nuparu Inika, Hahli Mahri, and Pohatu Phantoka, representing the main six elements and most of the yearly Toa teams. (Nobody cares about the Hordika). But I'd be willing to shift around characters if need be; Vakama and Matoro would also likely fit in well here. Design wise, I would try to create a solid 2x2 baseplate mosaic of each character (slightly larger for Takanuva and Mata Nui) and then merge them all together (with some overlapping, fading, ext) and throw in a Bionicle title for good measure somewhere. (Maybe something like this?) This would be a more complicate image than usual; every other mosaic I've done has been purely based off one picture, and then I tweak the bricks to help fit the style. This would require a lot more additional work, and it would be nice to have feedback for what works and doesn't. The overall size would be maybe 5x6 baseplates (160x192 studs) which would be pretty large and require additional work to get an easel to hold the pieces. But if we could put something like this together... oh it would be epic. But clearly this is just in the idea phase right now, but I'm putting this out to see if there would be any interest. Oh, also I have a bunch of engraved bricks for mosaic contributors too, so feel free to be influenced by that bribe.
  2. From what I recall as a kid from the 90s, the Disc pack for the Throwbots was advertised in the Lego Catalogs in the states, but I never saw any of them on store shelves. (The fun thing about Bionicle was the fact that the collectibles were widely distributed, so I could pick up a Toa and a random mask pack on the same trip.) I don't know how the Catalog distributions were like in the late 90s; I don't recall a big internet presence for ordering sets, so you'd need to make the orders over the phone. It's possible that they just used the European release to fulfill those orders instead of recreating the packaging, ext. (I'd imagine that there was a limited audience for actual catalog phone orders, and don't know if said products would need to meet all the box standards of shelved sets. I never ordered over the phone; mostly used the catalog to help determine what I'd want to pick up the next time I visited the toy store.) When I eventually got on BrickLink and ordered the Slizer / Throwbot discs, I was able to get some of the 4-7 pip discs from US sellers, although the selection was sparse and I did have to wait a couple of months before a couple of rare ones popped up in Europe. I'd assume that there was a modest distribution in the States back in the day, but the audience was probably quite small so there's not a lot on the secondary market twenty years later.
  3. xccj

    Oh No Change on BZP??

    So BZP got a revamp, and only went down for a few month. Now it's back and I have to get used to all the changes!! I think the blogs got the worst of it, TBH. Although this does seem more in line with other personal blogs I've seen elsewhere on the internet, so it's probably a modern template that's cool for everybody but those of us (like me) who are so used to the old BZP / Invasion format. This new one looks like it could incorporate pictures better, so that's something I'll have to start thinking more about. So far my photo uploads have just been scenic mountain shots from various trips... but I'm boring and don't do as many of them anymore, so I'm going to need to diversify. The lost of the custom sidebars is also disappointing, but I also noticed that all the various blog tags and groupings have been trashed, so now I have 10+ years of unmarked entries, and at least a few of them were useful and will take a while to find by just scrolling thru. Anyway, as for what I did this summer... go to work and get by. I did manage to make some MOCs and attended BrickFair for the first time in three years. It was a lot of fun to hang out with folks again, although I felt a bit mellow over the weekend and didn't have a big rush rush rush to do everything. (I didn't participate in any of the official games because I was too lazy). Also didn't win anything, but my Mt. St. Helens lenticular mosaic did get nominated, which was awesome. (And also a little odd because it's a repeat MOC, but then again I didn't exactly disqualify it when I entered it in.) Outside of work and some Lego, I've played a lot of Pokémon Go and reached level 40, finally. But gosh darn it, there are still more to collect, so I'm still playing. I'm also playing the Harry Potter Wizards Unite game, but in general it is less compelling than PokeGo. The previous game I was all in on, Ingress, did an upgrade last year that totally broke the gameplay mechanics and I still haven't been able to get back into it. Which is a shame; it was fun to travel to different places and use the game as kind of a tour guide to various local art and scenic spots. I've also looked into working more on my stories, or in particular reposting them. I finally signed onto Fanfiction.net and started posting a few of my Bionicle stories. (Because, honestly BZP is not the hotspot for library posts anymore, sorry.) Not that this site is any better... I haven't looked around really hard, but the quality of the average story is pretty bad. (I mean, we all had to start somewhere, so fair is fair.) But I don't know if there's a readership for lengthy Bionicle novels. But I did start reposting one of my old popular stories, Time Disruption. (I checked on the Wayback machine and I started that story on 10-11-2003. It's also crazy that it was popular enough that I was able to find a Wayback entry for it; the Epic forum was so crowded back in the day and Wayback is spotty about archiving forums.) Anyway, after doing a editing run through, I'm still impressed with my teenage writing, even if the language is a bit more basic than what I write now... and I desperately needed an editor. Man, no wonder half the comments were about spelling and grammar errors, they were bloody everywhere! But I've started reposting that story (all 63+ chapters) and it's been getting a lot of views... so I guess people still like it. (It also doesn't focus on crazy custom characters, so I'm sure that helps.) I've also had readership of my Hero Factory story when I didn't think there was any audience for that! I've written it so far in batches for NaNoWriMo, so maybe I'll work on the final part for it this year. I've also been playing in Voltex's BZPGOT RPG on Discord for months and months now... and the activity there certainly helped when BZP went down. It's fun to play, but the Discord format is a bit easier than the forums, and I managed to get into the lore with only a few weeks (or months) of what-am-I-doing-ness. I can now see why the RPGers are the ones keeping this community alive. I've gotten a few cool Lego sets over the summer, but kind of slacked off in doing reviews and such. Last spring, my camera's charging cord vanished, making said camera unusable, so I haven't had anything to take decent review pictures with besides my phone, which is only so-so. Chocolate Frogs and I were planning to pull off a few more livestreams, but then Youtube changed the system and we haven't been able to figure out an Encoder that works, so that's been put on hold for a while. I have a backlog of sets I want to build, but haven't gotten any truly big ones... except for the Bricklink models, which I ordered back in March and received in August. The Western Saloon is an awesome design, although the instructions make it a bit difficult to distinguish between the various shades of brown. I would like to do some more reviews, either official or just generic blog posts, but I'm a combination of lazy / exhausted most of the time. Maybe I'll put together some just to test the picture capabilities of the new blog system. Anyway, here's to another long and rambling post. Honestly don't know if anybody will bother reading (did they ever?) But the post count now including blogs really upped my count; I went from 6K to 8K, so I'm guessing it was the blogs. I know in the old forums when there was a list of the most comment / most viewed / most posted of the blogs, I was in the top three (or top one, I forget) of the blog with the most entries. Not views or comments, but entries. So I like typing a lot and posting stuff nobody reads. I hope to continue hiding subliminal messages in walls of text as long as BZPower lets me! Thanks for reading, take care y'all! (yay at least the emotes stayed the same, I would be sad without my signoff)
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    Look forward to seeing anything you post!
  5. I went from 6K to 8K. But I'd been at 6K for years; I just wasn't posting in the forums that upped the post count, and I was very active in the blogs. So I'm frankly surprised my count is that high. That said... we never lost any data in the blogs during the datapocalypse, unlike the years and years of posts. So while current post counts only go back a few years, blog activity goes back to the very beginning of the blogs, so those of us who jumped in on that early and stayed active apparently had an advantage. Still sad that so many people had significant reductions.
  6. xccj


    Still not dead? Then what did we pay those assassins for? Waste of money. Hiya how are you doing?
  7. I attempt to translate using a KARDAS to ENGLISH dictionary, but there are a lot of dirty mistranslations.
  8. I sit down and ask the Kardas Dragon "Why all the violence?" I further question it on what it is that it truly wants.
  9. I ended up doing a lot of building leading up to BrickFair VA this summer, but alas the forums were down so it was hard to share. I've posted these on Instagram and in a few Discord chats, but I might as well practice making topics on BZP again, so here I go! Glossophobia - The Fear of Public Speaking (What People Fear More Than Death) I entered the BioCup this year, and did just as well as I did last year... got through the prelims but was knocked out in the first round. The first theme was fears... I tried to go for a non-conventional approach with public speaking, and tried to make the speaker very expressive. But in general, the crowd was Matoran MOCs that ranged from mediocre to basic, so it wasn't well received and just barely squeaked through... mostly based on the cowboy design. (Fun fact was that these were based on characters from the BZPGOT RPG.) Old Man Saturn The second theme was solar system, and I was assigned Saturn. There were some really clever entries, but I went with the basics and focused on the Roman god. I was particularly happy with the face. This ended up quite tall too. Drought Conditions I didn't make it to the real third round, but I participated in the redemption round, which was based on disasters, and I got Meteorological (Dry/Hot). I tried to convey a thirsty traveler in the desert; I used my supply of red piping to convey a skeletal torso. But the thing everybody liked the most was the most basic design of the cactus. Azari Firedancer I also entered BBC Contest 77, although the contest ended just as the forums went down. In one of the concept arts links there was a cool drawing of the Elves character, so I tried to base my design on that. I was relatively happy with how the torso and dress came out, and even the hair, although it was fragile as heck to the point where I couldn't get it to stay rebuilt at BrickFair. I don't think the vote tallies have been posted yet, but the general consensus I got was that it was the worst of the batch that made it to BrickFair. Oh well. CCBS X-Wing I guess one of my things is building Star Wars ships out of Bionicle elements. I've been toying around with the idea of making an X-Wing for a while, finally cranked it out a week before the convention. The blade pieces were an impulsive try, but it actually worked out better than the technic stick I was planning. Also snuck on a Kakama and a legit base to keep it hovering. Next I need to figure out just how to make a same-scale TIE Fighter. Lava Surfing I wanted to make little micro-scenes to show off my Toa figs. (They use masks from the old pen sets, and custom stickered torsos, although said stickers are starting to show some wear.) I had just got a big batch of the round 1x2 plates and tweaked them around to make a lava wave, which I think works out modestly well. (A legit surfboard would've been preferred, but I couldn't find the one I have in my collection and I was running out of time, so a generic custom design had to be used instead.) Most complex part of this little model was actually getting the lettering on the front to line up. (Psst, don't tell anybody, but it's actually off by 1/2 plate width, so each side has a 1/4 plate width gap. The math just didn't work out.) That's all I got for cool new MOCs from this summer. Comments / criticism appreciated, I guess.
  10. I'd like a 2XL, because having a slightly larger shirt beats having a slightly smaller shirt.
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    I've always taken my shoes off when entering the house.
  12. Purple seems like a good option. #3
  13. Nice editing skillz, even if they're sometimes WRONG. But yes, that was very entertaining.
  14. I like the dark blue / royal blue option for the shirt color, maybe yellow / gold instead of tan.
  15. A couple of good ones here, but I think I'm going with #3.
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