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  1. IC: Triki - (Dead Forest, Ruins of Fire, Vahki Transport) "We could bake them a Madu-Cabolo fruit cake!" Triki suggests. "Trick is to bake is just right to keep it from exploding before serving." @Toru Nui @Edelgard @Jakura Nuva
  2. IC: Triki - (Dead Forest, Ruins of Fire, Vahki Transport) Triki mused over NU-8020S's words. "Hmm, dying horrible is big fun-no. Maybe we can confuse them by causing them to die horribly. They'll see-not it coming!" @Toru Nui @Jakura Nuva @Edelgard
  3. IC: Triki (Dead Forest, Ruins of Fire, Vahki Transport) "We could make our own opportune moment," Triki suggests. "A little distraction here, a little boom-boom there... Beats wait-sitting here." @Toru Nui @Edelgard @Jakura Nuva
  4. IC: Triki: Strange Tunnels "Hey guys, I brought a friend for lunch," Triki said. "But we should stay-not, because he's quite grumpy right now and kinda wants to eat-chew me." @Edelgard @Jakura Nuva @Toru Nui @Vezok's Friend
  5. Triki: Tunnels "Okay, you no-want to happy place, could've just so-said at start," Triki yelps out, as he sprints away down the tunnel, theoretically heading in the direction the rest of his party had gone off in...
  6. IC: Triki, Tunnels / Mouth "My, what big-large teeth you have," Triki stated, and decided to press his reconstruct-at-random hand on the floor / beast's tongue. @Vezok's Friend
  7. IC: Triki, Tunnels (Alone??) "How-ya doin' there, buddy-friend?" Triki asked the supposedly very large Rahi moving around in the darkness. "You wanna play-romp in tunnel-dirt, have much fun-times, yes?" He turned back and yelled "Heya guys, come meet my new bestie!" However, he was surprised to see nothing but darkness, and hear nothing but the rumblings of the Rahi. Mahryo and Lueiji had apparently stopped following him, as well as the robo-head Vahki. "Whoopsy, looks like my friends got lost-ified," Triki explained to the Rahi beast. "You want to help me seek-find them? Then we can all play-romp together!" @Vezok's Friend
  8. IC: Triki, Tunnels Triki ducked as Mahryo's fireballs flew over his head and towards the space where he'd just seen the movement... @Edelgard @Jakura Nuva @Toru Nui @Vezok's Friend
  9. So obviously I am a big fan of the Collectible Minifigures to the point where I obsessively try to get a complete collection of all the standard series. But my method has always been to wait until they show up in stores and then feel out the bags I want. Well, Covid-19 has greatly complicated that process. Luckily, Chocolate Frogs was able to hook me up with a full set, and because I obsess over these too much, here’s a quick review of them individually. Drone Boy: I think this may be my favorite of the series. I really do like the new drone element, and the printed control panel is nice too. I’m not sure why he has a bandage on his face; just exactly what kind of accident is that implying he got into? I also like how an extra propeller was included that fits into his teal hat. Space Fan: She’s pretty mellow parts-wise but it’s still a nice execution. The classic space shirt is a fun design, and the rocket schematics tile is nice, but the best piece is the round brick with the NASA logo on it... and I realize now that it wasn’t angled properly in my photos. Whoops! Llama Girl: Costume characters are always big hits, and although this is an often repeated concept, it’s always a joy to get a new animal to add into the fray. The llama head is very nicely detailed, and her torso also includes a zipper on the back to indicate that it is very much a costume. Nice addition of a carrot. Pea Pod Girl: We get another costume, but this time she’s food based. The costume mold is nicely detailed and printed, and I also like the use of green lipstick. And, although it’s hidden, she also has a shirt with a salad printing on it on her torso. The inclusion of the red apple is a little odd, since generally those don’t tend to mix with peas in salads. Perhaps it’s supposed to be a tomato? (I was discussing with someone, and came to realize that there aren’t many vegetable food molds in Lego. There’s a handful of fruit and meat, but the only veggie is really the carrot, and that’s already been used.) Super Warrior: AKA Super Sentai Lego copy, AKA knockoff Power Ranger. As a Power Rangers fan growing up, I totally see the appeal in this fig. (Gosh, does that mean we need to wait for four more series for them to release more of his colorful teammates?) The helmet isn’t quite as detailed as some of the Iron Man masks we’ve seen in the past, but it works. The green Ninjago sword seems a bit lacking as a weapon (it needs a proper hilt) but it works out well enough. Martial Arts Boy: Lego Nunchucks! They’re basically chains on the end of bars, but they’re one mold and I’ve heard a lot of MOCists are interested to start utilizing them. The rest of the figs robes are nice, although we’ve seen plenty of martial arts / karate / ninja characters with similar designs. I do like the use of the hairpiece (new in black) and the printed headband. Still, probably one of the least interesting of the figs in this series. Tournament Knight: Lego has done plenty of castle figs before, so a Knight isn’t exactly breaking new ground, but it gives people to collect a new army builder for the raven faction in the Keetongu orange and black colors. Plus, that sword is a new and detailed mold... I hope that gets released in some other sets, I wouldn’t mind more of that. Pirate Girl: She is a bit more-of-the-same if you got the new Ideas Pirate set, and Lego has done plenty of Pirates before, so her design also isn’t new territory. Still, the hat / hair piece is a new mold and there’s decent printing on the torso and legs... plus, in general, having a detailed female pirate isn’t a bad thing. Good supplemental fig to add to Barracuda Bay. Breakdancer: I am really digging the coral top she’s wearing, although not as big a fan of the hat / hair combo. To show off her moves, she gets the DC jumper piece to give her some altitude. Very neat. 80s Musician: Don’t have much to say about him, but he fits the look alright. Fun new instrument mold, nice printing. I didn’t recognize the hair piece at first, but apparently it’s from TLJ Old Luke. Viking: We’ve seen Vikings before but they’re not as common as Knights or Pirates, so it’s a welcome addition. In particular the new helmet mold that fits over the beard piece is great. Definitely got an army builder here! Shame he’s rare. Athlete: It’s been a while since we’ve seen track and field figs, and I don’t think we’ve had a character specializing in the javelin or discus before. She comes with an exclusive white spear, a printing round tile, and two gold medals. (One is a standard extra piece, but clearly it means she got Gold in both of her events.) Her uniform tag reads “BIB 0937” but I don’t know the significance of that. (Well, at least of the BIB part… the 0937 has been used on an amusement park ticket before and… apparently spells out LEGO upside-down, so that’s something I completely missed at first.) Overall, lots of good pieces here. Sidetrack for a moment to just say how similar the Viking and Athlete are when feeling for them in the bags. They each have a spear, a rounded second accessory (shield and discus tile), a neck attachment that comes with an extra piece (beard and metal), and both have their smaller pieces placed in a bag within a bag. Usually two figs in a series don’t share this many similarities; the best way to tell the difference is to identify the shield or round tile. (The helmet and hair pieces are also different, but I find it tricky to feel the subtle difference between head elements like that.) CF was able to figure these out when he sent them to me, but I was confused for a while as I tried to guess which was which. Trying to determine the difference while in a rush at the store would’ve been infuriating! Piñata Boy: I really love the sombrero piece, so getting it back is quite fun. He comes with two poncho elements to go over the front and back, and per usual his torso is unprinted. The llama piñata is a nice touch with the mold and printing. The stud on the top of the back is also hollow, which I think is a bit unusual for these animal molds. Can’t really fit much candy inside though. Pajama Girl: She pulls off her theme well enough, with a new bunny toy mold and bunny prints on her torso. The Hermione hair is new in blonde too. Not the most exciting fig but she works; shame she doesn’t come with an alternative sleepy expression. Sea Rescuer: We’ve seen a lot of diver figs before; in fact, the diver from the first series of CMFs was generally one of the least popular figs at the time, if I recall. So this one had a lot working against her. While her design is pretty standard, I do appreciate the azure and coral color highlights. She also uses the jumper piece… but it’s flipped around to stick the bar into her flipper, and attaches to the base by a nipple element. Of course, the diver is already second rate in her own bag; the real star is the turtle mold. We’ve seen cutesy turtles in Friends and Elves sets in the past, but I think this might be the first realistic system turtle we’ve got. (Teenage mutant ninja variants don’t count.) It makes this diver worthwhile. Green Brick Costume Guy: Okay, he doesn’t really have anything more going for him that what the other brick costume character brought to the table. But I mean, he’s green… even if it is the non-standard bright green shade. And I guess he does have an uncommon hair piece in a new color. I do appreciate the tile celebrating ten years of CMFs; I’ve now been obsessively collecting these for over a decade. Sheesh! Overall, it’s a near wave of figs, with a lot of nice variety. I think the clear winners are the Llama Costume Girl and the Super Warrior, although my favorite is still probably the Drone Boy. The Sea Rescuer, Piñata Boy, and Space Fan also deserve shout outs! (Meanwhile, my boring list consists of the 80s Musician, Pajama Girl, and Nunchucks Kid. Knight, Pirate, and Viking get by as army builders. The other four are very middle of the road.) Well, those are my opinions, anyway. Which ones are your favorites?
  10. IC: Triki, Tunnels "Hey guys, see-you this? I think I found Rahi-friend!" Triki calls back to Mahryo and Lueiji, although he hadn't kept track of them and didn't know if they were in hearing distance or even had followed him at all. He was also too far removed from NU-8020S to confirm or deny the theory about getting hit with Vahki staff beams often. (It would certainly be a confirmation, although he had got better at dodging them over time with practice.) Having some experience encountering Rahi in dark, hidden tunnels, Triki slowly approaches where he thinks he saw the movement... @Toru Nui @Edelgard @Jakura Nuva @Vezok's Friend
  11. IC: Triki, Tunnels "Rahi-friend!" Triki shouts out, leaping down into the hole to presumably follow the beast. "Come-a back-a and play-ah!" @Edelgard @Jakura Nuva @Toru Nui
  12. IC: Triki, Tunnels "Hey, it not-be work like that," Triki complained. "It very delicate process, take-much mind-thinky and awareness and..." He touched the wall, and his reconstruct at random ability activated. "Or maybe it-be easy after all." He peered through the darkness to see what he'd changed the wall into. @Toru Nui @Edelgard @Jakura Nuva
  13. IC: Triki, abandoned camp It took Triki a while to notice that he had been left behind by the others, given that he was busy humming to himself instead of paying attention to his surroundings. He decides to try and follow the others into the holes... he'd probably pick the right one... @Toru Nui @Jakura Nuva @Edelgard
  14. IC: Triki, Maze, Vahki Transport "Hey be, what-be that on ground in front?" Triki asked, leaning out the remains on the window and noticing the footprints... @Toru Nui @Edelgard @Jakura Nuva
  15. IC: Triki - Northern Desert, Vahki Transport Triki leaned over to Mahryo and Lueiji and whispered, "Vahki-head seems much-grumpy. Must really want to find Tacky-dox guy." He paused for a moment in thought, and then added, "Wonder if winged friend can grant us power to find-seek Tacky-dox in exchange for wish granting? @Toru Nui@Edelgard@Jakura Nuva@Nato the Traveler@ZippyWharrgarbl
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