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  1. Who said I had a laptop? <: i still have a regular comp in my room. the harddrive top just needs to be taken off and need new small fan so it can cool down.>

  2. I'm doing fine thnx :D nm been going on cept VK & trying to fix my comp XD

  3. Hmm okay :D *xeno-chibi hugs*

  4. Almost. My dads gotta takeoff the edges so that the harddrive can breath then I need to get a fan.

  5. Kay :D

    Nm just got back from a trip from Tx to see my GeemaFee. Resev's working at a starbucks now. He makes good coffee :)

  6. Yay hugs! ^^ Wait not Vollassa raptor hugs right? They scare me O~O

  7. A thousand pardons for the delay on your gift. >_/uploads/emoticons/default_wink.png" /> It should be here on bzp sometime tonight or tomorrow.

  8. Yep MSpaint, and photoscape :)

  9. Hey Zahaki :D

    How've you been?

  10. I don't know much about that <:3 maybe someone else can help you with it. sry dude.>

  11. Awesome! :D I'll make a gift. Happy belated birthday dude

  12. I'm back in the comic making bizz!!! :3 But not for BZP anymore. No one cares or is either too busy. but I'll send you some comic link updates in pm to let you know how the segas going :) So how are you?

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