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    My happy place
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    Playing guitar, being dashingly handsome, learning how to drive/not crash and burn.

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  1. :P I just spent like 5 minutes straight playing with your signature. Thank you for entertaining me in all my easily-amusedness.
  2. We both have exactly 600 posts right now. :)

  3. Hey, Mac! Guess who's back with a new scheme...?

  4. Hey, welcome back from your hiatus.

  5. Thanks, Mac. I just meant that I haven't been on here in like four months.


  6. Well, I haven't. JD and MacGyver=best buds, right?

  7. I'll change it now. Everyone's forgotten me, anyway :P

  8. Sooo.... When will you be Jack Dalton?


  10. Ok. How about you?

  11. Query: Can this unit be changed from Forum Division 3 to 2? This unit is much better suited to missions in that division. )LTA(
  12. Jack Dalton

    Hey Peoples

    *Looks through Bshelf* THIS. )LTA(
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