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    I happen to be a big enthusiast in military history, though some other fields are also pretty interesting

    favorite movies: Now this is a tricky one, seeing as I've seen so many movies, but there are a few that stand out particularily, and I'll list those for you:
    -District 9
    -2001: A Space Odyssey
    -The Day the Earth Stood Still
    -The Hurt Locker
    -Probably anything by Ridley Scott,

    Favorite Tv Shows:

    -Doctor Who: Excellent show
    Red Dwarf: The classic British comedy about a couple of crazy guys stuck on a Space Ship
    -Get Smart: The original TV Show was pretty well done
    -Gilligan's Island: This is a classic, the adventures of some people who get stuck on an island
    -Fawlty Towers: A classic British comedy
    -Monty Python's Flying Circus: Now these guys are just brilliant, they're notorious for their randomness
    -Relic Hunter
    -Hogan's Heroes: Yes, this does take place during the second world war, but it is actually a pretty good show
    -Star Trek
    -Star Trek: Next Generation
    -Star Trek: Deep Space 9
    -Star Trek: Enterprise

    favorite Music: I've got a lot of favorite bands and artists. I mainly enjoy classic rock and I have a certain disliking towards most rap and metal, although I do make a few exceptions

    The Beatles: One of the greatest bands of all time,

    Queen: Excellent band, probably the second greatest ever

    Glass Tiger: I can't figure out why these guys are so obscure outside of Canada, they did some brilliant music

    The Who

    Stan Rogers

    Sheryl Crow: A singer with her own unique style blending Rock and Country, I'm not a fan of country, but with her it goes together quite nicely

    David Bowie: Brilliant singer, also managed to get a decent acting career


    Bon Jovi

    Paramore: A lot of the music I listen to was released between 1960 and 1989, however Paramore is a rare exception. I accidently introduced myself to them when I discovered their song "That's What You Get" on Rock Band 2, found I liked the song and looked it up on a certain video website I'm not normally allowed to say the name of, and I've been a fan ever since

    Heart: A perfect example of 80's rock n' roll. Probably featuring one of the best female guitarists there are (Nancy Wilson),

    The Bangles: An all-girl rock band, they have a unique sound to their music and produce some really good songs.

    Kate Bush: Probably one of the best British female rock stars of all time. Hey wait a minute, did I just call her a rock star? Her music is often said to be Rock and Roll, but in reality, it is so unique that it is almost impossible to classify. She also has some really unique music videos, and besides, how many rock stars do you know of that manage to get celebrities into their videos, I can think of one or two others, but not very many. I mean she got Donald Sutherland in Cloudbusting. Experiment IV she somehow got British comedians Dawn French and Hugh Laurie (ok, now Hugh Laurie is known for his more serious role on House, but back in the 70's and 80's he was known for his roles in British Comedy, such as Blackadder)

    Some of my Favorite Authors:
    -William Shakespeare
    -H.G. Wells
    -Jules Verne
    -Arthur C. Clarke

    Favorite Video games:
    -Tomb Raider
    -Various Lego Games
    -Rock Band
    -The Beatles: Rock Band

    Favorite Actors:
    -Michael Caine
    -Harrison Ford
    -James Mason
    -Keir Dullea
    -Charles Laughton
    -Peter Sellers
    -Robin Williams
    -Patrick Stewart

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  1. It's been dawning on me recently that there could be some potential for an RPG based on the lore of Assassin's Creed (perhaps because I've been playing a lot of it lately) provided we could find a good setting. I figured it could probably be framed as an MMO developed by Abstergo Industries. As for good time periods, I had some possible ideas. One concept I'd wondered about was to do something with Vikings, probably set somewhere in Scandinavia or North America in the early Middle Ages. We could draw some inspiration from the naval combat in Black Flag and Rogue, and a setting like that could allow a fair bit of creative leeway that would mean we wouldn't need to worry as much about incorporating historical figures or events (though I wouldn't complain if we were able to find a few good real-life Vikings to add). Plus we could work with some of the First Civillization and their impact on Norse Mythology. Another idea I'd wondered about was to do something loosely inspired by King Arthur, probably also set in the early Middle Ages. We could have some good potential for ISU characters (The Lady of the Lake?) and artifacts (Excalibur, the Holy Grail, etc.). In either case, we'd need to look at a good story and I'm not sure exactly where I'd go, but I felt like I should throw these ideas out there.
  2. I remember I used to have this deeply-rooted prejudice against first-person shooter games. I spent many a post on this forum arguing with others about the merits of the genre, and it's something I'm not proud of. Admittedly, I wouldn't necessarily call it my go-to genre but I've managed to play a few good ones, even enjoying some of them. I guess I owe a lot of people an apology. If anyone I argued with in the past is still on this board, I'm sorry for all the grief I caused you.
  3. Is this still on? I thought the game died ages ago, or did they get rid of the rule that a topic was officially dead if it wasn't posted in for 30 days? Anyway, I've had some time to review some of my mistakes and it appears to all come down to the simple fact that I don't think the same way everyone else does. I can't do much to change that, but I can work on revising my approach to the gameplay. I think what might have happened in some cases was that I got so wrapped up in my own ideas I didn't stop to think about whether they'd fit the RPG, hence situations like the street gang plot line that ended up being irrelevant to anyone. It would appear that writing in an RPG is very different from writing a novel or short story. I'm thinking that if I'm going to keep playing, my best option would be to remove my current roster and introduce a whole new group of characters so I can start from scratch. Either that, or I keep Dak and lose the others. Dropping a concept isn't always easy but I feel like drawing out plot lines that are going nowhere isn't exactly a better option. Perhaps I could rework some of those ideas into some independent fan fiction sometime. For now, I just need to figure out what would be good for the RPG. Part of me was wondering about getting a head start on Dantooine. I could introduce some New Republic characters and start laying groundwork for when everyone else arrives. The only problem is that I wouldn't be able to interact with anyone except possibly Grav. that said, if you guys feel this isn't a good idea and would prefer I stick with Taris I understand.
  4. Well, I guess it could be a useful opportunity to finally do something worthwhile with those two characters I have...
  5. IC: Great. A run-in with the inquisitors was exactly what she needed. Dak's vision was slowly starting to come back. She managed to force herself to roll over. She needed to get out of here fast. She reached out in front of her and began to pull herself forward. Meanwhile, in the back of the cantina, Tashka was fast asleep. The Togruta warrior lay comfortably against the counter, faintly snoring.
  6. IC: Tashka remained quiet as she sat against the bar. She took a deep breath and tried to relax. So far, it seemed the Inquisitors had got their man. Whatever they intended to do here had been accomplished and now they were on their way out. She felt tired. She could still feel the effects of the strong whiskey she had drank just before all this started. The buzzing in her montrals didn't make that any easier. Her eyelids were growing heavy. "Next time," she thought. "Don't order the strongest whiskey." Amidst the quiet, she started to lie on her side, sliding a hand under her lekku, and shut her eyes. *** Dak was starting to regain consciousness. Her vision was blurred. She could make out a large blob which was probably an overturned table, and she could barely hear a voice from nearby. "Yeah, it's over. We should be out of your hair quick." She tried to lift her head, but found it quickly falling back to the floor. Obviously it was going to take a few minutes to recover from the effects of the stun blast.
  7. Trying to decide if I should try to keep going or just stop here. I know I haven't exactly been popular and it sometimes seems like I just can't do anything right in this game. On the other hand, Dak's story doesn't seem to be getting me anywhere, and the introduction of a new setting does seem to suggest an opportunity to start over. Nobody seemed to care about my previous characters so perhaps starting a whole new cast isn't a bad idea. At the same time, I have had my emotional issues with this game. I know I got angry when Mia was killed, and I admit I made some bad decisions with her. I confess that her character arc didn't go the way I originally planned and my original concept didn't really fit what was finally included in the RPG. The flip side is it seemed like nobody really understood when I tried to honestly express my feelings. Yes, I gave bad advice for how to deal with the situation. I admit that creating a whole new character just to start a revenge quest was a bad idea, but that doesn't mean I can just pretend my character wasn't abruptly killed without so much as a voice for her defense. To be honest, I didn't even know the RPG was still going until today. I guess now I've got a choice to make. I don't really see any way my characters on Taris are moving so starting a whole new group of characters might not be such a bad idea. I guess I'll need some time to think about it.
  8. With everything that's gone on so far, I've felt like I needed to write this fake post. I'll keep it here so it doesn't get confused for an actual post. Bonus points to anyone who gets the reference... Fake IC: As soon as the chaos died down, Dak started to regain consciousness. The Inquisitorious were approaching, and Odiina was staring at her. The ex-stormtrooper was surrounded. There was nothing she could do... or was there? At that moment, Dak yanked out her blaster and placed it against her chin. "HOLD IT!" She yelled, changing her voice to sound gruff and intimidating. Everyone immediately paused. "The next man makes a move, the stormie gets it!" "Hold your fire men," Raltz shouted as he approached. "He's not bluffing." "Listen to him," Costa shouted. "He's just crazy enough to do it!" "DROP IT! OR I SWEAT I'LL BLOW THIS STORMIE'S HEAD ALL OVER THIS CANTINA!" Immediately, Dak changed her voice to a higher pitch. "OH NO! HE'S DESPERATE! DO AS HE SAYS!" She tried to force out a few tears to make her act more believable. There was a momentary silence. First Odiina dropped her blaster, then Costa, Raltz, and the others. Dak pressed the blaster against her neck and began to move toward the exit. She was walking backwards, touching various objects with one arm to get a bearing. "Isn't anybody going to help that poor girl!" Odiina yelled. "HUSH!" Costa replied. "That's a sure way to get her killed!" As Dak dragged herself towards the door, she forced out a few cries. "OH! SAVE ME! SAVE ME! SOMEBODY SAVE ME!" The ex-stormtrooper quickly returned to her gruff voice. "SHUT UP!" Dak placed a hand over her mouth as she backed out the door of the Stray Tach. Now out of the cantina, she charged across the street and leaned against a building nearby.
  9. IC: So far, so good. So far all she had to deal with was one angry Bek, who she barely heard yelling as she sped off. Around the corner, through another street. She had to swerve momentarily as she barely dodged an incoming speeder before she moved into an alleyway. This is what she lived for. The Twi'lek paused as she brought the swoop bike to a halt. She climbed off and looked into the main street. No sign of Imperial pursuers. Good. That either meant they didn't notice or didn't care. Either way, they were out of the Stray Tach. For now, the smart thing to do seemed to be to get some distance from the Stray Tach. Better to lay low in some hotel for a while than wait to find out if anyone was coming. Viseria slowly stepped off the swoop bike. Her strength seemed to be returning. She was able to walk again. "You okay?" Nadia asked. "Yeah," Viseria replied. She leaned against the wall, taking a moment to catch her breath. She could barely remember the last few minutes. "What happened?" "I don't know," the Twi'lek said. "I went into the Stray Tach to see if I could reach a doctor. Then all of a sudden a bunch of stormtroopers ran in and starting shooting up the place, apparently looking for someone. Only now you're suddenly recovering." "I don't know what it is," the Miraluka said. "Something about that crowd-" "Don't worry," Nadia said. "First we'll find a place to lay low. It looks like we got away but I'm not waiting around to find out for sure." "That's going to be difficult for you," the Miraluka replied. "You're the biggest swoop rider on Taris." "I am," Nadia replied. "I could try and get us some fake identification, but they could still recognize the face on every swoop race advertisement... we're going to need a ship off-world."
  10. IC: Whatever was going on, it wasn't good news. On the bright side, it looked like most of the Imperial forces were focused in the middle of the bar. Whatever business they were up to, it looked like they apprehended their person. They were already close to the door. A well-timed sprint could be the key to survival. Nadia remained calm as she started to stand up. She reached for Viseria, pulling the young Miraluka to her feet. "Come on," she muttered. "We should get out of here." The Twi'lek moved toward the door, her friend on her shoulder. She just hoped to avoid drawing too much attention. From the looks of things, it seemed that the Imperial forces were primarily focused on trying to subdue the armored being that had drawn so much attention. It didn't seem like they were as interested now in the Cantina patrons. She was almost there. Nadia carefully stepped through the door and onto the street outside. So far, nobody had noticed or cared. "What next?" Viseria asked weakly. The Twi'lek looked around the street. There was one thing that quickly caught her eye. It looked like a swoop bike, parked just across from her. One of the Beks was stepping off and into one of the buildings. She smiled. Nadia moved forward, placing Viseria onto the front seat of the bike, before moving onto the back. "Hold on," she said as she started up the bike's engines. Now she just had to get off the street before any of the Imperials noticed...
  11. IC: Dak quickly collapsed as she felt the impact of a stun shot in her chest. What was Odiina thinking? Right now, her agenda seemed very confusing. She didn't have much time to think as she started to lose consciousness.
  12. IC: "Tried that," Tashka muttered. "They've got that covered. Whatever these people want must be valuable."
  13. IC: Tashka had to slide momentarily as she watched yet another patron get tossed over the counter. This time it was a Tammuz-an, who was hurled into the counter by a ruthless-looking Mirilian, before being pushed over top and collapsing in a heap on the floor nearby. A few too many unconscious patients were starting to fill up the space behind the counter. It looked like the wookie bartender was there as well, also trying to take cover. The Togruta moved towards the wookie. She carefully tried to step over the semi-conscious Tammuz-an, before crouching on the other side. R9 managed to push the unconscious patron's legs aside as she rolled towards them. Tashka tried to lower her head, making sure her montrals didn't become visible. She looked at Sue. "Is there any other way out of here?" She asked.
  14. Fair enough, but I would still question how prepared she is for smoke grenades and gunfire.
  15. IC: Dak looked towards Odiina. This was slightly awkward. Under the circumstances, she could probably afford to answer her questions. Of course, it was harder to tell if taking the time to explain it was the most practical choice. "The short version," Dak muttered. "I got accused of desertion and had to hide. I'll tell you the rest if we get out of this alive."
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