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    Playing my Wii, DS, PS3, and Bionicle, though I don't buy the sets. Them being too expensive being a major reason.<br /><br />I've been a Transformers fan since Beast Wars and a Bionicle fan since year 1...<br /><br />Comics/Manga are pretty cool, I like to read mostly Ultimate or Amazing Spider-Man, some of the Marvel compilation comics, Naruto, and One Piece. I'm not listing Dragon Ball since that ended... years ago... and Dragonball Evolution was horrible, even if it wasn't trying to be Dragon Ball, or so says the Director. <br /><br />Making comics at BZP and going there... which is here. So I guess that's a... Is there even a word for it?<br /><br />OH!!! Also, I am a fan of fighting games. Super Smash Bros. is up there about side-by-side with Soulcalibur/Tekken. Now Street Fighter series is up there too. I think Blaznlue is my favorite fighting game now.

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  1. Thanks for the feedback, I mostly just wanted a similar shape and look, swapping out the arms and legs was kind of the idea anyway, I just wasn't sure what pieces to use.
  2. So yeah, not sure if this is the right place for this. If it's not, than please move it to the appropriate forum.Just wondering though, does anyone know a good way to add poseability to the original Toa Mata? Specifically neck, elbow, and/or knee articulation. I'd like it to be with minimal pieces and still look similar to the original versions of the figures.
  3. Um... the people entering have only been given a total of one month. Where'd two months come from?
  4. Alright, this got far too off-track from what I stated, it's time to calm down regarding these "sprite vs traditional" comic nonsense.Both take experience and time to plan out and look good, the problem, I think, is the time limit. For example, the art contest is a bout a month long, reasonable enough to give those fine touches to the piece. The epic contest is also about a month long, making and coming up with a story is just as precise as art. Taking these two into account, this contest seems to be unintentionally biased. The comic maker is given a month to do both an epic and art. Art as sprite or traditional will take a long time if the artist wants to be voted as best. Story is just as important in a comic as is the art, this seems to be a problem too late to fix, but this should be taken into account when the next contest is made.Of course, this is just my opinion, so I realize others may not agree.
  5. The problem I have is that most of the entries don't do anything with the clues and merely leave them there to dangle, It just seems that nothing really gets accomplished.I am not saying that any of them should be disqualified; what I am saying is that most of them are not finished. All we're given is the beginning of the story with no idea where these clues can lead. I just wanted to say what's been bothering me. If I'm wrong, then fine, but I really do feel that these entries don't really do anything but provide questions without any hint of the answer we make being right or wrong.
  6. There seems to be some misunderstanding in these entries,The first post says "This contest requires you to submit a comic whose focus is on a plot of intrigue, a mystery that will leave your readers guessing until you finally put all the clues together for them. If you decide to do that at all, that is." To me, this means that these stories should expand on the clues they leave and give some sort of resolution, one that pulls all the clues together, or even a more open ended conclusion.However, my problem comes in the fact that I don't think anyone is doing this, They start a mystery, devote two pages and simply end it with the expectation that this is a complete mystery story. I'm sorry to say, but it's not. All the entries so far feel like incomplete tales that don't build on or explain a single thing that happens, leaving even the hint of what is going on up to the reader. The winner, in my opinion, will probably just go to the best art, and it really shouldn't come to that. I'm afraid this may get me flamed, but this is what I truly think, and I thought these could have been pretty interesting.
  7. I'm confused as to what the mystery is and what there is to be solved...Is this the entire entry? I mean, it looks nice, but it doesn't seem like anything. It really just looks like someone found someone else and... that was it.
  8. Or, you could release every scene as they get done, then release a compilation video of all the parts put together at the end.You know, take a third option/do both.
  9. I like to call us a pack of fluffy bunnies, but vultures work too.I was hoping my comment would stir some conversation or guessing, but hey, no plans are perfect.I mean, there are plenty of questions to ask. Such as what TPN, said about the Bohrok. If his guess is true, does anyone think the story should move to the second year so quickly, or is the Bohrok and first year being fused to one continual story. Maybe ensuring Makuta/Teridax will be the main villain for a bit longer? I don't know, any thoughts on the matter?
  10. Hey, why don't we stop eagerly asking when the next episode is out, and instead speculate wildly about the next episode? Like what differences might Tohkann take?My biggest question is probably the whole, "who's fighting in the test video Tohkann uploaded?" question. I mean seriously, Sonia is obviously fighting another Toa, and I don't believe this has been brought up. Maybe it's the mysterious guy that showed up, maybe it's a Shadow Toa, any guesses?
  11. Yeah! I don't play this as much as Marvel vs Capcom 3, but I still like it.I tend to play as Ibuki, Abel, and Akuma. Ibuki's my favorite. I haven't gotten a chance to play as Oni too much, but he looks cool.I have Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition on the PS3, by the way.
  12. Yay, Young Justice. I like the show. I have not read the comic, but can some one who read the comic (or rather, part of it) tell me how true it is?At least one person should be dying this season. And the number "16" is apparently important since Greg Weisman cackled evilly when someone asked him about it.And yeah, the latest episode was pretty amazing.
  13. Well, I now know what I have to read. I like the pencils more, the colored version. The penciling has much more clear detail, the colored one looks flat due to only one-shaded. Not that it looks bad, it just looks much too simple. I'd love to see more.
  14. D-Shadow

    Bionicle Manga

    No, you misunderstand, you're linking to this. You need to link to this. It's called deep-linking, all you have to do is click on the picture and link to the new address. I didn't read anything, though I may read it later. I don't know.
  15. Glad to see this was put back up. Do we need to put all the sprites/fan-art back up, or is that not needed since the archive is accessible? Either way, I can't wait to more episodes... so I have nothing unique to say. This seems a lot like my post when this was re-posted on the old site...
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