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  1. I went to the premiere of the Madoka movies second night it was out in Downtown LA :3
  2. Well, just tuned in to this. What a lovely surprise, I've never been recognized before~
  3. Granted. Everyone is so appalling compared to you that you can't stand to live with them.I wish to continue lurking BZP, posting once every several years.
  4. I got Brisingr early from amazon for some reason, I preordered a boxed set and I heard my doorbell ringing I was like MY GOD IM GONNA DIE ITS A BURGLAR!!! Then I waited a long time and saw Brisingr Eragon and Eldest on my porch :D

  5. all the ones beside Kraggh sound like titles similar to emporer, I'd say something like Kraggh with other things like what Nuvaya Cloud Fire said "Just Kraggh" it's catchy
  6. How did you get Brisingr that early?

  7. Why, is something wrong with my language skills? When did I say that everything is a signature?

  8. In your signature, you say that you refuse to have a signature. Well, by saying that, you are having a signature, therefore that statement is not true.

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