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  1. Dark Mirror is one of the best parts of the storyline I have read since I saw the first Toa Mata. After the Toa Mata the bionicle storyline seemed to go downward in my favor and so my friend did not like bionicle anymore. This is great for this storyline, it is just to real. In some cases, the entire storyline should be modified to the DM way mixed with the Mata Nui storyline 2001. For this, 2009 should be impressive, a new start, same 2001 feel and theories about. Thats what I love about DM. -ShadowXD
  2. This is just beyond weird and I know weird. -ShadowXD
  3. Comment already!

  4. Well, you lost your interst in bionicle, at least you like Halo.

    Andrei Morozov

  5. You made my box dirty.

    I'm sad...


  6. Omg this box is empty! :o

    Hi. :)

  7. I'd say: Ta=Roturakh Ga=Aquatus Le=Saanaras Po=Katurasakh Onu=Destarakh Ko=Isaraes
  8. ShadowXD

    Lsw2: Bink Update

    1,000,000,000 studs! you must be good
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    Binky's New Job

    You work at lego, 'cause that's awesome
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