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    Art, guitar, and dancing. Oh, the dancing.

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  1. -Typhlok-


    Huh. My cousin has those shades. Her name's Janice. -T-
  2. Am I too late? I am? Too bad. Mazel tov!! -T-
  3. -Typhlok-

    Magical Points

    I can play the guitar.....the MAGICAL guitar!!!!! That's count for....something, right? -T-
  4. Well, Seran, I've got to say, that sure is a spoonful of dudular realage there, it really is. Nice job on it, but what does the, er, inscription say? -T-
  5. -Typhlok-

    Lemon Club

    Am I the only one who uses the banner? -T-
  6. -Typhlok-


    Well, hopefully your life's not TOO complicated right now. And it's not wasted. At least you didn't stay at home, wondering and fretting over something you could've been there for. There are other fish in the sea, buddy. -T-
  7. Whoa, that's harsh. Maybe you shouldn't go, unless this already happened, then I'm way behind...but, if not, you might end up looking like a fool. This hurts my brain...? -T-
  8. 1. Is your name anything like Seran? 2. What's your fave band? -T-
  9. -Typhlok-


    That's a whopping good story!! I like it, and it's very creative. It's a bit confusing though...nice. I like the Cera body. Both of them. -T-
  10. -Typhlok-

    Bbcc #47 Final Poll

    I vote for entry #3, What?'s "and we made them for Lewa, Pohatu, Tahu, and cold Kopaka." -T-
  11. It's against my religion...but WORSHIP WORSHIP WORSHIP -T-
  12. Way to go Seran!! Hope it goes well!! Unless you already had it...then I hope it already went well!! Whoo!! My love life sucks...sigh. -T-
  13. Wow...that's purdy dang awesome!! -T-
  14. May I have one? If yes, I want it to be yellowy and white saying -T- on it. Thank you. -T-
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