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  2. Finished A Dance with Dragons. Sure was fun. And by fun I mean I watched all my favourite characters die.
  3. It's a bloke with a giant sword. Looks like Cloud. Not too sure, never been a FF fan.
  4. I find dragon priests too easy. Just sneak in a corner and fire about 100 arrows into them.
  5. Well, I just converted a friend to Bronyism. Fluttershy's his favourite.
  6. I name my armour and weapons stuff like Boneburner, Magicguard, Azzi's Deftness and so on.
  7. Nope, only Dibella, Kynareth and Mara.And one Kyne one, but I haven't gotten around to that one yet.
  8. I have one chest in my house that's filled with misc junk, a drawer full of gems, another drawer full of armour, another one with a complete collection of Daedric artifacts and one that holds my overflow of books.
  9. No, I just decided to do every single side quest line first.And every Daedric quest.And decided to grab some more Shouts.And the god quests too.So yeah, Alduin took a while.
  10. I finally did it.I finally beat Alduin.
  11. When that paralyse thing first procced on an enemy, I thought they were coming back to life after I killed them. Didn't help that they did the killcams as they were paralysed.
  12. That sketch of Mata Nui below the surface...I wanna check MNOLG to see if the three fingers are there.
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