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  1. Towards the middle of Bionicle Gen 1, they started to turn the story a lot darker by introducing the Voya Nui storyline, and from then on, the whole atmosphere of the series, I could say, turned into more of an epic feel. Now that Bionicle has rebooted, it has gone back to that mystical feel, but which do you guys prefer? Would you rather they maintain this kind of atmosphere throughout the rest of the reboot or they gradually go back to the epic feel of 2006-2008?
  2. If I remember correctly, the Toa were tasked to do a whole bunch of things before they could reawaken Mata Nui in 2008. Does anyone know where I can find a list of these things? I remember them being really weird but interesting and all having an ultimate purpose.
  3. I should also add, concerning this topic, that I really hope they don't do what they did in Hero Factory and completely change the style of the line. While they still maintained the "buildable figure" idea in 2014, they completely messed up the scaling of the sets by introducing vehicles and monsters with the main figures being shrunk to minifigures. It's okay if it happens as a separate line like what Bionicle did in 2006-2008 with the playsets, but being part of the main wave of figures, I mean, it might be just my opinion, but it bothers me quite a bit.
  4. Has anyone noticed the Lord of Skull Spiders is portrayed as a hulking monster that towers over the Masters in the animations and the game, but it's really tiny in comparison in the set? Does this bother anyone else?
  5. I understand that 2015 has only just started, but usually we should have some information on what's coming next. So far, Lego has released the sets and a mobile game, along with some animated shorts online. But it all seems a bit lacking. What happens now? Will we be getting a book or some comics? Or a TV show that extends the storyline? Nothing seems to have been leaked or announced so far, so it doesn't seem likely that there will be a book this year or it would have been listed in some catalog somewhere. The reason I say this is because there is so much more to the story that feels missing. As of now, we know that the protectors have been awaiting the Toa due to some prophecy. They have crash landed and have come to save the protectors from the Skull Spiders. How do we know when they defeat them and what happens afterward?
  6. Here are the screens I was talking about. http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/jerielngzq/Bionicle/evernote_camera_roll_20150105_195325.png http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/jerielngzq/Bionicle/evernote_camera_roll_20150105_195327.png Edit: Please link to images over 750 kB in file size. -Wind-
  7. That would be interesting to see, but like the others have said, I don't think Bionicle is as mainstream as The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones to warrant them making a full game out of it. Maybe if somewhere down the line, Michael Bay decides to adapt the toyline into a full-fledged TV series or something, we may see that happen, but not now. Honestly, can't say I'm a big fan of Telltale Games to begin with, though. The gameplay never struck me as very compelling, but it would be cool to see Bionicle get that kind of mainstream attention.
  8. I will try to post a screenshot of Onua's alternate form when I get home tonight. Does anyone know the proper way to post images on BZP? Do I need to upload to a host or just upload directly? I can't remember the rules from last time.
  9. Anyone noticed that Onua has an alternate form in Mask of Creation that has a tail and more armor? What do you guys think about it? There doesn't seem to be a set version of it at the moment, since it's a slight variation from the "power-up" mode. Do you think there is any storyline significance to it? Or maybe the fact that he's the only character in the game with this alternate form?
  10. I liked the sets from 2001 equally to the sets from 2015. I guess that I'm not all that picky :3 But, in terms of media, 2001 (as you said) was clearly superior. I mean, what could possibly top MNOG? WIth all due respect, I feel like that there is more to it than just MNOG. I honestly wasn't too big of a fan of that game, so it might be my personal bias speaking. However, when you compare media, you must take into account more than just one game. Clearly, MNOG is a better production than Mask of Creation, but you also need to consider the animations and videos as well as music. 2015 seems to tell more of a story than 2001 because the videos have a clear linear narrative, whereas the CGI animations that came out of 2001 only showcased the different characters in their environments. I think 2015 wins in that regard, but that doesn't mean one is better than the other.
  11. Mixed feelings about this game. Looks okay in terms of graphics and depth, but the gameplay looks repetitive and slow. Looks promising, and I won't judge until I play it for myself.
  12. Actually, now that I think about it, anything is fine with me as long as they aren't any creatures/clones. I didn't really care for the villains from 2001-2005. It was the Piraka onwards that really rejuvenated my interest in Bionicle.
  13. After hearing about the Bionicle reboot, I came back to this site and started posting in the forums more often after a four year hiatus. But compared to what it used to be during the 2006-2009 period, the Bionicle forums seem to have a lot less activity. Is it just me or have people really stopped posting in these forums?
  14. I remember seeing those shoes with changeable Bionicle masks on the toes. Didn't get them but I saw them in a catalog.
  15. My plan is to get all of them at one go. If I can't, I'll probably go with Lewa and Gali first.
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