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    It's been a while, so I figure I should change this! (...Probably.) I'll start by saying I was the author of Ask Hakann, and am currently doing sciency things with my life.

    TV Shows: Sherlock, a TON of anime (possibly ten tons, actually), ...My Little Pony...<.< >.>, Merlin, GoT, everything else is escaping my mind...

    Movies: Fight Club, Inception, DaVinci Code, Frozen (essentially anything Disney), Everything LOTR (though I haven't seen any bit of The Hobbit yet Q.Q), The Avengers, Scott Pilgrim, Harry Potter, most likely others.

    Books: LoTR, GoT, Harry Potter (Chamber of Secrets is my favorite), The Mortal Instruments/The Infernal Devices, Everything that is Chuck Palahniuk, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, The Dresden Files, so much more. Books are my absolute favorite method of entertaining myself, so please feel free to suggest any to me!

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  1. First time logging back onto BZP in forever! O.O Everything...is different...but it looks super nice~

    1. Ghidora131


      *whispers* don't look behind youuu....

  2. So I noticed you like Bleach.

    I squee for it. :D

    Do you read it online, by any chance?

  3. Thank you! And I missed your birthday, so...

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUPERSPECIALAWESOME FRIEND OF MINE!!! =DDD *emotes will bribe you to forgive me for missing it?*

  4. OTL I'm so sorry! Another BZP coma...hopefully the last one for a while...

    I'll PM you about why?

  5. Aww no stress for my fwiend :(

    *hug* Glad your doing better!!! ^^ I'm doing fine as well.

  6. Sorry for the epic wait on replying. 0_0 xD

    Thank you so very much! The avvi thinks you're awesome, too. :P

  7. Haha, missed you too!

    Busy, but a lot of the stress is a lot better nows~! =D Yayyy.

    How about you? :3

  8. I missed you!!!! ^^ ♥♥♥ how have you been!

  9. So this is random, but I gotta say, I noticed your pic, and much love to VK. :D

  10. I'm mainly checking for questions for my comedies, but I haven't gotten any...

    Expect a review for TN soon. :)

  11. How come you're only on BZP once every 2 weeks or so?

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