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  1. Official release at Target is the fourth
  2. The Toys'R'Us near me had all of the sets.
  3. Just picked up Pohatu and Tahu Pohatu has a really nice build. I like the added gear function because it adds depth to the figure. Now on to Tahu...
  4. Slow Jamz - Kanye West, Jamie Foxx & Twista
  5. Hoping to buy Pohatu or Tahu first, since those were the first sets I got back in '01. I haven't decided if I want to buy the Protectors or not.
  6. The only reason the sets would be out on shelves this early is the holiday rush to get sales. Guests come in and see something new and will want to buy it, whether it be a parent buying for their kids, or a kid wanting it. It generates more money to have the sales floor filled and look nice. We got the boxes in on this mornings truck and they are dated for January fourth. That's when I'll be purchasing mine, although I will be checking out Toys'R'Us on Friday after work to see if I get lucky
  7. IC: Twilite Twilite reached his usual training spot on the other side of town, just past the Sanctum. OOC: Twilite open for interaction
  8. IC: Twilite, The Drifts of Mount Ihu His eyes rolled back, slowly opening. The snow blew around him, dancing along the bluff he was layed out on. A jolt ran down his armor. Tense muscles moved, armor shifted. Go time. He leapt up, Kanohi Calix activating. Suspended in midair, he squinted through the heavy snow. He knew his destination. Ko-Koro. Landing, he began sprinting far downhill into town, over massive ice bridges, and small huts on the outskirts of the Koro. OOC: I'm ready to start back up.
  9. Name - Twilite Species - Toa Physical Description - Advanced Toa Mata build, mix of black and white. Carries a sheath for his weapon and a medium-size knit backpack. Contents usually vary, but aren't limited to bandages for wounds, splints, a few berries Gender - Male Powers and Mask - Controls electricity and powers it through his faded black broadsword. The sword itself appears to be worn out, but is sharpened regularly and kept in a sheath. Twilite is in possession of a Kanohi Calix, the Mask of Fate. He has great control over it, and utilizes it often. It has the appearance of a silver Avohkii. Weakness - An obvious aversion to water and his physical stature isn’t one to be afraid of. Alignment - Neutral Good History - Growing up in Ko-Koro, he was sort of an outsider. Being a Toa of Electricity in an icy village turned him cold, but grew him up to be smart and tactful. A drifter, he can never stay in one place for long, although he does spend a lot of time in The Drifts near Mount Ihu. Personality and traits - Twilite has always done the best that he can, and will perform well when the situation depends on him. He speaks his mind and will hold back when he knows he’s out of line. A fight is never to be expected from him, but he is more than glad to oblige. He won’t hesitate to help anyone, but doesn’t trust easy.
  10. OOC: Hey guys I just returned to BZPower, and I definitely wanna get back into the BZPRPG. Assuming it is what it was in 2011, I think it'll be a ton of fun. So does anyone know if I have to PM Nuju Metru or Friar Tuck about rejoining? I really wanted to pick back up on my old character. Thanks!
  11. First post in probably 3 to 4 years right here. So if I can put my two cents in, I'd say this a full blown reboot. They're clearly not expanding on where 2009-10 left off. They're gonna introduce a new story for a younger audience and include familiar names for returning fans. Smart move on TLC's part to be honest.
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