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    DC Comics, Lego (mostly just Bionicle, these days), Star Wars, Nintendo and Sony video games.
  1. The_Archivist

    Book News

    Great news! I really appreciate all you do to get us more BIONICLE story, Mr. Farshtey. Thanks.
  2. Well I'm pretty sure that no one really liked those voices. Despite the fact that I thought that some (not all) were good in their roles. Oh, I see. At the very least, I thought Lee Tockar was a great Teridax. I always "picture" him as the voice of Teridax when I read new books and story material.
  3. Worf as Mata Nui? That's a choice I can get behind! I will also add my name to the list of people who lol'd at Click's VA. Why is everyone so down on Takua and the actors in MoL?
  4. You have the best name and avatar on BZPower. :D

  5. Thanks for that. I loved that video too much...

    I also think Luigi deserves to be given his own platformer. Playing as him in Super Mario Galaxy was awesome, but you have to play as Mario for a while before getting him...

  6. Mushroom, mushroom.

  7. Best. Avatar. Ever.

  8. Hydraxon is the trainer of the Toa Mata (the original, not Dekardraxon. :P).

  9. You said that you deduced the Mata's trainer. Who is it?

  10. This guy is awesome!

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