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    Bionicle (obviously) (been with Bionicle since the beginning)(Even before that, with Slizers/Throwbots.)<br /><br /> Ice Hockey (strange, considering I live in Australia), Ice Skating and most sports in general. (Not lawn bowls.)<br /><br /> Video games, Halo (yes it has its own category), Adventure/Action games mostly, and RPGs. <br /><br /> Going Out (with girls!)<br /><br /> Sketching(occasionally)<br /> MOCing <br /> Having fun, and doing awesome stuff. <br />Living life to the full. That sums it up quite nicely.

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  1. Help get my star rating up!

    Please give me a rating in my profile!

  2. Happy birthday even though you may never read this ever again. :P

  3. Romansoldierdude was massively exaggerating. >:(

  4. He left us for now.


    Don't act surprised. Not like you ever left us for a PSP. >:o

  5. HEY! Where the heck are you?!

  6. And mine's on the 15th. =O

  7. My birthday's on January the 14th too!

  8. Go get Premier, or something. :P

  9. Oh, and you really need a blog. :P

  10. Guys, let's not tear each other's throats out over a small joke, okay? =)

  11. If I'm so fail, then why do you bother arguing with me? Got something to prove?

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