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  1. I really enjoyed the first three chapters. More than I thought. I felt character development was coming along nicely and I liked the world building with getting to know the protectors, their personalities, and the places they lived. The last half was another story. Really rushed and pretty much just the animations in written form. Like I was kind of hoping the fight with the Lord of Skull Spiders was going to be less anti-climatic then it was in the animations but nope, it was pretty much just that. All the villains in general just did not feel that threatening at all. I really hope we'll get some more stuff in the second book that fixes these things but I guess we will see.
  2. Okay so I have a bit of confusion on the Gen 2 mask powers... So I know they're technically not Kanohi and we don't have the powers of speed, shielding etc. From what it seems we know so far, the toa masks are what give the toa their elemental powers. However what I'm not sure of is the Gold masks purpose. Are they just giving them stronger elemental powers or just elemental powers to begin with, with their regular ones not really doing anything. I feel like I've heard it both ways somewhere. Also are the main protectors masks powered? Like do they also have access to elemental powers and maybe that's what powers their blasters? If anyone knows the for sure answers on these please let me know!
  3. I bought every single throwbot and every single roborider so I wanted to try out the next thing. They had an ad for selling Vakama and Tahu as a set in Lego magazine so I went for it! Still have them in good condition. Except for Vakama's rubber band since Lego couldn't make a decent rubber band.
  4. Now I'm commenting on your profile to confuse you even more.

  5. I do it just to confuse you personally

  6. Keeeeeeeeeaaane!

    I love Keane. They're my favorite band, actually.

    I'm not familiar with that song, though. Is it on the new... single thingies?

    And why do you reply to other people in your own profile? It makes having a convo confusing... >_>

  7. Oh, ok I thought it was like a disconnected breathing appartus. xD

  8. It's the weapon. Kinda like a high powered hose.

  9. I was waiting for a good rpg to come up too, Instead I waited for the Second Millennium Legion RPG to come out. Also, on your personal pic, why is your slizer have a tube holding in his hand?

  10. Check your e-mail if you get this.

  11. Wow! Thanks for mentioning the Hunters RPG. Glad you enjoyed it (like you said, even though it was short).

  12. Decent. Waiting for a new RPG to come up. I need to post more because I havn't for a long time.

  13. How's life been lately?

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