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    I live in my house.
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    My interests include BIONICLE and that's about it. I also like to read and I don't like math. Who's with me? <br /><br />And in case you couldn't tell, I am greatly obsessed with my dog, Cleo. Duh!<br /><br />Every once in awhile I like to visit the New Member Q and A Forums to help people out.

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  1. Cleofan119

    3 Years

    Not that any of you really care, but today marks my 3-year anniversary here.
  2. Cleofan119

    Cleo Turns 5

    I couldn't post this earlier because the forums were down, but on March 14th, my dog Cleo turned 5 years old. Happy birthday Cleo!
  3. I can open a pickle jar, and I can also solve 2X + 3 = -2X - 7.
  4. Cleofan119

    2009 Looms

    Vista rules! Windows FTW!
  5. Cleofan119

    New Guitar

    Well, it's been a very long time since I've last posted. April, actually. Anyway, I just started guitar lessons back in August, and today, I bought my first electric guitar! It's really nice. It's called the Reverend Jetstream HB.
  6. You can tell your brother that he doesn't stand a chance against me in Halo 3.
  7. Thank you Cleofan, for making the poll for me! oh and for Turakii: =D

  8. But you left out the fact that it's made by Microsoft and the RED RINGS O DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!! [not_flame]Red rings only happen if you forget to turn off the 360. And why does everybody hate Microsoft? Your Wii has motion sensor controls, yipee. But the games aren't for gamers, and the graphics are for 3 year olds. PS3's game selections is MSG4 and that's about. Grow up and start your gaming with the Xbox 360. Also, Konta, the Wii is only $250 if you get the version that comes with the Wii and a controller. The one that comes with the Wii, two controllers, Wii Sports and other free games costs a lot more than $350.[/not_flame]
  9. You're doomed until you can start eating bread without screaming bloody painful murder.
  10. Nothing is better than the Xbox 360. You've got the best graphics, the widest selection of games, the coolest look, plus, you get to show off how great you are to other people with your own personal gamerscore, gamercard, gamertag, game zone, etc. Plus, don't forget being able to download new maps, levels, vehicles, songs, etc. for just about any game you own. You can download fun game demos for free, too. Unlocking achievements makes you feel good. It's pretty cheap, and I believe has sold more units than the Wii. Also, most games can be played in HD, up to 1080p or 1080i. You can also download HD movies and trailers... It's too much fun. You can discover the rest for yourself, Traku. Also, the Xbox 360 that comes with an HD-DVD player comes packaged with King Kong (2005, HD) as well as the FREE games Forza Motorsport 2 and Marvel Untimate Alliance, neither of which are very exciting, but at least they're free! I think I've made my point.
  11. Cleofan119

    Animation Test

    I can't wait! I really hope that this movie's plot is as fun as watching the movie. I also hope it's not TOO kiddish.
  12. I was playing a game to see if you would actually read it or not. You lose.
  13. *All Prepare for Nerdism* Adaptive Armor is, really, wherever the Nuva go, the armor that they are wearing will change to better fit the environment. That's why the Phantoka can fly, and the Mistika can do whatever it is that they can do. *No More Nerdism* I have now become obsessed with writing silly things that might make it into Turakii's quote blocks. Let's see if this one gets in.
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