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    STR: 8
    DEX: 12
    INT: 14
    WIS: 11
    CHA: 13
    CON: 9


    Perform(Act): 3
    Craft(Metalworks): 1
    Profession(Writer): 2
    Knowledge(Science): 4
    Knowledge(Mathematics): 3
    Knowledge(Language-English): 5
    Knowledge(History): 3
    Bluff: 2
    Charm: 3
    Spot: 1
    Appraise: 3


    Improved Initiative
    Two weapon wielding
    Improved Balance

    Racial Bonuses

    Russian-5% Frost Resistance
    German: +1 to Knowledge(Industry) and Craft(Metalworks)
    Viking: +1 to AC while Berserking

    Classes and Levels:
    Level 10 Student
    Level 3 Internet Boy
    Level 1 Inquisitor


    True Gentleman: +1 to Socialize with upper class citizens.
    Primary School
    Let Me Tell You About Homestuck: +3 to Socialize with nerds, +1 to Socialize with Cool Kids
    Techno-Literate: +4 to Gather Information when in possession of a computer.
    Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters: -2 to Craft(Art) but +3 to Socialize


    Hard of Hearing
    Social Piranha
    Fear(Praying Mantises)

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  1. I'm not interested in this RP anymore, so I'm going to drop out here. Probably won't be back in the group either.
  2. IC: "Thirteen seconds." Can said, taking another shot. "Colonel's going up, so is the Ambassador, Chastain, and Walker." Can said, taking another shot at a straggler on the edge of the melee. "You, me, Halik, and Harken will follow next, sir."
  3. IC: Can kicked the bag full of submachineguns and handguns towards Estelle and Daniels, then, seeing the brawl which had just started, gave up on trying to shoot them. Rather than try to get involved, Can rushed to the wall's new window and quickly slashed through all but one of the cables, figuring that cable might be a good escape route. "Computer, this is Skinter. Start all automated prep sequences on Walker's fighter. Get the teleporter recharged now, dump as much power as the coils can handle." He glanced at Estelle. "Once you're on the ship, we'll need you in the air." Can said, as he took a precisely timed shot at the head of an engi at the edge of the melee. "We're going to have to retrieve the crew, and odds are ten to one we'll need air support to do it."
  4. IC: Can pulled his pistol from his holster and his submachinegun from his back. "Halik!" He yelled over the din, tossing the submachinegun to the Vendarian ambassador; he'd noticed that she hadn't even brought a sword, so she was the least armed; better yet, he knew she had shock trooper training; giving her the gun made her significantly more deadly without putting anyone else's sword out of the equation. That out of the question, Can flipped the table and ducked behind it while barking orders to the computer. "Computer, teleport those guns I ordered to my location displaced one meter north. Then put all available power into a high-speed recharge and get ready to beam aboard the Ambassador, the majors, and Chastain."
  5. IC: Can ate sparingly, just enough to keep up appearances, and didn't drink anything but water; the first was to give him time to react without some sort of crustacean in his mouth. The second was because he had learned long ago not to mix alcohol and space, even on formal occasions. He picked up on the colonel's tapping halfway through, and put things together enough to realize she meant for Harken to hear it. Meanwhile, at the buffet, Zhanar had already found a higher-up engi and was talking business, at present discussing the price of scrap supermetal and whether it would be going up in the foreseeable future.
  6. IC: Can, still thinking along those lines, stepped over next to Harken. "How long does it take you to get your armor on?" He asked, gesturing to his wrist computer.
  7. IC: Can had come to the same conclusions that the weapons officer had, especially concerning the relatively unarmed state of his group. Thinking quickly, he realize an option he should have figured out beforehand, and pulled up his computers holographic display, tapping out a message. "Kestrel computer, this is Lieutenant Skinter. I want five submachineguns and ten magazines plus five pistols and fifteen loaded and ready to teleport asap. Acknowledge."
  8. IC: Can nodded in approval; his fighting had, so far, all been defensive, unless you counted the counterattacks in the Sahara. Attacking a hiveship, though, struck Can as foolhardy; he quickly formed a poor opinion of the man's former commander. But instead of trying to reply, Can kept focused on keeping track of where each person was; he had to, if he wanted to be able to react at a moment's notice.
  9. IC: Security for the local brass at a fancy dinner. Easily the worst mission Skinter had ever been on. Hours of waiting, ready for something to go wrong, which it inevitably would. A firefight with at least a dozen people to protect, with Can and Harken the most obvious targets. Meanwhile Can may well be expected to be social with the guests, might even get some embassy waitress flirting with him. Brilliant. Without comment, and after only a moment to pause to listen to Daniels and Estelle flirting, Can headed to his cabin; he had a dress uniform that needed ironing, he needed to shave freshly, and probably fix his hair.
  10. IC: "We do." Can interjected; he'd been silent and contemplative since entering the facility, and had kept to a shadowy part of the room since the engineer had arrived, in case a dramatic dash from the shadows was needed, before speaking into his microphone. "Colonel, Skinter here. We recovered a medical professional from cryo; says that we have a hallucinogenic agent operating on an unknown vector. He recommends getting everyone back on board for nanobot decon." Can paused. "We have one human and one injured engi, plus seven humans in cryotubes. We may need to set up the cargo bay as a quarantine zone."
  11. IC: Can hadn't been in command of such a small group in a while. His last field command, actually, had been in the Sahara, where he had commanded forces ranging from a regiment to half a brigade, as the warzone and shortage of officers dictated. Here, he had three people. One human, one mantis, one slug. Strangely, Can had come to trust Kelezagg; at least where the Mantis weren't concerned, she was obviously loyal enough, and had proven herself in combat. Wulf, Can had never seen in combat, but to the professional officer, he seemed unusual. Obviously very focused, but possibly too much. He reserved judgement for now. Souper was a mystery, as most slugs were. Friends with Ashley, that was a plus, and apparently in this for the sake of his-no, its- family. But still a mind reader, which made it dangerous. Can appreciated the irony of thinking that as he looked upwards, towards Ashley's fighter. Deciding to stop thinking about it for a moment, Can loaded a box magazine into the shotgun he'd pulled from the armory. When his revolver and sword had been lost on the pirate ship, he'd simply pulled replacements; fancy, personalized equipment was never his style, and he preferred not to get attached to weapons. The shotgun was dual-purpose; he may well need the extra firepower, and it was fairly likely they would have to break the lock on a door.
  12. IC: Can had never actually operated in a forest before. But the conditions were familiar enough, and Can approached it how he had urban warfare; while riding in the half track, he was watching the terrain for what might have been an ambush and memorizing landmarks on their path back to the ship. Just in case.
  13. IC: "Unlikely, ma'am." Zhanar said. "A failed business venture. I expected the Confederate outpost was the predecessor to a colony, and had intended to establish vacuum industries on that moon. If my agents acted according to procedure, there will be little left."
  14. IC; Zhanar checked with his hip-mounted computer's holodisplay for a moment, bringing up a small 3d projection of the solar system. "I own a supply cache on a moon of the fifth planet in the system, actually." Zhanar said, then seemingly hastily closed his display when he brought up a file on what he'd kept in that supply cache.
  15. The standard assault rifles are kinetic. Because we have yet to outsmart boolet. Specialists like the Boarding Team tend to use weapons that use a partially expended FTL crystal and set it off to ionize mass and turn it into plasma, or focus the energy release into a laser beam using a disposable lens. Plus all sorts of other stuff you can do.
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