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  1. Make that, check out V.3 every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for updates!

  2. Check out V.3 every Tuesday and Friday for a new comic!

  3. Just a slight change of plans!

    1. iPenguin


      Aren't we well past the 3 though :P

  4. V.3 will continue starting July 1st! I have many preparations to make.

  5. Got alot to prepare before I continue working on V.3 again... Man. Gotta get 50+ comics done in one summer.

  6. High school graduate as of 5/25/12.

  7. The Avengers. Best movie I've ever seen in a while.

    1. Mentha


      I agree it was great =)

  8. Dang. My laptop's hard drive has given up, so now my dad and I are in the process of recovering my stuff onto a new laptop he's giving me. This is going to take a while, and I really hope for the sake of my data this all goes well.

  9. If you noticed my sig going wonky at some point today... I blame BZP's new coding.

  10. Hey, comic forum readers, there are better comics out in the forum other than the over-posted hot topics... Try to be more aware!

  11. So I've been working on an entry for that new Comics Contest... Man, I need to update V.3 some time after I finish.

  12. Today's the fourth anniversary of ~V~, my comic series! I have a new comic ready, so if B-Shelf and Majhost don't come back up by tonight, I'll find another way to put it up.

  13. Very long weekend. Very unfortunate I couldn't get an Outliner comic done. :/ Atleast I do have another reimagined comic to release tomorrow... And then I still have V.3 to worry about. *sigh*

  14. New reimagined comic!

  15. New comic up in V.3!

  16. Could use some posts on the second Reimagining comic before I post the next one today. =P

  17. Could use some posts on the second Reimagining comic before I post the next one today. =P

  18. Well, I'm redoing my old comic series.

  19. Got something new coming next month.


  21. Merry Christmas Eve, everybody!

  22. Oh yeah. New V.3 comic up. Finally. And there will be another one up really soon.

  23. Eljay just reminded me of how long I've been making BZP comics... 6 years so far. Hm.

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    2. Zahaki




      Yeah I know, I wouldn't want you to leave without the comics done

    3. Mentha


      why do you want him to to leave?

    4. Zahaki


      I don't >.<

      I'm just abit crazy....

  24. Halo Anniversary's great. Happy Halo day everyone!

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