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  1. Everyone at one level or another is a hypocrite.
  2. It's okay but hard style will always be my favorite.
  3. That was a joke, you know Walt Disney and all. Btw I said crypto thats different then neo. I have no idea what you're trying to communicate there.
  4. or that I'd see things differently when I was older. I'm looking at some very old post of mine and I'm amazed at what a retard I was.
  5. Do you mean grammar wise? because yeah I have really awful grammar, it's something I'm trying to improve.
  6. Art is anything not required for survival.
  7. The first quote only implies that he was clever, if I was a hungry and I killed something I'd be pretty happy too, and preventing people from harming him is just as fair as people retaliating.I think you're taking the bear metaphor to literaly. How about Grendel is no more evil then a fox killing rabbits, it just happens that we're the rabbits and Grendel was th fox.
  8. Then we're thinking the exact same thing. I keep saying its a "Holy ###### this guys so awesome he goes off and fights monsters which act on animal instinct" story which it is. It's about a guy who goes off and kills a bunch of monsters it's not a christian parable with all the morals and character development that Kraggh is trying to inject into it. On horror stuff, Theres so many clichés and archetypes that it's almost impossible to avoid. I like horror, I enjoy reading it but it's a very formulated style now because theres only so many things that are scary. I'd suggest not worrying about it too much but constantly ask yourself "Have I read this before" and if it seems to similar consider re-writing it.
  9. Is that a space marine from starcraft? I swear that looks just like a spec marine.
  10. Thanks man, glad I was able to spook you a bit. I'm considoring writing more horror to get me in the mood for the season.
  11. I don't think you've actually read the real beowulf. The only motivation even hinted for Grendel was greed and revenge if that makes him evil Beowulf is just as bad because glory seeking is a form of greed. The conflict between Beowulf and Grendel's mother is even less defendable because she was attempting to take revenge for the death of her only son. The conflict between the Dragon and Beowulf is unjustifiable. If the slave didn't steal the dragons favorite cup we can assume he would have left them alone forever considering Beowulf was able to rule for 50 years and not have a single issue with him. But instead of giving back the stupid cup they decide to try to kill it in its sleep. These are not good people, they're all shades of gray. Everyones acting out of revenge or glory seeking. Stop trying to inject morals into a "HOLY ###### THIS GUY IS AWESOME" story. Grendel was no more evil then a bear looking for food and the mother and dragons actions were justified Who cares? He doesn't change that much between movies, comics, and TV shows. He's two dimensional at best. Then Hercules is not your hero, you like the whitewashed version thats childish, watered down, and acceptable for day time TV. Actually no you haven't this is the first time you mentioned To kill a mockingbird and Les miserables but thank you for showing me you have taste beyond cartoons created by cryogenically frozen crypto-facist. But anyway Les miserables is not meant for children and neither was to kill a mockingbird. No my problem is that you keep writing things in a matter of fact way "this is the only way to do it" kind of thing. So I argue with you over the benefit of writing in this style. Whats wrong with using these things as inspiration for your writing is that they only allow you to use childish themes and explore childish concepts in a manner appropriate for children. You can't have a book about drug use, gender issues, or poverty using such a simple outlook and frankly the only thing writing childishly is good for is writing for children. I'll give you that there is all inclusive media, but love in the time of cholera is for adults and Pokemon is for children. I'm starting to think people who cry at movies don't have anything worth crying over. You do have some kind of problem if all it takes to set you over on edge is a well executed scene and you should be kept away from revolutionary media. I would appreciate if you stopped mentioning god, godliness, and sin. I feel like you're trying to bait me into breaking the religions rules.
  12. Something thats marketed towards children is intended for children is childish. Yes they majority of BZPers have childish taste, thats why they're still on here.
  13. Heels are sexy because they force a girls pelvis to tilt so that her rear end and chest stick out. If you didn't realize that I'm guessing you're under 14
  14. Halo is mostly played by 11-19 year old boys so yeah its pretty much for children. I hate to break it to you but bionicle is for children. I've never met someone who cries at animated animal deaths. I think you're starting to take this personally but everything you mentioned is specifically marketed towards children.
  15. I don't think you're old enough to understand why high heels are sexy
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