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  1. thanks guys, its good to be back :)

  2. focusing on finishing year 12, so not much time for bionicle

  3. i'm not online often cause my lego has been confiscated

  4. i made it to the finals

  5. yeah, thanks, white and orange with axes

  6. yeah! i would love an moc in your style, an alternative for the huna is orange stars armour variation of the general grevious guy i made

  7. do you have tahu stars? and youre a fantastic mocer. way better at humanoids than me

  8. hey, would you be able to do a pbzp of me?

  9. in the pandora creature topic. where is youre topic?

  10. just make something you think would belong on pandora

  11. who did you have in mind?

  12. thanks for handling the situation in my starscream topic so maturely. its good to know there are people like you on this site

  13. my favorite dinosaur is dilophosaurus. only because pterosaurs arent tecnically dinosaurs

  14. check out my xenomorph topic

  15. i must congratulate you on your little pocket bionicles. ther are awesome!

  16. hey is that a mask in your sig? if so its awesome

  17. is ur avatar soundwaves head?

  18. where did you get your avatar, what kit?

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