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  1. hey guys, i'm looking to complete my slizer disk collection, i only need these two!
  2. Okotechno. Legendary guardian of Okoto. Rises from beneath the island once every thousand years to ridmit of all evil. Has not been witnessed since the demise of Ekimu the mask maker. Uses parts from all six toa, and has a flapping wing function
  3. i was also thinking maybe it could be post mutation Karzahni, i think he may have switched back when he migrated to spherus magna
  4. these are really great, i'll definately grab the elemental energy one, and if that mask of fusion wrapped around the head a little more i'd get that too. for sure i'll be getting the mask of sensory aptitude. i was the person that comissioned the other mask of sensory aptitude on shapeways, but i designed it to be the great mask of sensory aptitude, wheras i believe the one illustrated and therefore the one you made, to be the noble version, as the design is simpler and it is a smaller mask, just like the 2001 turaga.
  5. How much did you pay? $265 AUD. At least I got free shipping and a flower wagon though. darn... anyone in australia seen them in store?
  6. wow guys thank you i'm flattered to have made front page! when i set out to make this moc i made some guidelines. i wanted no paint to be used, no ccbs, and a great colour scheme. thats why i used the masks that i used, so i didnt have to paint. nothing looks worse on an moc than two slightly different shades of the same colour. also i had a distinct idea about the phisique, the model itself it hunched and not well... i dont know... muscled? this is compensated by strategically placed armour to make Karzahni look like a very physically imposing figure. the illustration in the bionicle atlas was my main inspiration, as well as some studies of that-one-cactus's artwork (which is where i got inspiration for the cape and horns being part of his head, not mask), so that's why i made him green and black with silver armour.
  7. yeah those smooth bits are supposed to be armour. pretty much if its silver or grey its armour
  8. entry name: Harrobax the fusion a being created by fusing many evil beings from alternate universes https://38.media.tumblr.com/be761d59a160e75b0949741afb6ade6f/tumblr_nfdxf4ZrF51sxjngho1_1280.jpg
  9. entry 6 entry name: ragnorr http://i123.photobucket.com/albums/o308/4450/dandezille/SAM_0994.jpg
  10. entry 5 entry name: naga http://i123.photobucket.com/albums/o308/4450/dandezille/SAM_1066.jpg
  11. entry 4 entry name: Gorok http://i123.photobucket.com/albums/o308/4450/dandezille/SAM_1049.jpg
  12. entry 3 Entry name: Temprill stealthy assasin robot http://fc05.deviantart.net/fs49/i/2009/218/d/7/Baterra_Moc_by_4450.jpg
  13. entry 2 Entry name: Shifter shifter is a shapeshifting criminal who most often took the form of his victims trusted friends http://fc01.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2013/050/4/a/triglax_by_4450-d5vh8le.jpg
  14. Projector, a being that can materialise an invisibility field around herself http://fc07.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2013/289/1/e/_projector__by_4450-d6qnrzy.jpg
  15. i've always wanted to build this guy. he has a custom Olisi and cape, has waist articulation, as well as my first ever double knee joint on an moc and the olisi up close what do you think?
  16. just thought you should see how the batons are stored as well
  17. Artei, toa of sonics. One of the few toa left from a distant island in the south of the MU. Originally there were six village fortresses, called Zille, on the island… But a devastatingly powerful group of radicals wiped out all but one, the Zille of sonics. De-Zille was saved from destruction due to its inaccessability, being on the island’s highest mountain (De-matoran like their peace and quiet), and housed refugees from all over the island. Artei was one of four (and a half) Toa that protected De-Zille, and as a toa of sonics, can control and absorb sound waves. Mask: great Miru, mask of levitation. Toa tools: two vibro batons, he can use to -channel his sonic power, -cut through anything by vibrating its molecules at a different frequency, -hooks on the hilt used to climb the walls of De-Zille. His armour is his greatest toa tool. Features a deep bass cannon in the chest, air displacement valve on his back, his shoulder armour can face forward to create precise blasts of white noise or, in conjuntion with his Great Miru, face back to be used as an air displacement jetpack. he also has an audio chip on his neck, reducing involuntary sensitivity to sound. He is now migrated to spherus magna, and goes by the name Tei-De-Zille, to honor the home he fought so hard to save
  18. Would you be willing to sell me 1 black great kakama 1 infected great hau 2 black great hau 1 red great pakari Edit: can I pay via PayPal?
  19. that sounds cool, i remade the sandstalker in 2009 with a tongue function, because i think it was supposed to be a frog
  20. would you sell these Blue MiruBlue KakamaBlue Pakari Red Pakari Red HauRed Kakama (x2)Brown Miru (x2)Brown HauBrown AkakuBrown PakariBlack Miru (x2)Black HauWhite MiruWhite Pakari (x2)Orange Hunaorange komauOrange RuruDark Grey Ruru Light Blue Rau Lime Green Mahiki for $30? i've not used paypal before but i've put on $50 Australian on my paypal, and i reckon it would cost about $20 postage from canada did you say?
  21. $8? maybe $10? also ive never used paypal before, how much would it cost to ship to australia?
  22. hey bzp i was wondering if anyone had any: orange nui-rama Kane-ra teal tarakava blue tarakava purple nui-jaga light blue nui-jaga and turaga whenua they would be willing to part with? in the middle of my quarter-life-crisis and i feel like hoarding childhood bionicles these are all on ebay but i'd prefer to buy from genuine bionicle fans who know their sets are going to a loving home
  23. a smaller subspecies of the kahu, this one is used for high altitude surveillance rather than interception.Boink i pretty much used the flapping wing gimmick from the upcoming hero factory villian "dragon bolt" and turned it on its side so when you push the bird's butt its wings extend. when you take pressure off the button the wings retract. i created a locking mechanism in the neck so if you push the button all the way the wings stay out.Link Link Link Link Edit: I had to link the images... if you could somehow get them to be within around 640x640 pixels and 100 kB, you can re-embed them. -Wind-
  24. i'm not sure what you're referring to, is it the thing she grabs wheatley with?
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