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    Not so long ago, I took up a challenge. A challenge to create the longest interest section in the history of BZPower. And for a while I had it. However this was an empty victory, because I had bumped up the count by putting down the lyrics to two eleven minute songs. Not good, right? So now I'm back, and I want to take up this challenge again. I'm looking at you, EW and Turakii. You two are going DOWN. YEAH!

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  1. I used to hit over a hundred posts a day a while a go, but that was only during one or two summers when there was nothing else to do
  2. Snoopy82


    Haha I thought I had tried to accept everyone, sorry But thank you four for welcoming me back.
  3. For 12th Doctor: Alan Cumming. That is all.
  4. I'm with Ryuujin here. I think I'm being blackmailed :/ Anyway, there was a topic a loooong time ago asking this same question and I got this PM from Screenguy: Completely unprovoked, and I had never spoken to him before. It was absurd.
  5. I googled "Bionicle" and this was the second or third thing that came up. I didn't lurk at all, I joined up right away.
  6. Wow, that's a really impressive trip. I wish I could do something like that, but it's way to hard to take all that time away, especially for my parents. And lol about the $100, I once used a ten that was printed in 1995 at a 7/11 and it looked so different that the guy held me up for ten minutes making sure I wasn't trying to pull anything fast by him.
  7. My first thought on seeing the topic title was the Makuta, as a species in general. Obviously, controlling all of the powers that they did, they could have probably mopped the floor with the Toa, whether in 2001, 2003, or 2008. But, since this is a kids toy line that couldn't happen obviously So, looking at the "villain of the year" types, I would go with the Bohrok-Kal. Rahi were just filler while the Toa got it together. The Bohrok had mass numbers, but weren't especially powerful and even Matoran could take them out. 2004-2005 are out, given that the villains were either eh like the Visorak, or we never say their true potential like Roodaka. The Piraka and Barakki were cool but kinda powerless, and the Makuta were problematic for what I just said. So, the Bohrok-Kal. IIRC they pretty much decimated the Toa (third book, right?) and were defeated with what pretty much amounted to a Deus-ex machina (a really cool one however ) so I'd go with them.
  8. Snoopy82


    Hello everyone! I know it's been a million and a half years since I've been around here, but unfortunately I was dealing with some real-life-things so BZP took a backseat for a while. Thankfully, now all that has mostly passed over and school is done so I have literally nothing to do. So, I have decided to be active more. I don't know how many--if anyone--will remember me but hopefully I can make a positive impact while I'm back. I was going to make a post a while ago, saying I was sorry I was gone, but for a while I thought it was fitting that my last blog post was the last chapter of my last epic. That said, I looked it over before I started writing this. Whatever that is, unfortunately the BZ-Metru Story is complete garbage. Whoever wrote it should be ashamed of themselves! ...Ehehe well anyway to that end I really do not like what I have gone out on and because of that I have decided to go out in one last blaze of glory. Well, when I say go out I mean that presumptuously--I head out to college September 22, and I don't foresee much free time for BZP after that unfortunately :/ I'm going to a rather rigorous school so I doubt I could fit it in with all the other stuff I plan on getting involved in. But who knows, hopefully I can still be a little active after that! So, tonight, June 13 (well, it turned over into the 14th while I was typing), I have started writing one last epic. It is not going to be an action-centered story like the BZ-Metru Story was. Obviously there will still be action--and I anticipate lots of it--but I hope to make it much more focused on the characters and specifically the relationship between a core group. I hope to use this blog for (among just everyday thoughts and updates) the creation of that epic. I know what I want the setting to be, I know where I want it to start, and I know where I want it to end. I don't know how to get there quite yet. My goal is to have this thing be MAX twenty chapters, roughly 2000 to 3000 words each--even more. 10-12 longer chapters would be much more preferred. I intend to start posting July 14th and post one chapter each Sunday from then until I'm done (obviously I'll adjust as needed). So, for anyone who's made it this far, I ask one question to get things rolling: let's say you're on Mata-Nui. You have the original six Turaga: Vakama, Nuju, Whenua, Nokama, Onewa, and Matau (I'm proud of myself, I remembered 4 of 6 ). Which one is you're least favorite? Which one would you least like to have as a leader? Thanks, and makes sure to leave any comments, suggestions for the epic, or general thoughts in the comments.

  10. Good god man, are you in college?

    1. Velox


      Haha, yep! Crazy, isn't it? I still sometimes can't believe it myself. But dude, how've you been?! You should stick around here more!

  11. Happy birthday, if it actually is.

  12. Ignition--a wonderful story that fully deserves to win. I read a number of others beside these 5 and I believe it is one of the best by far.
  13. Just got back from a weekend trip; I'll take TONTOS' and iBrow's tomorrow.
  14. Snoopy82


    Ahaha, yeah, the bane of writers everywhere--I can't count how many times I've written something, said "oh look how long this is," and posted it, only to see how miserably short it is.
  15. This deserves line-by-line... good work, but needs some improvement. See below for suggestions. A few notes--good, but you need some work. Watch your grammar/phrasing, use more description and atmospheric device, and as I said space between paragraphs. Good for an early attempt, but work on it some more.
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