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  1. IC: Skorm, Ripple Another hit rocked the ship, and Skorm grabbed the railings to avoid falling over. Even through the howling of the night wind outside the airship, he could hear the commotion from inside. "They've boarded us!" he shouted. "We need to take these down. He saw Mazor loading a second kanoka, a weakening disc from its markings. He turned to the Vo-Toa beside him. "Varxii, Mazor's disc will weaken the structure of that airship. If we hit it together, we might be able to knock it out of the sky!" Skorm planted his his feet apart and raised his hands together. His hands glowed, shining like unrefined lightstone. The toa of twilight grunted as he focused the energy, putting his hands together. Power is nothing without focus; Will is meaningless without direction. Focus. Only his left hand shone now; Skorm held it up, and the light directed itself to pinpricks emanating from his fingers. He slowly closed his hand until only his pointer finger remained, and pointed it at the ship. Willing it to life, the laser shone bright red, painting a spot on the hull. He now widened the beam, making the spot visible to his allies. Whispy clouds made the laser visible. "At the moment of impact," he said, loudly but calmly, "fire at that spot. Mazor, I hope you have good aim."
  2. IC: Skorm (Silver Sea, League Airship) As the airship first rocked, Skorm almost lost his footing, but he held the railing as the ship righted itself. Wonderful. As he finished listening to the captain's report, Skorm quickly scanned the damage. The member of Ehlek's tribe was already on the contents of whatever hit the deck, and Varxii was headed for the rear of the ship. Skorm elected to follow her. Outside, the rushing, cool night air sent a chill through Skorm's body. He was just in time to see the Vo-Toa blast a bolt of lightning into the darkness. "Well," Skorm muttered as he joined her in gripping the railing, "Now they know we have can throw lightning at them." He focused, bringing forth his command over Shadow. Narrowing his eyes, Skorm focused. I am of the Light. I am of the Shadow. Darkness hides nothing from me. Skorm peered out into the night, sensing the darkness and everything in it.
  3. IC: Skorm, Silver Sea (League Airship) As the last of the League team boarded the airship, there was a deep vibration as the vessel left the ground. Skorm noted that despite being a merchantman airship, some of the cargo space had been retrofitted with a variety of seats of different sizes, likely for turbulence. The main cargo area was empty; Skorm suspected partly for maximum potential haul from the Nynrah ship, partly for speed and maneuvering. It was a small crew of five, two vortixx and three of Carapar's tribe. A weathered vortixx helmed the ship, looking like he belonged more driving a sailing ship than a flying one. The captain pulled a speaker from his console, "Cruising speed reached. We should arrive in about an hour." Skorm turned from the cockpit and looked over the interior of the airship. It was open for the most part; the few places where any corridors lay against the bulkheads had been built to accommodate someone of Vortixx stature; none of their party were cramped. The Twi-Toa noted this had probably been an independant Xian merchant vessel before it had been pressed into service. Skorm found himself leaning against some railing around the cargo area, staring up at the transparent canopy.
  4. IC: Skorm, Silver Sea, League Territory As they all boarded the airship, Skorm smiled. "Aksa," he said, his voice filled with the mocking warmth of a middle manager, "you must be looking forward to finding Nynrah technology to tinker with. Maybe you'll find a leg to match your arm." The Twi-Toa looked out onto the sea, dropping his sarcasm. "Truth be told, I'm glad we're taking someone with technical expertise. Foul play or not, I fully believe the Nynrah technology has to be guarded behind some security measures."
  5. IC: Skorm, Silver Sea "It is true, there are many Toa that fail to see the light of Mata Nui's will. I wish we did not have to fight, but the Universe as it is, such things are necessary." Is it? Is it really, though? Skorm scowled as he pushed the intrusive thought aside. He had heard of this toa's traumatic recruitment; her strength was admirable, but the extent of her loyalty was somewhat unknown. He looked at the warriors that had been gathered for this mission. Of note were a Zyglak and a corpselike creature he had seen a few times before. The first term that came to Skorm's mind to describe this force would be 'motley', though he decided that 'diverse' would be a more positive term. Behind Skorm and Varxii, the ramp to the airship lowered, and some of the lower warriors made their way into the converted merchant vessel. Their mission awaited them. Skorm's face shone in a satisfied smile. "But the time for philosophizing is over for now. We have a mission; it is time to perform our duty to the League of Six Kingdoms." Melodramatic, much? Skorm nodded at Varxii and turned to board the airship himself. OOC: Airship to League mission, now boarding!
  6. I was going to either make a Dark Hunter or Matoran soldier at some point.
  7. IC: Skorm, Silver Sea "Mistakes, yes, but I don't expect them to make errors." Skorm sighed. "Something else is at play, I think. But it is our duty to investigate the wreck, and so we shall." The Twi-Toa finished tinkering with his gauntlet and looked the Vo-Toa up and down. "... Varxii, am I correct?" Skorm's duties required keeping tabs on any toa in the armies of the League. He recalled that the Vo-Toa had initially resisted the League of Six, but had proven herself loyal. An impressive fighter, at the very least. Useful to have on their side if his suspicions about the wreck held true. "My name is Skorm. I am sworn to Lord Takadox, but I serve the League as a whole."
  8. IC: Skorm, Silver Sea Sometimes, Skorm gave thanks to Mata Nui that he had not been gifted a kanohi that enhanced sight. The Twi-Toa opened his eyes, and beheld the Silver Sea in front of him. He didn't see the world the same way most, if not all, of his comrades did. Looking out onto the reflective protodermis, he could see how the light of the setting suns were distorted, bent, deflected. Not that the dark was any less full of information, but when Skorm closed his eyes, his own personal darkness enveloped his sight, and he could remain at peace. Skorm sighed. Tonight was not a night for peace, though. He glanced again at the shore, this time glimpsing his reflection. That's me? It was the usual reaction. He kicked at the reflection, scattering it before turning away. The toa shrugged off the hood of his tabard as he strode towards the group of warriors. He tested the mechanisms on his wristblades; his right blade stuck slightly on retraction, and Skorm twisted one of the gears built into his gauntlets. "Is it just me," he said, "Or does something strike me as fishy about a Nynrah ship going down?" OOC: Skorm up for interaction with Leaguers.
  9. Alrighty, here we go. Name: Skorm Species: Twi-Toa Faction: League of Six Brief Description: Skorm is slightly short for a toa and of average build. His armor has black and white components, but is largely different shades of gray. He wears a gray hooded tabard. As Sko and Orm, his colors shift lighter and darker, respectively; Sko gains golden components and Orm gains red components on their armor. He wears a rare, if not unique, kanohi called the Occan, a round, smooth mask that does little to soften Skorm's habitual frown. Background/Occupation: Skorm himself knows little of his history. He simply showed up in the service of Barraki Takadox; few save the Barraki themselves know how a Toa of Twilight came to be in their service. There are theories among both the forces of Metru Nui that have witnessed him, and among the Barraki's armies, that he is a twisted experiment by the Brotherhood of Makuta, a fallen toa, or a shapeshifter masquerading as a toa. For his part, Skorm is loyal to the League of Six Kingdoms, assured of their divine right to rule. He currently acts as an enforcer of the Barraki's will, particularly that of Takadox. Flaws: Physically, Skorm's fighting style is focused on short-ranged power and control; he lacks the reach of longer weapons, and extended combat can take its toll, something his opposed powers and mask contribute to. Skorm might be outwardly confident, but doubt constantly weighs on his mind. Sko and Orm, when separated, often exhibit opposed philosophies, and they have before come to blows over differing opinions. Skorm's mysterious past is a blade hanging over his head, however. However sure of his actions he may be, he craves to know who he truly is, regardless of his satisfaction in his current role. He is also slightly vulnerable to mental manipulation, as a result of repeated reinforcement sessions with Takadox. Powers: As a Toa of Twilight, Skorm possesses limited control over both elemental Light and Shadow energies. He can manipulate physical light and shadow, including laser and shadow blasts. He does not possess the capability to use high-power manifestations of either element, such as hardlight, transforming and travelling at the speed of light, or affecting someone's mental state. He can sense to a degree if elemental light or shadow has been used to render someone calm or aggressive, but his control over this aspect of his power is vague. He is also able to hide himself from sight by bending light or shadow around himself. Skorm has a limited ability to meld with shadow to use darkness to travel, but he can only sustain this form for short bursts; it takes focus to begin or end the meld without losing too much energy, and he is incapable of using it without time to recover and refocus. Equipment: Skorm possesses a rare, if not unique, Kanohi called the Occan. Activating it splits Skorm into two beings, each one capable of using one of his component elements. Thus bifurcated, these beings go by Sko (Light) and Orm (Shadow). They also have a changed personality; Sko is more passive and diplomatic, while Orm is more aggressive and cunning. When separated, each being will tire at twice the rate that Skorm would normally tire, and Skorm will retain any wounds either suffers when rejoining, which the pair must physically touch each other to do. Skorm is also equipped with a pair of retractable wristblades, and is very proficient in their use as a martial art.
  10. "I did not mean to interrupt." Wrap-up post for the Kalta, CW for dysphoria and self-harm. I want to thank everybody I've played with during the arc for making Mata Nui and Kentoku interesting places to write in.
  11. OOC: CW - Dysphoria, Self-Harm IC: Ihu-Koro Aelied could hear voices coming from inside the hut where he had laid Soraph, as well as Cyrix, who was asleep. The elder Bo-Toa ducked inside and found Casanuva, kneeling beside Soraph's cot, and Kalyss was pacing back and forth in front of him. Both ceased their discussion. "Pardon me, I did not wish to interrupt." Kalyss slightly bowed. "Master Aelied, you didn't interrupt anything. Cas and I were breaking down what happened in Ko-Koro." Without him? Not a cause for alarm, but a sign of independence nonetheless. Aelied inhaled and stood up as far as the hut allowed. "That was something I wished to discuss as well. I believe enough time has passed. Tell me, Casanuva, how do you think this outing went?" Kalyss began to interject before Aelied raised a finger to silence her. Casanuva glanced between the two before speaking. "... Well, we rescued Soraph and Skorm. I think at the end there we did the best we could. There was a lot of information we didn't know." Casanuva punctuated his point by cocking his head at Cyrix, knocked out by anesthetics. Aelied nodded. "And Kalyss, what is your report?" The Su-Toa took a deep breath and sighed. "It was a major cluster. Soraph ran off to meet with a contact that turned out to be Legacy, and got herself... like this. Skorm ignored protocols, and we didn't know there was another Kalta in the Koro in the first place." "Yeah, can we talk about that?" Casanuva frowned and crossed his arms. "The whole Cyrix thing?" Aelied sighed. It was true, by being conservative with his assets he had endangered them. Not to mention trusting an outsider. "You're right. I should not have kept his existence a secret, and I should have brought Soraph's plan to greater attention. Our time apart has impacted our Unity; all of us." Aelied closed his eyes for a moment of reflection. He had mulled over this issue in his mind for the last few hours, and had made up his mind. "I shall remedy that. Command code Kalta. Authorization: Aelied." The two toa froze. Casanuva slowly slumped over, while Kalyss's neck twitched. The both of them stretched, as if they had been confined for a very long time. In a few silent moments, Casanuva and Kalyss were no longer in the room, and were replaced by two different toa in their bodies. Casanuva's body rolled back first. Merceon had always been one of the more stable ones, Aelied reflected. Merceon sniffed, looking around, and settled back into a sitting position. Kalyss's body knew no such peace. Shialo flexed and winced, a look of pain and disgust coloring his mask. If Aelied had had a choice in which personalities were implanted in whom, he probably would have chosen a male toa; Shialo hated being in someone else's body, let alone Kalyss's body. "Well," Aelied stated once he was sure both were probably listening to him, "the one benefit to come from this is that the Kalta are whole again, finally. Unfortunately, I have grave news; while Skorm has returned to the fold, Nuhros I'm afraid is gone." Merceon furrowed his brow. "How... how can that happen? Skorm is still alive, isn't he?" Aelied shook his head. "I believe it occurred when he was healed of his antidermis infection. It must have taken the other personality and programming as well." The Fa-Toa grimaced. "I can't believe he's that weak. It never would have happened-" "Of course it would have happened!" Aelied snapped. "He was alone! It could have happened to any of you!" A shuddering sigh came from Shialo. "What would you have us do, Aelied? Get on with it." The Bo-Toa tapped his staff onto the hard ground. If worded wrong or too strong, a new precept would fracture Kalyss and Casanuva's psyches. Otherwise, it could be confusing or cause alienation. "Kalyss and Casanuva are vital members of the Kalta; Kalyss as the deputy leader, and Casanuva as a strong personality. Given recent events..." Aelied glanced at the Dasaka on the floor. "Your interpersonal relationships must be kept under control." Aelied noticed that Merceon had begun stroking Soraph's head. Was Casanuva's infatuation bleeding over into Merceon? The Fa-Toa also stared at him with an intensity he did not usually detect in the personality, normally aloof and direct. "Casanuva must keep his mind on the team first. This... relationship may be of benefit to the Mission, but it has to be kept in check. The team comes first. Is that understood, Merceon?" Nodding, Merceon's frown lifted slightly. "Understood. I'll keep his head in the game." Satisfied, Aelied turned to Shialo, who was becoming increasingly agitated. "Shialo, Kalyss's duties as the deputy leader are even more important now that all seven members of the Toa Kalta are united. She must step up; while I am still the official leader, Kalyss must become more than a shot-caller in the field. She must take a public-facing leadership posture." The Su-Toa didn't look at Aelied. Shialo's fingers were digging into his arms; Aelied spotted a rivulet of blood. "Get a hold of yourself!" He abruptly stopped, and nodded. "I understand. Become the leader." "A leader." Aelied smiled. "I'm not ready for retirement yet. Kalyss should seek to take on more leadership responsibilities for the Kalta, but ultimately will defer to me. Am I clear?" Shialo exhaled loudly. "Yes sir." Aelied took a last look at the two. He was proud of his team, but could not help but sense the desperation. These were the tools he had been made to wield. Pale, dysfunctional echoes of his past glory. He cleared his throat. "That will be all. Authorization: Aelied, end command." In several moments, Kalyss and Casanuva were back. Their demeanor betrayed no hint of the past few minutes. Kalyss winced and grabbed her arm. "Ow! What the Karz...? Aelied strode towards her. "Is something wrong?" "I think I cut myself or something." The Bo-Toa took a look at Kalyss's bleeding arm, grunting in thought. "Well, whatever happened, you're in the right place. Casanuva, hand me those bandages. Kalyss, why don't you give me your report on Ko-Koro? It will be good to put this matter to rest as we look towards the future."
  12. IC: Kentoku, Sado Fursic Sydelia thought her life would have become easier once her cousin and ex-clanmate was arrested. Before, she had been assigned by Clan Fursic to a quiet post in the capital, with the simple instructions to keep her head down, serve with the imperial healers, and pass on relevant information every once in a while. But then Relisai had decided to fly the coop, and her forlorn cousins had gotten involved. Now, orders had come down from Fursic leadership, perhaps even Toroshu Nera herself, to keep eyes and ears out on the Mashtet remnants. Report back. But that had been before the silence from Kozu. Now, she wove through the market, following Datsue Somei buying small tools and supplies. She had seen her going through similar tools, back on Hanaloi. She was getting ready to fix some carvings; not just refurbish them, but maybe even make a new one. Sydelia thought back to her adolescence on Hanaloi, the endless drilling to drive forth the Mindarm talent that, according to Aunt Kaetyo, surely existed within her. Her failure to become a Mashtet Carver had been chalked up to "too much Taajar blood". And Askha had wondered why Sydelia had broken her carving and knife to join the Fursics. Ahead, Somei had stopped. The crowd had thinned; they were almost alone. Sydelia realized that there was no way she had been unnoticed. "Fursic Sydelia," the Datsue stated. It was a matter-of-fact tone, containing none of the acid that Sydelia had expected. "Mashtet Somei. I see you've taken up carving again." The Datsue stood unmoving, still facing away. "Yes, I have. I will not be alive forever, and Askha resembles her mother too much. If she is to carry on the Mashtet legacy, it will not be as an artist." Sydelia snorted. "Askha will lead your band of survivors the way her mother did, and there will be nothing left this time." Somei was silent for a moment. "How has Sado living been treating you, Sydelia?" The Menti rocked back on her heels, uncomfortable at the change of topic. "Well enough. I eat, I sleep, I grow herbs, splice them, and when I'm bored I eat them. A third of the courtiers don't talk to me because I'm Fursic, another third don't because I used to be Mashtet, and half of those that are left just don't talk to me. Lots of fun." "I'm sorry to hear that." Somei's voice was soft. "You know, regardless of what Askha said, it's not too late. You can still come back." Sydelia forced herself to turn, leaning on the wall. "I couldn't, even if I wanted to. What's done is done. I... I should go." "You don't have to, you know that." Sydelia breathed in, her cheeks hot. "I do. Goodbye, mother." Somei watched her daughter leave, again. It had been the first time she had seen her since the meeting of survivors after the Mashtet disappeared. The datsue dropped her Sighteye, which had made it appear she was facing away. She couldn't do it, she couldn't bear to face the young dasaka she had so utterly failed and look her in the eye. "Goodbye Sydelia," she whispered, adding "may your road take you back to our home." A Taajar saying for wishing good luck to their travelling daughters. The Mashtet wiped tears from under her mask, and continued back to the apartment she shared with her niece.
  13. This is the first time during my experience with the BZPRPG I've seen the end of an arc, and I am both glad to be here to see it and immensely grateful to our overlords our wonderful GMs. Here's to the next one, people.
  14. OOC: Just, uh, pretend the Kalta and co were doing this while everyone was escaping Ko-Koro. Ghost gave me permission to use Dakte in a light role. Transplanted from Ko. IC: Casanuva glanced at the giant patero launcher. :I need that.: The Fa-Toa needn't say more, the threads of his plan had already seeded among the other members of the mindlink. Kalyss began directed plasma into a cutting torch, and started at half of its base. Along the other half, Dakte activated his soulsword. Casanuva grasped the artillery and lifted, his Pakari glowing. With a shuddering tear, he tore the patero out of its mooring on the wall. Heaving it over his shoulder, he pointed it at the oncoming force of Legacy guards. The warriors weren't stupid; most slid to a halt and dove for cover, those that couldn't find any leaping off the wall. Casanuva didn't blame them, he'd risk a fall rather than be blasted to pieces. But he didn't aim at any of them, rather, he aimed at the guardtower between the guards and the Kalta. "Fire!" Zueya leaped up and slapped the trigger, firing the cannon. The recoil caused Casanuva to stumble back, and beyond them, the guard tower crumbled as one of its corners was reduced to rubble. Behind them, the other force of guards were nearly upon them, and shots of energy and projectiles were whizzing by them. Casanuva turned and heaved the patero launcher at the oncoming group, disrupting the charge. Fyura and Zueya took advantage, and vaulted the heap of metal. There is a running battle on the streets below, and at the walls towards the gatehouse. We need to get there.: Zueya counted a hostile Vo-Toa, while Vakua directed a wide band of focused sonic energy, knocking a swathe through the Legacy forces. Kalyss charged forward and immediately locked arms with a brawny lesterin. Fyura shouted as she exerting every muscle in her body and pushed him aside into a swipe of Casanuva's longsword. She noticed the spare sword on his belt, and sent him a thought. The Fa-Toa locked blades with a skakdi, who grinned as he pulled out a buzzing, chattering box with his free hand. That didn't sound good; the Fa-Toa elected to direct a blast of magnetism that knocked the skakdi off the wall. He allowed himself to catch a breath before tossing her the arming sword on his belt "Don't melt it, okay?" Kalyss just smirked at him. He really hoped she didn't melt it. The Legacy group fell back shortly after; turns out the battle had been going from both sides. Zueya squinted at one of the figures on the ground, and her eyes went wide. :Skorm! Skorm's on the ground!: She ignored the rest of the team's thoughts on the matter, and dove off the wall "SKORM!" The Ba-Toa beneath her looked up in surprise, and raised his hand, slowing her descent into his arms. "How'd you know I would catch you?" he asked, clearly weary. "I had a feeling, is all." Zueya smiled. Behind them, the rest of the Kalta descended the wall, one way or another. "Skorm," Casanuva said, "What's the status on Soraph? Where is she?" "Ihu-Koro, hopefully. She was tricked, and attacked. Some sort of parasite, she's alive, but comatose. Cyrix is wounded." Kalyss frowned. "Who the karz is Cyrix?" Skorm shook his head. "Doesn't matter right now. That," he pointed his finger at the massing forces at the Ko-Koro gate, "does. Between you, Kale, and the bombings, I think most of the patero artillery are offline, but we're still retreating across a killing field." Kalyss looked the gate over. She nodded once. They'd formulated this plan, but never tried it before. "How about Plan Sunshine to collapse the gate?" Casanuva raised his head. "Here?" Cas asked, a look of wary nervousness in his eyes. The Su-Toa nodded. "Here. Ready?" Skorm sighed; he'd burned up a lot of power already. "I'm ready." Plan Sunshine was one of the cooperative techniques the Kalta had thought up during their training. There were a few others; Dynamo involved Casanuva tossing Zueya into the air while she shot electricity in all directions, Thunderbolt had Zueya firing a bolt of lighting, while Kalyss redirected the ionized air and Vakua amplified the thunder that accompanied the bolt, and Glorious Leader was one coined by Casanuva that involved shooting Kalyss as a magnetically assisted projectile as a last-ditch effort. Sunshine involved Skorm, Zueya, Casanuva, and Kalyss all working in tandem. Skorm began first, focusing on a point in space, warping gravity around it like an object of mass. Fyura followed by pouring as much plasma as possible into the vortex. As the plasma swirled around the point in space, Zueya aimed her staff at the growing globe, firing lighting into the mass. As more power flowed into the sphere it grew both larger and brighter. This is when Casanuva stepped in. Holding Ferrite with two hands, one on the grip and one midway of the blade, he channeled elemental power, using the sword to focus. He magnetically contained the sphere, which had reached about fifteen feet in diameter. Skorm had let himself flow into Vakua's mental link. As the point holding the construction together, he had to initiate the next part. :Now!: He both shouted and transmitted this command, and as one, the four toa pushed what looked like a miniature sun into the gate. Dark figures scattered as the orb hit the ground, taking out a large portion of the gate, which collapsed in on itself. The four Kalta ceased concentrating as the manifestation was beyond their reach, and there was a massive explosion as the energized plasma ceased to be bound by either a magnetic field or a center. Heaving, Skorm, collapsed. Zueya and Casanuva lifted him up by the shoulders (somehow, despite their disparate heights, they made it work), and the Kalta beat their retreat to Ihu-Koro. By the end of the day, lovers had been reunited. Family was whole again. And Aelied felt it was finally time to advance The Plan. OOC: I'll have more wrapup posts on my other characters later, and perhaps one dealing with certain relationships, but I'm considering this action over.
  15. IC: "With all due respect, my clan disappeared years before Yusanora's death. The Fursics are doing something; they're always doing something. Clan Mashtet served as Clan Umbraline's eyes of Kozu. I blame Clan Fursic for many things, but my clan vanishing off the face of Kentoku is not one of them." Her voice wavered even as it rose. "I was there on Hanaloi, there was no battle, no blood, nothing! Everyone was gone! I have spent every day of my life since then thinking, what did this? I did blame them for a long time. Despair filled my mind, then revenge. Then survival." Somei glanced at Askha, who was winding herself down. "It is true, the disappearance of our clan preceded the current troubles, but connecting them is fruitless without more evidence. Toroshu, your further assistance will be graciously accepted, and I shall go with Askha's proposal, she has more mind for business than I. Unless there is further business, I would like to retire for the evening; Askha and I have had a long day, and we don't want to take up any more of your time." The Datsue took a last sip of her tea and bowed her head. "Thank you again, Toroshu Morie. I will strive to restore your carvings to the original splendor." Somei got up and left for door. Closing her eyes, Ashka took a centering breath, and bowed. "Have a good evening, Toroshu. I will contact you when we have need for ships and your escort." She tried to hide her frown as she turned; Plangori Morie reminded her entirely too much of her own mother. Outside, the two Mashtet walked in the waning sunlight. Askha was silent. Somei put a hand on her niece's arm. "Askha... you can't lose control like that. Plangori Morie was patient, but others would have your thrown out or worse." Somei paused when the Menti began to sob. "I..." Askha's shoulders shuddered and her voice cracked. "I don't want to go back. I can't go back there alone. Not again." Somei glanced around, and held Askha, activating her Sighteye. Illusory copies of the two Mashtet continued walking before disappearing down an alley, while leaving the true Askha and Somei invisible and muted. The Datsue held Askha's hands and looked into her tearful green eyes. "You're not alone. I will be with you." Askha exhaled, still suppressing her sobs. "If we're going back to Hanaloi, I don't think you can be with me always." It was a quiet walk back to their apartment.
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