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  1. Any update on the return of proto/spinnies/post count? Or any of the flair that was displayed for that matter. Also, I think a user above mentioned that it might be difficult for some with mis-matching (old) usernames and display names logging in. It took me to finding this post to realize I had to change my saved login info.
  2. Zelda Breath of The Wild. Haven’t even gotten to the bulk of the story. I’m loving it.
  3. 1/5, your name is oddly familiar but can’t put a finger on it.
  4. Hey all - looks like the last Runescape topic we had has been long gone, so I have initiated a new one. This is for all discussion related to OSRS and RS3. We do have a BZP chat group for in-game discussion. My Runescape name is "Takka" (formerly known as Tic Takk). Feel free to message me in game or join the official chat. So, without further ado, Menaphos is the newest and biggest update in a long time - I haven't quite made it there yet, busy doing other things (consistent quest for quest cape and 99 slayer).
  5. 0/5, unfortunately not sure if I've ever seen you around.
  6. 0/5 I was absent for ~4 years, so looks like we wouldn't have crossed paths by the looks of your join date.
  7. 2/5 can appreciate the music aspect, not a fan of the lyrics or last ~2 mins, but I am a little biased as its just not my genre preference. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eTLTXDHrgtw
  8. 5/5 Oh my, you closed our Runescape topic years ago because of how out of hand it got. I remember you so well! Which is weird, because I literally just was reading back on messages and found the message you sent me explaining why... Small world haha
  9. 2/5 I vaguely remember you from back in the day!
  10. ^for what it's worth, I definitely remember you from back in the day. Back again after quite the lengthy departure from BZP. Always love peeking around again, quite the nostalgic kick. I was primarily involved in CoT, specifically the Runescape group here. Few of us still play that old game. Also was into the MOC contests. And fun fact, I own every single Bionicle from 2001-End. I do not own the new reboots. That was sort of my claim to fame. Good to be back.
  11. Really wishing I still had my sets with me. Currently in storage. Woukd really like to catch up on new sets as well.
  12. This may sound stupid, but I must have missed something. Did Bionicle get cancelled again?
  13. So how reliable is the rumor that Bionicle returns?
  14. Ha, my last post in this topic was quite a while back. But Spencer did say that if "in this universe where H2:A does exist, the multiplayer would have to be flawless" or something of the sort. I have no doubt that we are seeing a Halo 2: Anniversary this year. Halo 2 was arguably more influential in terms of sales and pure gameplay than the original Halo: CE (I'm talking implementation of XBL and LAN), so I have no doubt Microsoft would honor their flagship franchise game, which was first to XBL of the series, to be first on the Xbox One. My question is whether or not they release Halo Xbox One/5 as well. I personally have my doubts. I think Halo 5 will be early/mid 2015. All they've said is that there will be a Halo game for the Xbox One in 2014. Just my two cents.
  15. Truly think both Halo 5 (or Halo Xbox One) and Halo 2 Anniversary will both come out within the year? Was contemplating whether or not they would do this, and I suppose they did something similar with Reach/Halo: CE Anniversary.
  16. There were though. Graphically. Unless you don't play on full graphics, then you won't notice anything. I'm going to start soloing bandos to gain some cash so I can skill enough to finish important quests, and then...Kalphite King teams?? Anyone?? Lesdoit!But really a group of 4 of us maybe getting 112M drop? Not bad.
  17. Runescape thread 5, you guys know the deal. Discuss all Runescape related topics. Runescape 3 is out today... It is the most confusing update (considering I haven't been on in a year...) Thoughts?
  18. Runescape 3, brahs. I actually logged on, too. So yeah. Log on. *cough* law,kard,kay *cough*
  19. So what, am I the only one not playing anymore?
  20. Interesting. I notice some things there from hints Bungie has dropped over the years. Also fun to note that this games first in the series, and Halo 5 will be for the "Xbox 720". I look much forward to that.
  21. whaaaat is this madness? I will log on tonight. Also; do you want your Bandos back? I feel like a terrible person.
  22. dual weilding!? on what?? im on my work computer so i cant access the site.
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