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  1. I've gotten literally hundreds of things since I last posted here but the 5 most recent are Algleymi by Misþyrmings/t by AcathexisHordaland doedskvad by TaakeLitourgiya by BatushkaTerra Inanis by Somnium Nox
  2. missed opportunity to title it "down with the wickness"
  3. never forget the thousands who died that day, the millions of innocents who were killed in a war over an act they did not commit, and all of those who have been targeted in hate crimes because of their religion or the color of their skin ever since.
  4. 2/5 - further cementing my opinion that the last two White Zombie albums and Rob's first two solo albums are the only good things he's ever been involved with
  5. "The Bones of Baby Dolls" - Acid Bath
  6. that's the most pretentious thing I've read all week congrats
  7. whoa when did you start listening to good music I've bought a ton of stuff since my last post but since I'm too lazy I'll just say the most recent thing I ordered was an original CD pressing of Sodom's Agent Orange to replace the cruddy remaster in my collection
  8. as long as you don't mind missing canisters/packages, I've been planning on listing my collection on here sometime soon. I could get an inventory of what I've got and the condition and maybe we could work something out.
  9. 5/5 - god, I love Sodom, and this is from one of their best albums. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yRP0VI6zG6k
  10. 4/5 - whoa. you actually posted a good song. I prefer the vocalist's work in his main band Kataklysm (this is his side band), but Ex Deo is pretty awesome too. props.
  11. "Night Comes Down" - Katatonia great cover. they took a classic song by a vastly different band and made it their own.
  12. "Blood on the Swans" - Kataklysm god yes. one of my all-time favorite albums right there.
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