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    ˙plɹoʍ ɹoɹɹıɯ əɥʇ uı zdəəɥs uıʇɥƃıɟ
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    Generally inactive. Former MOCist, current League of Legends player.

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  1. ...the heck are you doing entering BBC 63? I thought you were dead or something :P

  2. Entry name: Toa GenericoEntry pic URL: http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/Axonn92/My-MOCS/BBC/63/img_5103.jpg
  3. Laka

    New Phone

    I love my EnV3. The keyboard is <3, and the camera is actually pretty great. If you can use bluetooth stuff, I would. That's how I get stuff on/off my phone, and it's cool for sending other people stuff on occasion. Laka
  4. Dorek

    Your mother.

  5. Laka

    Wait, who are you again?

  6. Dorek

    Oh you better. There shall be suffering if not.

  7. Laka

    Oh you stalker you. :3

    Will try to remember to MSN this weekend if I'm not too busy. <_>

  8. Dorek


    I see you online.

  9. Laka


    Dude forget math. Build LEGO Bricks.
  10. Minecraft is like Farmville. Also kinda fun teehee. Starcraft 2 is where it's at, though.
  11. Hay Disteh. You're welcome for the review. ^__^

    I don't even get on MSN much anymore. :/

  12. 'Ello Lakkeh! Thanks for posting a review, you're a colourless crystalline carbon stone. :) Also I'll try and get on MSN more, haven't had a proper chinwag in ages.

  13. Dorek

    I got WLM 2011 but that shouldn't have blocked you...

  14. Laka

    You're not even online at 7:40 your time. Did you get a new MSN or block me, or go invisible, or something?

  15. Laka

    I don't get it. I signed on somewhere between 1 and 2 am my time (11 and 12 yours), and you weren't there.

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