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    ˙plɹoʍ ɹoɹɹıɯ əɥʇ uı zdəəɥs uıʇɥƃıɟ
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    Generally inactive. Former MOCist, current League of Legends player.

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  1. Entry name: Toa GenericoEntry pic URL: http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/Axonn92/My-MOCS/BBC/63/img_5103.jpg
  2. Laka

    New Phone

    I love my EnV3. The keyboard is <3, and the camera is actually pretty great. If you can use bluetooth stuff, I would. That's how I get stuff on/off my phone, and it's cool for sending other people stuff on occasion. Laka
  3. Laka


    Dude forget math. Build LEGO Bricks.
  4. Minecraft is like Farmville. Also kinda fun teehee. Starcraft 2 is where it's at, though.
  5. That's not fair. Tan/purple and white/yellow actually look good. I'll enter if I can ever stop being lazy. Laka
  6. Laka

    So How Is Everyone?

    Learning-y Also ^^^^^^^^^^ Laka
  7. Laka


    Go look for your shadow. Lemme know if 5 more weeks of winter. Kthnxbai Laka
  8. Laka

    Judging / Voting

    Lego Obsessionist Laka
  9. Laka

    A Question

    Dust Cloud or the Skyseat. Laka
  10. Laka


    Name it Laka. You'll always have a piece of me/you with you/me at all times. :3 Laka
  11. Laka

    Ask Merx

    You want fries with that? Laka
  12. Smells like there's a troll in the dungeon.... Laka
  13. Laka

    Dem Schoolz

    You can actually do that at your school? Lucky. Laka
  14. Laka

    A Wild Primus Appeared!

    You were in the safari video, though. Laka
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