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  1. That was an interesting read, thanks for sharing all this hard work! :)
  2. Hey! This is a lot of very, VERY early stuff here. Thanks Pereki! It never got used! This was basically the preliminary version of the finalized lore and concept they had in mind, before they decided to scrap some of it at the very last stages. That's why there's stuff like Lewa being referred as a younger Toa, while when BIONICLE launched it was practically never used and they were all the same age. Same goes for the approach to the Toa as gods both revered and feared by the villagers, while there was certainly a very faint leftover of this in the final stuff (MNOG, for instance).
  3. Okay, so I think I know what's happened... Turns out my mind might have played me a bad experience and has mixed me some stuff together. What I was looking for was the first half of the 2003 retailer video, where at the end you see the LEGO and Miramax logos together (2:26 here, as Pereki uploaded it to YT: ) before presenting the Mask of Light movies to retailers. Growing old is bad for your brain cells. RIP me. Sorry for the confusion guys.
  4. Hey there Pereki. Upon inspecting the Legend Lives again it's possible I've mixed up some stuff, because while searching for the video I stumbled upon the visual style book a BZPer got some years ago, and the CDs in there have a BIONICLE logo, from 2003, in which a purple light goes over it. I think I recall seeing either, Advance and LEGO's logos there too, either at the end or the beginning of that video too. It's a video that piqued my interest due stuff like that. "How has this gone unnoticed so far!?" I thought. Also I've tried the browser history but nada. Maybe it's been longer, or I deleted it (but I'd swear I saw it more recently than otherwise). Arfff, I hate it when this happens to me XD
  5. First of all, it has been AGES since I last was in BZPower, so I hope I am in the right section. Long story short, not too long ago (around a month?) I was browsing the Internet remembering some BIONICLE videos (I do believe, note the "I believe", it was on the BioMedia Project site) and I stumbled into a video that looked really similar to the 2002 Bohrok CD "Summary" one, even using the same music: There are, however, key differences: -The video uses far many more promo images from the 2001 ads/booklets/whatever you call them (ie: Close up of the Toa Mata gathered with the jungle background) -The track, instead of fading at 2:44, is used to its full extent (around 3 minutes and 10 seconds if I remember correctly), and it reveals that it ends with the same basic tone (the three keynotes) slowing down until it completely stops. -If I recall correctly, the video ends with the virtues symbol in the same way as the Hero Music video. -It focus exclusively on 2001, and if I am not mistaken it even speaks (in text) about the main story. I can't seem to recall more details sadly. From what I can recall, it seemed like a video Advance/LEGO put together to enthrice retailers back when BIONICLE first started, but it seems to have faded (or rather, I don't know anymore where to look). Does any of this ring a bell to anyone, or have I gone completely mad? :/
  6. I just think of it like the Transformers multiverse and the Original Thirteen. For those who don't know, the Thirteen are the same being across all dimensions, and their creation or death in one of them doesn't necessarily create or destroy them -- they're singularities. I think of the Vahi as the same thing: Time is present in all Universes, so in all of them the Kanohi Vahi may exist in one form or the other.
  7. Sweet goodness, 4,5 MB of uncompressed glory. Man, I hope they can re-upload the Kopaka one uncompressed too. Those are simply so awesome *drool*
  8. No one's noted it's available on the website for download? http://cache.lego.com/r/catalogs/-/media/catalogs/activities/bionicle/posters/2016/bio_kv_2016_2hy_final.jpg EDIT: There's also a section for that Kopaka piece that was posted on video not too long ago. It doesn't have a download button though.
  9. Taking a look at the LEGO Cache images in front page, looks like the Nuva symbols are back and are featured on the designs. Mah gawd. To clarify: Look at the chests of the Toa. Use the "Alt 4" image to see a clear front look of them.
  10. Pretty sure it is. Check Makuta's Mask at the teaser image that was posted earlier this year on BIONICLE.com: http://cache.lego.com/r/www/r/bionicle/-/media/franchises/bionicle%202014/teaser/teasersite-top-image-v2.jpg
  11. Tell me that figure greeting Tahu is Turaga Vakama. Elder of Fire for Summer 2015 anyone?
  12. Sorry, but you're wrong TC. Everything is the Great Beings fault. Who appointed Element Lords to rule Spherus Magna because they prefered to work on their projects (which in turn would eventually result in war amongst the tribes)? The Great Beings. Who created a giant robot with spaient creatures (with faulty AI, mind you) inside designed to study the full of the Universe to restore Spherus Magna? The Great Beings. Even the Red Star malfunctioned. And they had to tamper with the power of Life and Time, of course. Point your finger at the mad scientists, everyone. The poor great spirit guy was just doing his job :'( This man is onto something. He had no medic attention at all, right? RIGHT?
  13. I just noticed the mask of creation has a really "motion-able" face. What I mean is that it seems designed with the purpose of easing the job of animating it when talking and expressing the wearer's emotions. New movie coming?
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