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    south park colorado (;
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    Blessthefall, escape the fate, bring me the horizon, behind crimson eyes,brokencyde, the amity affliction- they rule!!!!

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  1. so I haven't been here for a while, it's strange. can you tell me what was your last bionicle product that you ever baught and when? : DD mine was toa pohatu in 2008 I think : P
  2. Woot, you're finally here =D What's up?

  3. Hay, it's been a while.... X)

  4. that's cool, so you have the mistika summer videos to work with, amazing, that's paying of the days you work in your weekend.
  5. Yes I like SC. And I know it, it says Night Terror because of my Display Name. (Gotta love 'em)

  6. Hey, thanks for visitingmy profile =) , first comment in almost 2 years!

  7. Awesome profile, good personal pic and you have an awesome avatar.

  8. do u like soul calibur? oh, and the one in your banner is not night terror it's nightmare.

  9. It doesn't matter, i like wazzup better but he can say wassup, cause' I could say it's what's up or what is up....:P

  10. Thank you so much for welcoming me to BZPower.

  11. Lerox, awesome fusion toa idea!

  12. Hi, so your new, welcome!

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