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  1. My first thought was - you gave him a beard. How in the world did you give him a beard? My next thought was, you gave him clothes, and clothes that match. I finally acknowledged just how much customization you put into making a freaking Viking Toa and I remain blown away at the effort. I'm very impressed.
  2. I've got to ding you slightly for the axehead as I don't see any differences from Axonn's axe, but the rest of the MOC is phenomenally constructed from horn tip to toe. He looks evil and fits your background for him. I think I like the eyes and how his face is built the most out of everything.
  3. I've been wanting to post these guys for a long time. They aren't a complete set unfortunately as I lack many of the required pieces to construct multiples of Matoran, Toa, and Turaga, yet I feel that what is presented now should provide a decent glimpse. My only regret is that I accidentally deleted my Turaga of Water's individual images while I was compiling this evening. The Great Elders Turaga of Earth. The former Toa Varsai of Earth, Erdeur, has retained his shielding as body armor and carries a measure of his once glorious strength to lead his people through the trials of Onu-Mana. His bowed posture conveys a sense of humbleness in his aging years. Turaga of Plantlife. The former Toa Varsai of Plantlife, Rasenur, despite having inherited the massive plating from his old throwing star for defense, remains fleet footed and nimble, and few are the Matoran under his care in Le-Mana who can keep apace. Turaga of Ice. The former Toa Varsai of Ice, Eisenur, is cooler and calmer than ever. His inheritance from his glory days can be seen in the tundra plumage spilling down his shoulders like a regal shawl, allowing him to drift through the snowy currents of Ko-Mana and glide over the icy lakes with little effort. A gathering of wisdom in emergency before the Mana Stump. Wise and shrewd Meerur settles the debate- their hidden Toa Stones must be retrieved and put to use. The Multitude whom Follow Matoran of Earth Like most of his kindred, this fellow carries quaker-strike gauntlets for his right hand and a mighty spear for blowing up any hard to excavate lodestones and light stones alike. Matoran of Stone Not all Po-Mana scavengers are created equal, and some turn to piracy and prospering for loot out in the Sandy Seas. What they cannot keep, they sell - at a great hike in value. Dare you cross this scoundrel and his sabre? Matoran of Magnetism Tiefeka here is an oddity - the sole Fa-Matoran within Mana-Nuva, he is far more competently constructed than his lessors among the people, a great warrior in his own right made greater by the usage of his elemental power that seems far beyond what one would expect. When Makuta Cruxida's Rahi began invading the island his seemingly-impossible victories time and time again in defense of each Mana village gave him a near-legendary prestige, and this is thought to be behind the diminutive stature of the Toa Mava upon their formation. Maybe there is more to Tiefeka than meets the eye... The Heroes Toa Mava of Earth Toa Mava of Plantlife Toa Mava of Ice Rimestal is fearless - or perhaps merely mad - as he uses his lithe frame and great frost blades in conjunction with his Konohi to soar from vast heights, only to piledrive the opponent below and skewer them through with the tips of his swords. Toa Mava of Water Best suited to the aquatic environs of Ga-Mana, her bulk is not an issue in even the fiercest sea thanks to her paddle-like feet, and to the contrary has proven invaluable in cracking the teeth of many a ferocious Ga-Mana Kingfisher and their mutated relative, the Terodact Gulp. Toa Mava of Fire A trembling spirit of wrath lays in wait within the seemingly calm shell of Fusorai, leader of the Toa Mava. When his anger surmounts his reason the six arms of his rage are brought to bear in channeling his elemental power, exceeding the output of even his Pyro Scepter. And that is all for now. I have yet to develop backstories for Toa Mava of Plantlife and Earth but I hope the rest has offered you a glimpse into my widening world of the Island of Mana-Nuva.
  4. Well, I'm impressed. Wowza. A lot of pieces in places I wouldn't have thought to utlize them and the trans-neon pink with the white is dazzling. Great building.
  5. Impressive build, while I was a little sceptical at first glance I changed my mind as soon as I saw the flickr gallery. I'm really happy that you can fold it up like the G1 designs, and the usage of a Skull Spider mask(?) for the new Krana is cool thinking.
  6. Sorry for the late reponse, and thanks! I saw another and far more skilled MOCer than I am use the secondary Piraka masks years ago and decided to try to incorporate those masks too somehow.
  7. A revised attempt at the Konohi (somethingorother), the Great Mask of Miracles, for my ancient and long since discarded self-moc idea of a Toa of Miracles(fusion of Jaller Mahri and a bunch of other stupid-powerful guys into one super-duper-stupid-powerful guy).
  8. Thank you. And yep, the ogre king, Morsus, has been shared, althought that is the original set of photos and build. I've since changed the arms drastically but I haven't taken photos as of now. Thank you very much! Thank you very much! Thank you greatly!
  9. Very impressive, and stylish. You've captured the feel of a G1 Konohi, though as with the others I couldn't pinpoint exactly which one I feel is best represented. Is this your first mask-build or have you made others?
  10. Thank you very much! A lot of my MOC's come from simply seeing a few parts and trying to fit them together. My latest route is trying to build a line that incorporate the Toa Inika masks, of which the Frostbait and Manas Crab are examples. Thank you very much! The rubber band is a work-around, a back-up to be sure the body held tightly. As it is the Toa Metru foot is a little precariously balanced.
  11. Mana-Nuva. An island far to the south within the Matoran Universe, remote, peaceful. Home to Matoran of all diversity, home to Turaga elders to guide them, yet home to no Toa, for they lacked the fierce beasts of air, sea, and land to threaten them... until the coming of shadow unto their island paradise. Le-Mana Silver nosed mole These moody moles burrow in and around the trees of Le-Mana searching for dermis grubs. They have acute night-vision and tend to forage when the sun is down, and flee from bright light or fire. Le/Ga-Mana Kingfisher These large bird Rahi soar between Le-Mana for nesting grounds and Ga-Mana for hunting. They have been known to snatch Ga-Matoran from the waves and haul them away in lieu of fish. Ga/Ko-Mana Frostbait Piranha These cold-blooded piranhas began swimming into Ga-Mana and working their way inward to the cold shores and icy lakes of Ko-Mana weeks ago, alerting the Turaga's of Water and Ice that something foul was taking place within their island. Onu-Mana Manas Crabs Jr. The peace of Onu-mana was disrupted by the sudden arrival of Manas crabs in great numbers. All who know the lore know that Manas are favored by the Brotherhood of Makuta, and the Turaga of Earth hastened to call a meeting with his brethren to prepare... Ta-Mana Daimyoshii These reclusive noble Rahi tend to act as aloof rulers, settling to an outcropping of land and hording its resources against all who might seek them out. They are intelligent enough to bargain and banter with, but prove irksome and risk a stab of the plasma stick. Their milky-white eyes can see well in the darkness of night and shadow alike. Ta-Mana Nivahk Unlike the other rahi who began invading Mana Nuva in recent weeks, the Ta-Mana Nivawk is a divergent breed of the traditional Nivawk who favor the scorching currents found around the volcanic domain and have been known to hunt the Protodermis Beetles with a vengeance. They tolerate the presence of Matoran but will not suffer to be ridden. Invasion Skakdi Ogres These pot-bellied servants of the Ogre King, Morsus, may not appear very intimidating with their stumpy legs and lack of upper arms, but the masks grown into their flesh are capable of conveying Konohi powers, and they have adapted to a fierce kicking and gnashing martial art that would turn back most Rahi seeking to make a snack of them. They were imported to Mana Nuva from the cursed land of Aegr-ka where Morsus rules supreme, like many of the non-native Rahi.
  12. Darkness carries many meanings. It is the inherent opposite of Light, casting a pallor upon the hearts of the Matoran populace wheresoever it appears. It conceals, masking the monsters in the gulf of night, blotting out the stars in the sky. And it corrupts, eroding the bonds of unity, the measures of duty, and the purpose of destiny. Makuta Cruxida of Aegr-ka("Morsus Nui"), reborn after his defeat in the Sundering Conflict. Part-spider, part-praying mantis. Four fully matured Kraata within his arachnid 'bulb' lend additional powers to Cruxida's awful might, enhancing his shadow-webbing and agility. Stare into the burning eyes, and the eyes stare back into you... ... and then you become his prey, devoured mask and all. But where there is a Makuta, so too must there be Rahi who serve him, even if indirectly. And Cruxida has carried many in his voyage across the silver seas, some bred, others created, yet all brought forth with the aide of his loyal machine servant. A fallen Hau is fitting for an agent of the shadows. With telepathy rods, his limbs may freely move about, elsewise they remain close at hand. Yet what makes the Makuta tick? What goal has driven him across three islands, from Morsus Nui, to Varsai Nui, and ultimately toward Mana Nuva? Cursed Konohi Aegrum, the Mask of Torment. Forged from the forsaken Great Disks of Aegr-ka and put to maximum effect in torturing those who opposed his rule, Cruxida bent or else broke the mental powers and spirit of any who were captured and forced to wear this cursed mask, leaving naught but an empty shell whence the Aegrum's removal. I'll make another topic to feature the diverse Rahi and Turaga of Mana Nuva some day down the road. For now I wanted to present my latest Makuta, his primary servant, and the cause of strife within my island.
  13. And since no one cares, let's see how long before this locks. I have rarely been so disappointed in this forum.
  14. Breathtaking. The originality is incredible, from head to toe, and I can't complain about the color scheme. Those krana are especially nice, so is the sword, and just the sheer amount of system pieces with how they blend into the technic. This is the kind of level I hope to reach one day in MOCing.
  15. I dig it, your Teridax is bulky in all the right ways. The feet are probably my favorite innovation with the parts you used, nice job. This here is my oldest Teridax moc recently retooled in a few places. I wanted to recapture the '03 feel.
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