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  1. IC - Kane - Opelucid: Kane reeled back from the punch, clutching his face, before switching it back to that of Seth. A devious smile was on his face, his eyes widened s much as possible as he lunged back forwards, directly in Evan’s face. “What’s wrong?!” echoed Seth’s voice. “Can your mind not process the truth?” With a wave of his hand, Kane reformed himself as the splitting image of Seth Vicens, the fallen Hero of Time. His Pokemon suddenly were returned to their Poke Balls as Gaigan retreated back to his side. Kane smiled, now in the form of Seth Vicens, his eyes crimson and gold, the crimson eye shining as it gazed upon Evan. Kane looked around, scanning the area, paying no heed to Van Harrison high above, who was still taking in everything that was happening, readying to report to his superiors on what was happening. “What even is he… And who has he become now?” Van reigned back Hydreigon, who was restless and requiring a rampage or some other form of combat. Still, Van figured he would stick around as long as possible, to soak in the information he may need. As the mad man stood his ground, he realized that he was absolutely outnumbered. With a smile that hid his anger and disappointment, he merely stepped back, his hands in the air. His gaze immediately switched back to Volt, the Luxray approaching closer and closer. The Ancient Darkrai presented the most daunting of challenges, and with new people showing up out of the blue, Kane was really beginning to sense that the area was getting quite clustered. “Well, I tried to play fair, and it’s been fun, truly, yet I am sad to announce that it I must take my leave.” Kane bowed, his smile becoming terrifying. Gaigan dove down, reappearing behind the madman. Volt began charging with electricity as he bared his fangs, prowling towards Kane. Kane simply laughed. “Oh, there’s still more to come. Be ready.” Volt lunged forwards, ready to rip and tear at the impostor, only for Gaigan to wrap Kane in darkness and vanish into the wind. “Let the seeds of chaos begin to grow…” Volt growled angrily, before roaring loudly as the rest of Seth’s Pokemon joined him. ~Det
  2. OOC: Det returns. Kinda. Again. IC - Kane - Opelucid: Kane watched as Feral was dispatched by Evan. There was a look on his face, it was not fear at the fact that his partner in crime had just been killed. It was not worry that he himself might not survive, no. No, it was a look of disappointment. “Hmph. Figured he’d last a bit longer than that.” Kane shook his head, placing his hands on his hips as he muttered under his breath. With a motion of his hand, he signaled for his Pokemon to finish off his foes… Only to find himself forced to recoil backwards, as an electric Pokemon made its appearance. With a roar of anger, the assailant was revealed, a Luxray, one with a wild mane and battle scars. Kane growled as he recognized the creature. It meant that the others weren’t too far behind. The Luxray took the stance of combat, baring its fangs as its entire body cackled with electricity. “Well, well, well…” Kane grumbled. “I should have known you would have turned up sooner or later.” Blaziken kept on her path, but suddenly found herself knocked into the path of her enemies’ attacks as she was struck directly in the chest by a sphere of blue energy. She found herself tossed around, being dealt significant damage as she rolled backwards out of harm’s way as best she could. Blaziken glanced at the source of the initial sphere, finding only a Lucario standing before her. It launched another sphere, once more hitting dead centre in the chest of the Fire-type. The Lucario stood its ground, standing confidently as it stared down its foes. Gaigan saw her opportunity, laughing internally to herself. Her opponents had just made their worst mistake. Never group up against a Darkrai. Gathering her hands together, she began creating a sphere of darkness. With a single, swift motion, the Dark Void was launched directly at the gathered group of Pokemon before her. The dark attack would make its way towards Gaigan’s opponents, with the intention of locking them into a nightmare. Gaigan couldn’t believe they didn’t think that through when they decided to get in close to each other. Before the attack could reach, it suddenly was split apart from within. “Enough, Gaigan.” A voice spoke firmly and defiantly. Three figures stood before the Darkrai, who found herself recoiling in shock. She faced her siblings, the last survivors of the Battle of Sinjoh. She hissed, the last she remembered, Daseos had taken them away, while she had left partway through the fight. Five, Three and Seven hovered in place. Daseos moved forward, raising a hand, in which he channeled dark energy, launching it forwards. “I figured if you were around, trouble would not be far behind,” the Fifth Darkrai hissed. Kane simply looked around. He had a look of annoyance upon his face. This was all just one big inconvenience after another. He glanced over at Feral's corpse, before shaking his head and shrugging. "All of this... And the Hero of Time is still in my way..." Kane spoke with a shrug, his eyes resting on the Luxray that was now in his way. "Funny, even in death, people will always find a way to cause you problems." Even despite the death of his comrade, and his clear outnumbering, Kane stood in pure nonchalance. IC – Lust & Greed – R&D: The Ninjask, already weaker in its defenses than most, would be impacted by the Psycho Cut, slammed downwards. Greed seemed unimpressed. “Oh no… My mighty and unbeatable Ninjask, beaten by a single attack… As if that wasn’t obvious.” Greed winced. Ninjask was incredibly fast, and Swords Dance had it boosted, but hers was terribly weak defensive-wise. Lust shot a look of disappointment at Greed, who responded in kind by sticking her tongue out at her sister. With a flick of her wrist, she unleashed her second Pokemon. With a bellow and a crackle, the Eelektross stared down its opponents, focusing upon Malamar. The eel wrenched its head back, before launching Gastro Acid towards the squid. As “Lopunny” was struck by the attack, its disguise faded away, revealing its true form. The Zoroark winced in pain, before unleashing a dark shockwave, intending for the Night Daze to strike the Gardevoir, the power still increased by Nasty Plot. ~Det
  3. IC - Kane - Opelucid: At Sonja's words, his true face would flash, showing a horrific image. Bright red eyes would dull to crimson, as the rage within him began to boil. He bit his lips to the point of drawing blood, sharp fangs glistening in the bright sun. His mind was racing, his body seething. He expected that his influence was strong enough that he could at least coax some sort of mental struggle, but there was something about the people he was facing. Their minds were much stronger than those he had already placed under his suggestion. And the fact that he was losing? That did not help. Did not help at all. But there was something else... Something was preventing his power from being as it was. The creature's face opened wide its mouth, revealing an abyss of fangs and darkness, letting loose a mental roar throughout those under his influence. All at once, the people dropped their heads, seemingly not paying any attention to anything anymore. The one recording the battle would themselves cease paying attention as the feed was cut. Kane hoped enough people would see what appeared to be an attack upon Opelucid by outside forces. After all, that would be all that those here would remember. Gaigan’s eyes darted at the Bisharp and the Zangoose who both leaped up. At the same time, it noticed the Tri-Attack headed directly for it. With glisten of the eye, Gaigan would rush directly forward, aiming to take the attack head-on, and use the momentum of the damage to escape from the other two attackers. Once out of the way, Gaigan would attempt a Dark Void upon her foes… and she didn’t intend to hit the Pokémon. Still, she thought it was fairly strange that everyone was targeting her, completely unaware of anything else that may be around. As if on cue, while Kitheus was locked on, Kane’s Kangaskhan appeared through the crowd, still in a fighting state, her arm began glowing brightly as she attempted to take advantage of the focus on the Ancient with a Hammer Arm. She wasn’t going to last much longer, but she was still capable of packing a punch. In a burst of flame, the Blaziken rushed forward at an incredible speed, her powers now amplified by the Sun’s rays. Her eyes were dead set on Gaia, as an aura of flame surrounded her, ready to deliver a full-force Flare Blitz. It paid no heed to the incoming Sky Attack, merely taking care to try to position itself around the Team Liberty Pokémon and Opelucid citizens, in the event of such an attack. “This hardly seems fair. Do you really feel the need to send so many Pokémon against my three? That’s hardly a fair fight.” Kane yawned, trying to put on a façade of not caring, while he raged internally. “No wonder their forces always seem so scattered. Always going for the overkill.” Up above, Van Harrison continued to watch, his eyes focused intently on Kane. Whatever it was he was doing confused him. It seemed as if it had no real purpose. What even was he? Was he connected to Envy? Van had no idea. All that the thing seemed to be doing was causing unecessary chaos, attempting to draw attention to himself. He was like a child, all about himself. IC – Lust & Greed – R&D: The Ninjask was thoroughly disoriented, now finding itself in a much weaker state. With a faint yellow glow, it seemed to regain some of its lost strength. Shaking itself, it once more retargeted the Malamar, crossing its arms and swiping away with an X-Scissor. Greed was slightly irritated, but it mattered not to her. Ninjask could do what it wanted, there was still another to take its place. Glancing at her sister, Lust seemed to be grinning. “Lopunny, use Dark Pulse upon the Gardevoir, would you?” With a nod, the Lopunny would let loose with the Nasty Plot-enhanced attack, firing a series of black spheres towards the enemy.
  4. IC – Kane – Opelucid City: A disappointed look overcame Kane as he shook his head. Much as he expected, clearly, those who stood before him were driven by fear of his power that they had to resort to violence. “Kangaskhan!” Kane called. With a weak roar, the Pokemon created a shield of energy around itself, Kane and Gaigan. As well, Feral and his Pokemon were covered by the shield, giving the gift of protection from the sleep powder. Grabbing a Poke Ball from his sleeve, Kane let loose, revealing a Blaziken. Up above in a building overlooking the square, one of Kane’s puppets activated a news camera, focusing in as they began to film the attack by Team Liberty upon Opelucid. In Kane’s mind, he was smiling quite widely. Surely, this was going to cause a bit of fun once Unova witnessed what he had in store. Those he had brainwashed moved in front of the Darkrai, as if trying to protect it. Before the attack could hit, Gaigan sank into the shadows, rising up in front of them, using Protect to shield itself, before retaliating with a Dark Pulse attack. To those watching the feed, they would see what appeared to be Team Liberty Agents firing upon a group of citizens, only for a Darkrai to rise to their protections. “You are all fiends! How could you attack these people?” Kane shouted. Blaziken seemed to growl while facing the Liberty Agents. “We will not allow you to ravage this land like you did before! In the name of those who stand here, we shall show that we do not fear you!” Kane’s face became a determined one, as he moved forward, pointing at the gathered Agents. “No longer shall these people live in fear of your actions!” IC – Greed/Lust – R&D: “NOW!” Greed shouted. As she did, the Ninjask all collectively rushed forward, each of them getting progressively dispersed by the Ice Beam, but still, they each rushed directly for their opponents. Still, as the Ninjask swarmed, their claws preparing for a Fury Cutter. Even as they fell, two remained, each headed for one of the two Pokemon. The true one, however, was heading right for Malamar, intending make sure that the Trick Room would not come into play again. You sure you know what you’re doing? Those words seemed evident in the glance that Lust shot towards her sister. Your Ninjask isn’t going to be able to take much hits, you know, and that Trick Room isn’t going to work very much in your favor with Ninj... Lust’s eyes widened as Greed glanced back, shooting a cheeky grin as her sister finally understood exactly what she meant to do. Meanwhile, Lopunny continued its plotting, once more coming up with something truly Nasty... -Det
  5. IC – Kane – Opelucid City: Kane laughed as everyone released their Pokemon. He smiled as he saw Evan’s reaction, and smiled wider as Feral appeared to challenge him. “Come now, children,” Kane chuckled, hopping back upon his stage, kicking his feet outwards and twirling his cane. Gaigan, the Ancient Darkrai, hovered over to Kane’s shadow, it’s lower half still part of the ground. A snap of his fingers and the crowd of civilians would form a barrier between himself and the agents. “Do you really think I’ll hand myself over so simply? Do you really want to do here what your kind has already done before?!” Kane’s face shifted into that of a terrifying abomination briefly once more, his grin clearly unnatural. “Why can you not just enjoy the show? What do you have to gain by keeping your fears?” Kane asked. As the strange man spoke, a look of sincerity overcame his face. Gaigan herself was stoic as always, remaining absolutely silent, though her eyes seemed to express as if she was somewhat submissive to Kane, more so than she had been to Sombra. “Your fear will bring about madness within you, and that madness will be your undoing.” Kane opened his arms wide, revealing a sharp toothed grin. “What have you to lose from embracing my dream?” IC – Greed/Lust – R&D: Greed raised an eyebrow as the Trick Room was activated. Lust, however, seemed unfazed by the current situation. A look from Lust would calm Greed’s nerves, who simply nodded in response. “Lopunny, you know what to do,” the Lightning Girl spoke. The Lopunny, who had been bouncing around harmlessly, was waiting for the attack, ready to deflect it with a Detect, after which it would seem to be as if it was plotting something... Greed let out a sigh of relief as her focus turned back to her Ninjask. Again, she continued with her strategy, as she motioned for Ninjask to continue, this time however, dancing around as swords seemed to circle around it. Greed smiled, as a golden light seemed to make its way over to Ninjask, as the effect seemed slightly more efficient than it normally would. Yes... Give it all to me....Greed would giggle internally to herself as she awaited for their opponents to respond. ~Det
  6. IC – Kane – Opelucid City: “I thank you greatly,” Drayden said to Evan and Ryan, as he grabbed Ryan’s hand. Kane smiled, as he watched Drayden be rescued by those who initially stood by and watched the battle. Not once did he make a move to stop them, much like Gaigan, even as she was blasted aside. Resetting herself, the sixth Darkrai shot a glare at Evan and his Pokemon. Kane, however simply shrugged, turning to face Evan. Twirling his cane around in his hands, the man in the suit strolled closer, his smile growing wider and wider. “Well, well, well, Mr. Tierra,” Kane said, ignoring any potential shock, before gesturing to the rest of those present. As he did this, Gaigan sank into the ground, re-emerging in the shadow of Kane. “Yes, yes, I know your name. I have minor knowledge of most of you, thanks to my good friends.” As he spoke, Kane’s smile never once left his face, even as his appearance flashed into that of a terrifying creature. Bright red eyes and long black hair would briefly replace his green eyes and short golden hair. “Why have you come here? Do you all wish to be freed from the bonds of fear?” Kane asked loudly, spreading his arms wide in an inviting manner, as he spun in a circle. “These lovely people have joined the side of freedom, and soon too shall many more.” Gaigan hovered menacingly behind Kane, the Darkrai appearing almost like smoke as it hovered around. Still, as Kane spoke, his face flashed into an appearance that was far too familiar to Evan. And once it would register who it was, Kane would take all too much delight in seeing Evan's reaction. High above Opelucid, a Hydreigon flew, its rider observing the chaos below, his eyes focused intently. He had heard from a source of strange occurrences occurring in Opelucid, and had decided to investigate, with the hopes of reporting anything to his superiors. His hair flowing in the wind, he watched with interest, waiting to see how this would play out. “Hydreigon, fly us closer, but far enough to stay out of range of danger,” Van said to his dragon. It wasn’t so much out of trying to keep himself safe, but more so a way to keep his dragon from causing destruction. IC – Greed/Lust – R&D: “It will be me first!” Greed proclaimed, pointing forwards. “Ninjask, use Double Team!” The Metal Sister commanded her Pokemon. With a buzz, her Ninjask began to move fast, creating a clone of itself, as they exchanged places. A smile crossed her lips as she focused intently on Malamar. Lust’s Lopunny, meanwhile, stood still, bouncing around, almost as if it was waiting for its opponent to make the first move. Lust herself sat upon her throne, resting her head on her hands as she leaned in, ready and waiting to see how everything would play out. “Come on, don’t keep us waiting forever,” Lust taunted, winking at their opponents. ~Det
  7. IC - Lust/Greed - R&D The Twins’ eyes widened as they saw the Malamar. “Well, I can’t exactly say that we were expecting to see that,” Lust yawned, almost unimpressed. Greed, however, was staring at it intently. “Whatever.” With a flick of her wrist, Lust tossed her Poke Ball, releasing a Lopunny, who proceeded to bounce around excitedly. A faint blue glow surrounded the Pokemon briefly, as it awaited the other combatants. “I want one...” Greed muttered under her breath, garnering a giggle from her sister. With a sigh, Greed released her Pokemon, a buzzing of wings signalling the appearance of a Ninjask, who hovered in place beside Lopunny, as they both gathered various pieces of metal, delivering them to their trainers. “Well, once your partner chooses his Pokemon, we may begin, and you can be easily swatted aside as we move on to bigger and better things,” Lust taunted, winking at their opponents. IC - Kane - Opelucid City “Kangaskhan, use Bite!” Kane commanded. Kangaskhan nodded and tackled the Haxorus, digging in with sharp fangs. Haxorus howled in pain, as it struggled to throw off its attacker. A well placed Brick Break to the jaw would knock the Kangaskhan away, buying the dragon some crucial time to take advantage. Haxorus itself used Crunch, sinking into Kangaskhan’s arm, tossing it aside. Kangaskhan landed on its feet, but was clearly worse for the wear. "Now, Haxorus, continue! Do not give in!" Drayden ordered. In his mind, he knew that he could win. Kane's Pokemon was weakening, giving them just the opening that they needed. Kane was visibly caught off guard by Drayden’s sudden come back, even though he could tell that Haxorus was beginning to weaken. As Haxorus landed a final Brick Break, Kangaskhan was knocked onto its back, nearly unconscious. As Kangaskhan struggled to its feet, having barely Endured the hit, Haxorus bellowed a roar, running in close, ready to deliver the final blow, a devastating Outrage. “NOW!” Kane screamed. In a flash, Kangaskhan’s eyes began to glow, as it let loose with a powerful Outrage attack, sending the shocked Haxorus to the ground. Drayden stared in shock and terror as Haxorus was defeated. “I... How?” Drayden’s eyes widened as he rushed over to care for his dragon. “Fear caused your Haxorus to hesitate, you see,” Kane explained, straightening his hat and outfit as he approached the Gym Leader. He pointed his cane at the old man, a smile crossing his face, once more flashing a horrific image. With a simple motion of his hand, two of those who were hypnotized moved forward, holding Drayden up by his arms. Displaying a tremendous strength for his old body, Drayden shook them off, as he reached for another Poke Ball. Drayden quickly found himself unable to move, as those he had shaken off rose up again, holding him tightly. “What are you going to do now?” Drayden asked, which served to only elicit laughter from Kane. “I’m going to do the best I can~” Kane chuckled. Raising his hand, a dark pillar appeared between the two, from which a glowing blue eye shone. “In admiration of your strength and drive to succeed, I shall release you from your fears, and grant you the ultimate gift, the gift of dreams! The gift of my dream! Now, rise! Gaigan! Free this man into a world of dreams!” Kane’s expression became one of pure elation as the darkness rose higher and higher. It had survived the climactic battle. It had never taken part in Sombra’s final gambit. It had escaped unnoticed. It had a plan the entire time. There was a reason that it never spoke. It knew what it had to do. It would rise once more, ready and willing to follow the command of its true leader. And here it stood. Its very appearance would strike fear into the hearts of those who would recognize it. The Sixth Darkrai returned. ~Det
  8. IC – Vicens – Opelucid City: Kane leaned against his cane as Drayden’s Haxorus charged his Kangaskhan. His eternal smile stayed upon his face, occasionally flashing a terrifying look. “Haxorus, use Brick Break!” Drayden barked at his Haxorus. Still, Kangaskhan stood its ground, waiting for Haxorus to get in close. When finally the dragon got close, Kangaskhan clapped its hands close together, creating a shockwave, stunning Haxorus briefly. “Good job, Kangaskhan, now use Mega Punch!” Kane shouted. Kangaskhan bellowed, catching Haxorus with a right hook. Haxorus stumbled backwards, before it’s eyes flashed, letting loose back at the Kangaskhan with just as much damage as was dealt. Kane stood up straight, eyes widening as he focused on the battle, seemingly caught off guard by Haxorus’ attack. “You’re quite a clever old man, aren’t you?” Kane sneered. “There is more where that came from!” Drayden shouted. “Haxorus, Brick Break again!” Haxorus roared at Kangaskhan, charging and delivering a powerful strike to the shoulder. Kangaskhan was sent tumbling backwards, as Haxorus stomped the ground, creating an Earthquake which shook the very center of town. Still, the crowd watching stood their ground, as if they were blind and deaf to all. Kane glanced over, noticing the newcomers, who stood out thanks to their display of hesitation, unlike those who had been purified by his powers. “Friends! Welcome to the grand show! Come, be not afraid, and witness me defeat the mighty Drayden!” Kane proclaimed, throwing his arms up. His eyes fell upon each of them in turn as they came to a brief rest on Evan. A wink from Kane revealed a flash of a familiar face, as well as a dark silhouette behind him. “Now... Watch!” IC - Greed & Lust – R&D “Giant Golurk? That’s a stupid idea. Whoever thought of that is a moron,” Greed said, as she fashioned herself more and more items out of Lust’s throne. One of the items that was formed seemed to be a Poke Ball, which Greed rolled around her fingers. “The rules themselves are simple. You two can team together, and we’ll each use two Pokemon. Its’ as simple as that,” Lust explained softly. “The game is over once both members of a team are defeated.” With a snap of her fingers, Lust summoned a Poke Ball in a spark to her hand. “Remember, you only get two, so you better choose wisely...” Lust’s words were very clearly taunts. For all of their talking, the two seemed as if they were looking at this whole situation as a game. ~Det
  9. IC – Vicens – Opelucid City: Sitting upon his throne in the center of town, the man in the suit watched as people seemingly frolicked about, without a care in the world. A toothy smile came over his face, as he extended his hand, into which grapes were placed by one of said people. “Ah, this is such innocence. Not having to deal with the dangers of the world, just as they tried to be before,” the man chuckled, placing a grape into his mouth, which expanded much farther than would normally be allowed, revealing a terrifying sight. Those present would pay no heed. Except for one man, with a face showing many years of age and wear, yet the way that he stood gave off a feeling of intensity and strength. “What is going on here?” The man bellowed with a look of infuriation upon his face. “I demand that you explain this at once! Who are you? What are you?” The suited man paused, almost as if he was thinking to himself the answers of the questions. He rested his hand on his fist, tapping his head with his cane, lost in thought. A sudden look of inspiration came to his face as he leaped up to his feet, standing tall and straightening his suit. Walking down to the man’s level, the suited man stared him straight in the face, smiling his unsettling innocent smile. “Oh, my dear old man, I can see how much your years of being blinded to the truth has been,” the suited man yawned. “I, myself, go by many names. I of course, know your name... Drayden” The old man seemed unfazed by the words of the stranger, and continued his stance. To his irritation, the man began counting on his fingers, spelling out various words on his hands. “Hrm... I believe you may call me Kane. Yes, yes, that works for now.” “Well, Kane,” Drayden spat the name as he released his Haxorus, the dragon Pokemon roaring. “I demand that you release these citizens from whatever hold it is you have! I can tell that you have nothing but sinister plans for them!” Drayden’s mighty Haxorus bellowed a challenge towards Kane, who simply responded by tilting his head and smiling his terrible smile. “Aha! Then it is a duel!” Kane said clapping and laughing. He flicked his hand, a Poke Ball emerging from his sleeve. “Very well! I shall accept your challenge! Let us make a bet? If you win, I shall free these people from my influence, and let them live in a world full of fears, and with the knowledge that you freed them from happiness.” “And if I lose?” Drayden asked, clenching his hands into fists. He could see that his foe thought of him a joke. “If, no, WHEN you lose,” Kane stated. “You belong to me, and you shall see happiness in the name of fearlessness!” With that, Kane tossed the Poke Ball into the air, releasing a Kangaskhan, who seemed like it thought fairly little of the more powerful Haxorus. Clearly, Kane seemed to have some sort of plan. Nevertheless, Drayden stood his ground, against Kane’s threats. "Come, Drayden, let me see what you are truly capable of!" IC - ??? & ??? – R&D The two girls could not look more amused. Wide smiles crossed their faces as they stared down the Liberty trainers. The Metal Girl raised her hand, manipulating the metal in such a way that they formed thrones for herself and her companion. Notably, the Metal Girl’s throne was significantly larger than that of the other. “We are the sisters Garven, I am Melissa. Greed.” The Lightning Girl nodded at her sisters words, winking at the two before them. “I’m Melanie, but you may call me...” Her next words were soft and oddly disconcerting. “Lust.” Lust kicked back, but kept her eyes focused intently on Vert, smiling a very strange smile. “As for why we’re here...” Greed said, forging a tiara out of Lust’s throne and placing it upon her head. “We’re here because you have something we so desperately want...” “A challenge.” ~Det
  10. IC – Vicens – Opelucid: “People of Opelucid~!” the man in the suit exclaimed loudly, gathering some attention. “For far too long you have been held back by silly phobias of the most insignificant thing!” A smile came over his face as he pointed to someone who had stopped to watch. “You sir, come on up!” The man pointed at himself sheepishly, which the suited man responded to by pulling him closer and grasping his face. “All, behold! I shall now remove this man’s fears!” The example flailed about, until the suited man gripped tightly, as dark energies flowed into the man, who immediately gained a blank expression. The suited man quickly swung his cane towards the man’s face, barely stopping from his eye. Yet the man never flinched. “Do you see? I can remove the fears from your minds! I can allow you to live in a world free from fear!” Some children began to move closer, intrigued by the mysterious man and his strange powers. A smile came over his face, as he strolled along, a stage rising up mysteriously behind him, as the faint sound of music began to play. “It’s a cruel, cruel world, all you little boys and girls~!” the man in the suit sang, twirling his cane, as a larger crowd of people gathered around him. “And some mean nasty people want to have you for their supper~!” The man proclaimed loudly, getting in the faces of some small children, who cowered behind their parents, before prancing around. “But if you follow me, you can all be free! Free! You can all be free as a bird on a big TV if you dream, if you dream, if you dreeeeeeeam my DREAM~!” With that, the man plucked a child from the gathering audience, holding the young girl up over his head, swinging her around, before placing her back down on the ground, placing his hand upon her head, as he drained the fear from her very body, giving her a sudden blank stare as well. With a swift motion, he lifted her by her legs, swinging her around seemingly carelessly, before handing her off to her parents, who were amazed by her lack of fear. "It's a cruel, cruel world, for the nasty boys and girls, and the selfish mean nasty people, nasty, nasty, nasty, NASTY~!" The man continued to sing, placing his hands upon an elderly couple, siphoning the fear from them, leaving them expressionless. "But there's a way you can make your day~!" The man smiled, snapping his fingers, causing those affected to suddenly smile and run to their loved ones, happy as can be. "You can laugh! You can smile! You can come and stay a while~!" All who were present failed to notice that the man's shadow was mysteriously hopping around, bouncing between everyone who was given the gift. "You can dream my dream! You can have it all with me! You can dream my dream! You can dream my dream~!" The man's singing continued, as people lined up, ready and willing to have their fears alleviated. "You can dream~! My~!" The man lowered his head, a sinister smile forming, as Vicens' face flashed over his for one brief moment, a terrifying smile overcoming his face. His shadow's bright blue eye followed his movements, as soon, most of the crowd was now free of fear. Not fearing heights. Not fearing their inevitable deaths. Not fearing any consequences for their actions. Not fearing any illusions that may be clouding their thoughts. Not fearing the idea that they may be under complete control. Not fearing anything. "Dream." OOC: (Yeah, it's Floop's song, what of it?) IC - ??? – R&D Testing Area: “Ahhhhh... Those were the exact words I was hoping you would say,” a feminine voice echoed around the room. As those present looked around, they would find nothing... except notice the lights were flicking very erratically. “I could not agree more, my dear sister...” a second, yet similar voice stated. The walls seemed to shift with her every word as they echoed within the room. “They both seem to have such a want for things.” Before the very eyes of the Executives, the walls themselves seemed to shift and motion, as a female figure emerged, the metal quickly moving backwards, revealing a young girl wearing bright clothing, eyes bright gold. A seeming bolt of lightning struck the ground, signalling the arrival of a second girl, one who looked identical to the other, with the exception of wearing dark colors, though her blue eyes shone brightly, a sinister smile upon her face. The two sisters seemed to lean on each other, sizing up both James and Vert. “Funny, I figured they would look much more worthwhile,” the first girl sighed, shaking her head as electricity crackled in between her fingertips. ~Det
  11. IC - Vicens - Opelucid: Within the mind of Evan Tierra, a voice seemed to taunt him. "A lack of fear is where darkness can truly take over, my friend. Opelucid is where they will dream my dream~" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "And what exactly do you intend to do when he gets here?" Feral asked, a hint of annoyed curiosity in his voice, raising an eyebrow as Vicens cast aside his cloak, revealing a shocking sight. Looking completely different, Vicens now appeared to be wearing a colorful suit of sorts, his long shaggy black hair replaced by short, blonde locks. His eyes, as opposed to red now shone a bright green, his devilish smile gone, replaced by one of seemingly pure innocence. He raised his hand, a cane appearing in a puff of smoke. Gloved fingers ran along the cane, examining it, as Vicens tested his new form. "Aha," Vicens spoke, a soft, sing-songy voice now escaping from his lips, as he strolled out into the street, placing a top hat upon his head. "I plan to show all of these wonderful people..." Feral flinched slightly as he saw something... off about the shadow of his ally, a single bright blue eye staring right back into the face of Tierra. Vicens merely turned his head back, revealing the same terrifying grin he usually wears. "My friends on the other side." ~Det
  12. IC - Van Harrison - Galactic HQ: Van stood silently, staring into the space where just moments ago, Envy had been standing. He was trying to comprehend exactly what he had just beared witness to. Shaking his head, Van regained his composure, returning Nidoking to his Poke Ball, as he produced his PokeGear, preparing to send a message to Pierce informing him that the situation was apparently taken care of. With a sigh, Van examined the ruins, a chill running down his spine as Envy's words essentially burned themselves into his mind. "Well..." Van whispered to himself. "I suppose I best get my Pokemon healed up..." Turning away, Van adjusted his scarf, heading out in the direction of the nearest Pokemon Center. ~Det
  13. IC – Van Harrison – Galactic HQ: With Envy barely defeated, Van raised himself, his focus once more becoming Envy, as the dark shape that had been guarding him had seemingly vanished. “First of all, I want to know exactly what it is you were trying to do here,” the Fifth Child declared, taking care to keep a safe distance as he approached Envy. “Second... I want to know how you know of who I am.” His bright blue eyes gazed at his defeated foe from behind his dark hair, his mind questioning exactly what was happening to her. Nidoking limped over towards his partner, barely being able to do much. Van noted that once he had this information, he would have to get to the nearest Pokemon Center, as the battle had taken quite a lot out of both of his Pokemon. Still, even though Envy was defeated, he still was not sure exactly what was happening to her, and whether or not he would be in danger. ~Det
  14. IC - Van Harrison - Galactic HQ: 'Wait for it...' Van thought, as he seemed to realize why Nidoking was waiting to unleash the attack. It was just a bait for the Illusion Fox. More and more, Nidoking charged, until its entire body was essentially channeling the power of electricity. Nidoking’s heart began racing, in anticipation for its plan. Zoroark began getting closer and closer, while Nidoking stood its ground. ‘Just a bit more...’ Sparks let off from Nidoking's spikes, shooting in multiple directions before quickly dissipating, while Nidoking kept harnessing energy. With the Zoroark closing in, an opening was spotted, and they seized their chance, knowing it may be the last one that they could capitalize on. "Now!" Van shouted, as the Drill Pokemon quickly obliged, letting loose the stored power, boosted by Sheer Force, the massive bolt heading directly towards Zoroark... And passing right over it. As the beam kept going, Nidoking raised it's injured foot, stomping down as fast and hard as it could, causing Nidoking to exclaim in pain, as a golden light began to trail simultaneously with the Thunderbolt ahead, essentially trapping Zoroark between the two moves. Nidoking, having injured itself from the attack, put itself in a defensive stance as it stepped back, guarding its right leg, just in case. Van's eyes scanned the situation. Nidoking was weakening, but Zoroark was trapped between the two moves. If Nidoking timed it right, the two moves should end at the same point, meaning there was a small window of opportunity for Zoroark to escape. Van simply hoped that it would be enough, as the stringing of two moves together took a lot out of Nidoking. They had to make this one count, or else it would take a miracle for them to come out the victor. ~Det
  15. OOC: No worries ^^ IC - Van Harrison - Galactic HQ: Nidoking grunted in pain as it was attacked, but tried its best to keep focused as Zoroark kept up the assault. Nidoking was stunned by the amount of damage actually being out put, but spotted that its opponent was avoiding doing too much with its left arm. Seizing an opportunity, the Drill Pokemon lashed out with a swift roundhouse kick to the arm, knocking back the Illusion Fox Pokemon, before continuing on with its momentum and spinning around to deliver a second kick, this attack aimed at the head. Nidoking quickly jumped backwards, aiming to try and keep some distance, and hopefully attack from a distance. Electricity began to crackle in its horn, as it prepared to utilize Thunderbolt, though the earlier attacks had clearly done damage to Nidoking, as it was clearly swaying, having injured it's right leg, the one that it had used to deliver the kicks. ~Det
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