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  1. If only Pohatu could do something about those ROCKS...
  2. they were often boring, "dark" variants of Bionicle vanilla, and didn't really do much for the story aside from... exist, hence the fan disdain at the concept, just didn't feel necessary compared to what greg could have chosen to write about...
  3. not to sound rude or anything but you literally described exactly what i drew the last time hand designs were discussed: Right down to the use of the "T" technic pin to givethe thumb some swivel to it! O:
  4. i can see now why hearts boxcars greg hates time travel...
  5. reminds me of when they rebooted Bionicle in 2015! ...wait.
  6. i dunno man, fenrakk is a little machine anyway... but yeah, fenrakk's a titan, vezon adds to his parts count and makes it still a titan set.
  7. This gave me an idea. Instead, it's mech sports. I'm imagining something pink, with a vague rabbit theme, perhaps fires green energy pellets and speaks in outdated gamer lingo... you might be onto something!
  8. wow that's a lot of time i didn't spend RP-ing u:
  9. you people disgust me... ...i want in.
  10. "from light, into being" this is impressive! i've noticed you have a knack for how bionicle shapes fit together to make something generally seamless, the head, in my opinion is set a little low into the shoulders, but i think that's more me being picky than anything inherently wrong. x: the light construct thingies are also neat!
  11. IC: Rose [Refectory] As the fight drew to a close, rose bounced back up giggling with glee, what perfect violence, shame neither of them died! "boy th-th-that one-armed guy s-sure took a bea-ting!" she chirped to noone and everyone, stretching a bit as she got up.
  12. given corpus has a gym, every student should be described this way tbh, we've all been playing wrong...
  13. ah yes, ekimu was not often known for his days as the protector of stone...
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