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  1. In a way, the Lego Movie 2 touched upon a lot of my own childhood already; the idea of having to play with my little sister as a kid and share with each other. We called it "Bionicle-Barbie" and its pretty much what it says on the tin. Step aside Ken, Tahu is in town! We got in arguments though about Gali, since my sister assumed all Bionicle's were boys and I kept telling her she should stop calling Gali a dude. As I got older a lot of my later Lego memories were of getting together with friends and building Star Wars armies on the floor. I had a lot less of my own army sets then, so it usually relied on some of my friends bringing a few of their own minifigures over to bolster the forces of mine or me bringing spare minifigures over to their house visa-versa. Bionicle figures acted like some sort of heavy infantry unit for these army games; like massive robots towering over the minifigures sized battlefield. One of these games I most vividly recall was based on Knights of the Old Republic, where we imagined the reformed Darth Revan, Carth, Bastilla, Canderous, and HK-47 mysteriously time traveled thousands of years into the future, until they arrived at a point of time in the post Return of the Jedi Star Wars world. This continued into my pre-teen years, and I remember a few of the early Modular Buildings standing in for alien planets (yes, imagine the Cafe Corner as a Star Wars cantina now...). But, that shift to larger and more expensive sets began to really shift my style of interaction with Lego; yes I still set up the Star Wars armies with Bionicle heavy infantry when my cousins came over; but as I grew into a teenager my focus on Lego began to shift more and more to just the collecting side of it. I still like to break out the stuff for play every-now and then, but its less purely imaginative like as a child and more; a self structured role play? Creative mind space? I started playing DnD a few years back and I kind of would describe my own Lego playstyle a bit like that in terms of trying to imagine stories for particularly my Bionicle MOCS; or setting up creative displays in my Lego city. But at the end of the day; my sets really are display pieces now. Like the story I tell is meant to be finished in a static pose with the sets or figures, sitting on a shelf for others to see when they visit my room. Like displaying my G2 MOC's of Ahkmou, Gavla and Kirop figures alongside the Skull Villains; or assembling Disney characters in front of Cinderella's Castle and the Disney Train alongside Marvel and Simpsons characters as a reminder of Disney's ever growing mergers; or my Avenger's all rushing out to fight Thanos and his minions, even small things like a train engineer in one of my city displays with a remote control box suggesting he is manning his train remotely from outside its cab. Its like the creative play is really just leaving the figures at the end of the day, where they make the most sense and tell a story even in their static display. Very rarely does it feel like the freeform games I had as a child.
  2. I am watching the video now. I really need to get started on my five page paper about Medea... but Bonks are more interesting!
  3. That... leaves me with more questions than answers.
  4. Same... I don't have Instagram. So um, take notes for the rest of us?
  5. Just hitting refresh a few times to see what happens...
  6. My current theories are its either going to be something like an art book (i.e. The Art of Bionicle by Christian Faber) for the line's 20th anniversary, a fan initiative (Faber and Fans make their own G3), or he just was Bionicle nostalgic and wanted to mess with it for a year before telling us all to just go watch Rebel Nature instead. If Lego was actually involved, I'd imagine it as a Lego House type display and not a new launch. We know Lego years ago contacted Faber to get some Bionicle stuff for the Lego House... maybe that is finally going to pay off and we are about to see a Bionicle museum of sorts? But since Faber has hinted Lego is not involved with this, then that seems unlikely.
  7. Okay, I guess we can stop arguing if its tomorrow or not.
  8. Well that is how I retcon the references of romance with the "love isn't canon" rule. Velika "hacked" the Matoran to give them sentience, but its likely the Matoran took on the Great Being's and maybe even Velika's views of life as a result of that hack. If we take Legends of Metru-Nui and Web of Shadows; we know marriage is canon (i.e. Sidorak and Roodaka) and the Matoran have a concept of romance (i.e. Matau jokes about it with Nokama)... but we also have to reconcile that with the "love isn't canon" statement. I take it then that the relationships we see in particular with Hewkii & Macku, and to a lesser extent Jaller & Hahlii and maybe even Vhisola's attitude towards Nokama; are not love as biologically reproducing creatures such as humans, Agorii or Glatorian would understand it; but instead more like a child just mimicking what they see their parents and adults do. Like have you ever seen a seven year old confess their love to another kid and then go around holding hands? Its innocently cute, but its hardly what an adult would consider to be romantic love. I think that is pretty much the Matoran extent of understand of romance, gender and sex; they know it exists even if only via just weird bits of programming and knowledge quirks left over from the Great Beings... but they really lack the full picture to completely grasp what they are doing. So Hewkii and Macku hang out, and their actions would seem romantic to a human viewer; but between Hewkii and Macku the intent is really just the same as the little kids holding hands I mentioned earlier... just parroting and copying what their creators the Great Beings would have done... without fully understanding the intent. Again, Velika (and maybe Tren Krom or Mata Nui) would be the only beings in the entire MU to really understand a natural world as we the human audience would, and since it was Velika who screwed with Matoran programming to make them sentient in the first place it seems likely a lot of Matoran behavior just is copying his own personal opinions, biases and world views. Like to put it in Greek terms, Matoran understand Agape and Philia definitions of love, love for their common matoran, love of their deity Mata-Nui, and the purposes of charity and brotherhood (Unity, Duty, Destiny and the like). But they lack the idea of Eros, romantic love and anything the Matoran do that resembles romance as an adult human/Agorii or Glatorian would understand it is really just a subconscious childlike attempt to imitate what the Great Beings understood while lacking the context completely. In a meta sense, its almost representative of a company ran and operated by adults (Lego) trying to make an epic fantasy world for children (there is a small part of me that wishes Greg never really canonized the Great Beings as a Glatorian group... I would much rather pretend they are far futuristic human-like characters with funny names for the Matoran such as Thompson, Faber, Farshtey and Swinnerton... ) Back to gender, its really just a side affect of their element for most Matoran, and to our knowledge the Av-Matoran were the only group of Matoran that had both genders represented in their ranks. So if anyone where to question the purpose of gender, it would be the Matoran of Light; because for everyone else the real important societal identify is elemental affiliation. Of course the more interesting aspect is the Av-Matoran hidden in society... again Takua spent almost his whole existence thinking he was a Ta-Matoran and there are countless unidentified Av-Matoran scattered across the former Matoran Universe who probably are unaware of their true elemental affiliation due to the Time Slip.
  9. I know it was established in 2001, I have memories of arguing with my five year old sister when she said all Bionicle characters were 'boys' way back then. Maybe it wasn't completely canonized in a hard rule, but everything we had seen was Ga-Matoran were all women and everyone else was a male and I just sort of; knew that was the rules? Hard to explain without a direct source. As for Matoran anatomy... if we go at it from a canon perspective; I think really what makes a Matoran male or female might depend just completely on the programming of the Great Beings. Its possible there is some chemical or hormonal production that differentiates a male or female; or some sort of programming was hard coded to make them act male or female in the eye's of the Great Beings. While the films like Mask of Light and Legends of Metru Nui suggested there are physical differences between the sexes (I.E. Hahli's armor, or Nokama being much slimmer than the male Toa Metru members), but the canonicity of that is debatable since the sets didn't reflect that. We know it was important enough to the Great Beings that they were assigning genders to elements and sometimes reversed their choice if they felt it wasn't a perfect match. With Psionics we know the first Toa with that power was Orde, but while he was a male; all subsequent Toa and Matoran of that element were female. It all feels very, clinical, very engineering like with the Great Beings making adjustments to it all from whatever their logic dictates were. Would Matoran ever debate the meaning of their gender? I really don't know. I feel their society views gender just, differently than humans would; especially since it plays no role in reproduction. Elemental affiliation is probably a bigger identity in their mind than gender would be; and Takua's reveal as an Av-Matoran was probably a huge shock to anyone on Mata Nui. It seems repeatedly elemental affiliation was a huge cultural influence, and it even reflected in Toa teams were we saw Onewa butting heads with Vakama; which one could argue is a sub conscious result of the animosity between the Ta-Matoran and Po-Matoran rooted in the Matoran Civil War (interesting that the amnesia reset on Mata-Nui erased that old rivalry and the Ta and Po Matoran were much more friendly than they were on Metru Nui...)
  10. Well this is an interesting find, its an interview with somebody who made it into the late process for the Lego Master's casting call; but ultimately didn't make it for the final cast: https://www.deseret.com/entertainment/2020/3/26/21133433/lego-masters-fox-adam-herendeen-utah-corey-maxfield
  11. There are a few DnD 5E things made by fans that are Bionicle based. This fan made creature supplement for 5E tries to bring some more Bionicle style creatures into DnD too: https://www.dmsguild.com/product/302583/WARFORGED-The-Xorforged--A-Bestiary The cover art alone should tip you off to the Bionicle inspiration. I think the Warforged rules from the Eberron books would be a great place to start building characters. I actually have prototyped a Lewa inspired character on DND Beyond using the stock Warforged rules and multi-classing him as a Druid and Fighter. I haven't played any of the Bionicle specific supplements so I can't tell you how well they translate Bionicle to 5E, but its proof the idea has been toyed with and there are materials for it. I think its obligatory for RPG players to show off their dice collections right? Red Star Games is a D20 system based Bionicle game: https://www.redstargames.org/ Again I haven't tested this so I can't really say how well it plays. Obviously the benefit of DnD 5E or any D20 based system, is that D20 packs are very abundant and can be found at almost any games store As for Fate, I am glad somebody mentioned it. I have played around with Fate 3rd Edition (Dresden Files in particular). While the special dice are available, you can play it with any regular D6 dice. Fate is a 'lighter' system than DnD 5E is, less math; but it comes with easier customization. I'd pick up either a Fate 3rd Edition game such as Dresden Files; or a Fate Core (4th edition) or Fate Accelerated book. Fate Accelerated is a trimmed down version of Fate Core that is meant to be a simplified version of the main Fate games. The only thing you need in addition to dice with the Fate books is some sort of token marker to keep track of 'Fate Points.' I use small plastic tokens that Fantasy Flight Games produces as my Fate Points. This is my kit for Fate system stuff. It shows the special dice, but they can easily be replaced with regular D6's if you don't want to buy special dice (Fate or Fudge dice aren't to expensive though compared to regular D20 packs, they are just harder to find since less stores carry them unless you order online). You can also see all my tokens mixed in with the dice. Each player only needs four dice... so honestly if you raid a Yahtzee game you can get all the D6's you need to run Fate.
  12. I sort of lean to the earlier sounds in a way. I know the lead track of the Power Pack was Paul Hardcastle's Killing Machines from his album "Extreme Global Hardcore" which was renamed to The Bionicle Music for the Power Pack release. That one is a banger, and it shows up a lot in MNOG and other early media up until 2004's Vahki Animations: https://music.instantlicensing.com/audio/killing-machines-1090149 As for the MNOG stuff, a lot of the original files Justin Lutcher composed are assumed lost. There are a few fans though who have recreated or reinterpreted those songs in modern high quality that are worth checking out: Of course I got to mention Nathan Furst and his orchestral works for the films. The fact he went back and re-recorded his music for a proper release on YouTube years after the fact is insane. That is some dedication. Most of my musical tastes are rock, but for some reason I never really got it to stick with Bionicle. Yes I can't listen to Move Along without thinking of the Toa Inika... but it still felt like an odd fit for the franchise. I never got that much into Cryoshell either. I sort of stopped following Bionicle as a kid in 2007 just as Cryoshell started playing for Lego, so I missed that train completely. EDIT: I guess what I feel about rock with Bionicle... is its not really a musical style that feels native to the story. Like its a sort of addition us humans made to the narration that the Matoran themselves wouldn't have picked. The weird techno-tribal fusion stuff from 2001 just sounds to me like the music the Matoran themselves would make, being a weird amalgamation of cyborgs living on a tribal island themselves. The orchestral stuff slides in as well, if only in the same way a Williams score fits Star Wars. No, at the end of Star Wars Luke doesn't sit down to listen to some Williams tracks; its not what people in Star Wars would actually listen to (Cantina Band and The Imperial March besides). But the Williams tracks convey the story's mood and tone to us in the audience. In the same way Furst's music seems to be telling the story along with the films. Where as something like Move Along is "this is a cool popular rock song lets run it with our toy commercial." Its a nice pairing, but All American Rejects are neither native to the Matoran world, nor does their song actively try and convey the story to the audience. Its only association with Bionicle is as a cool tune used in a cool commercial. Edit 2: Really getting off topic here, but an example of Williams music being adapted to sound "in-universe" to Star Wars is Michael Giachinno's scores for the Star Tours ride at Disneyland. It tries to take the film score's melodies, and turn it into some hammy travel company commercial tune. Its hilarious to think the epic scores from Star Wars only exist in the Star Wars universe as background noise in cheesy travel videos.
  13. In a close up fight, Makuta has his Rahkshi powers to overwhelm almost anyone in Star Wars. But from a distance, he would easily be zapped by a Death Star, Holdo Maneuver, Legend's Galaxy Gun, etc... Star Wars has a multitude of super weapons that would just blast Makuta from afar. My guess is Makuta would lay low for a bit. He's what, about three or four meters tall in his titan form? He'd probably look just like an advanced binary load lifter, and he could hide as a droid; disguised in the world until he learned enough to know if he could make his move. If he needed to fight, his powers would allow him to obliterate any foe... but he'd probably want to keep a low profile and not draw attention to his abilities. Without energized protodermis, I don't know if Terry could build any Rahkshi to raise an army, but his ability to take over machine bodies could help him hide in droids and convert them to his plans. He would live for thousands of generations past the human lifespan, allowing him to observe and plot much longer than even ideologies such as the Jedi and the Sith could be around. Remember by the point we see Makuta in the main Bionicle story, he is already older than almost the entire history of Star Wars even in the Legends continuity. As long as Makuta doesn't choose to live on a place like Aldderran, Hosnian Prime or Kajimi... he'll be fine.
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