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  1. How were they? Do they do any good in making G2 more fleshed out? Worth reading?
  2. Even better if you look in a lot of Metru Nui concept art and official maps (in addition to that image where one is visible in Ta-Metru in the distance), each Metru seems to have their own mini-Coliseum. It makes me wonder if there was originally going to be a more competitive sports angle to Metru-Nui with the suggestion of one grand arena and six smaller arenas in each district.
  3. Its not the only time a weird piece shows up in official set images that is not in the actual set, Nidhiki's disk launcher in promo photos is a different mold than the one used in the final set. What is interesting is Nidhiki's official images were taken as photos of the real Nidhiki set, not renders like later titans were (the tells are lots of details like molding lines, injector pin marks, small Lego lettering are all visible on the official art which most of the rendered sets lack). So it means Lego had created this part, photographed it; then changed it before final set release. Official Art: (note the extra mandibles on top of the disc launcher) Actual released set:
  4. Obviously there is some sort of rendering error there. Unreleased piece? Or just an oddity of the 3D model that was not on the final set? I have no clue, Bionicle has some pretty bad render goofs in the early years anyways so its not entirely surprising. Lots of clipped geometry etc. that would be impossible to recreate in real life (not to mention the bending knees on the Toa Mata and Toa Nuva in their product renders that was impossible on the real sets or downright cheats such as glowing eyes on Matoran sets that lacked actual eye stalks). For example: Or one of my favorites the 2003 Matoran that had glowing eyes in set art where the real set had no glowing eyes, and often the glowing eyes were placed in the wrong place and not covering the actual eyes of the old Tohunga head piece! (Something about the Matoran from 2003 makes me think they were digitally enhanced photos of the real sets though since they have mold markings and other details the CGI renders failed to capture, but its still funny to think that somebody on Photoshop had to go in and give them eyes where they lacked on the real sets) BTW the modified Hordika foot made its first appearance on Kalmah in the Barraki wave.
  5. As for story ideas, Greg has hinted its not a possibility because any new character or item names would require approval from Lego's legal team to be considered canon. Since G1 has been gone for ten years (and four years since G2 ended), I doubt Lego's lawyers would be willing to put in work to canonize new stories let alone is Lego willing to pay them to do it! The reason the canon contests have focused on existing characters is since Lego's lawyers did the legal work to clear their names a decade ago, the only addition they needed to complete their canon look was the MOC/artwork depicting them.
  6. Oooh yes. There is a reason I have all the Toa Masters and 5 of the Toa Uniters (darn you Pohatu!), the G2 Toa really felt like a return to the 2001-2002 roots that the Mata and Nuva set that G1 was never able to somehow recapture itself. Furthermore the changes between the Masters and Uniters are much nicer and well thought out than the differences between the Mata and Nuva. So many of the Nuva had been radically redesigned that if you removed the identifying color it would be hard to tell who was who, but the revamped masks and builds of the Uniters still felt very much in vein of who the characters we met in the Masters were. Not to mention the easter eggs, such as the inclusion of the Nuva symbols as chest decals on the Uniters (symbols which only showed up in packaging but never in G1 sets) felt like a nice nod to their 2002 predecessors. Even then, it was great to just have the original six Toa back in some form, seeing it had been 7 years since the Mistika/Phantoka years and 13 years since their Nuva and Mata forms. Furthermore G2's sets in general just did, a lot right. I know CCBS isn't for everyone since its normally is much smoother and futuristic than the rough and worn texture of G1 (pistons!) but CCBS is a very robust system that combined the best of Constraction with traditional Technic builds. I recently have rebuilt a few of my G2 sets after having previously built the Makuta combiner from them, and as I was putting stuff like Umarak the Destroyer and Lord of Skull Spiders together I was pleasantly reminded at how much Technic was in the models. LoSS feels very much like he belongs in the same family as the 2001 Rahi sets. Oh and the socket quality, CCBS is built to last in a way G1 never was. Speaking of sets, I came to love the Protector style and have many G1 characters "revamped" in the Protector style to bring them into the G2 story and I love how the little figures have so much articulation in G2. While I think the villains in G2 in general never hit the same high water mark as a wave that G1 had with stuff like the Bohrok or Pirakha, I do think Umarak the Hunter might be one of the best villain sets Bionicle ever put out; with a great spooky forest-man "wendigo" vibe to him. The Makuta combiner (while a pain to collect all the pieces needed to build it) is so spectacular in person and really shows the full potential G2 had. G2's biggest sins were in its story, and its unfortunate since I will stand by that the physical sets were well designed products and a much better final series for Bionicle sets collectors than 2010's Stars were.
  7. From a fanon perspective it could maybe work, but as for any official canon stance my best idea is that Ekimu was only inspired by both Mata-Nui and Artakha from G1. Artakha and Ekimu both are skilled crafters and wear the mask of creation, but Ekimu being "the brother of Makuta" and being put into a thousand year long slumber is all very very Mata-Nui like. My guess is since G2 is a reboot (with only a few Vahi related easter eggs to tie it back to G1 via any official means)is that Ekimu was created behind the scenes as an amalgamation of Mata-Nui with some Artakha characteristics (and maybe a dash of Turaga Vakama too), but is at the core still a new character and not intended to be the exact equivalent to any G1 character. Really the only canonical G2 characters that can be seen as direct successors to their originals are the Toa and Makuta, since they share the same names and story roles (even then its arguable if they could even be considered the same characters to some degree, since some of the Toa such as Pohatu have very drastic differences in their attitude and portrayal between generations).
  8. I know I have wondered before it would be possible to remaster MNOG into a Flash-less remake with HD sprite and sound assets, but since my total skill with programming is in Matlab I feel very ill equipped to even attempt the idea or participate in it; so I always feel guilty for suggesting it!
  9. I'm just going to be crazy here and suggest the fanon that a pearl gold/glitter Kraata (be it a misprint, knock-off, one off, etc.) is Melding Alternate Universe Makuta's "Kraata of Peace" or "Kraata of Courage". Because come on... that is totally the Kraata this Makuta would produce.
  10. Much of our idea of Terridax as he was in later stories really hadn't been fleshed out in those early years, and it has to be understand that Makuta in his first incarnation was never planned to become the mastermind villain he was in later years. As such the MNOG Makuta is much more symbolic as a spiritual villain or boogie man, he is the Yang to Mata-Nui's Yin. If Mata-Nui was the force of creation then Makuta was one of destruction. Both are a part of the Lego process, Lego sets get build up but must be destroyed before they can be rebuilt as something else. So Makuta' swirling void form in its most basic was just a metaphor for loose Lego pieces, and when he says "destruction lives in all your hearts" referring to the Toa and Matoran, it can be taken literally since they are all Lego products and as such destruction and creation is the same cycle they are trapped in. The same idea with how the Toa Mata had to absorb the Shadow Toa forms, it was them having to face their own innate abilities for destruction in their nature and accept their dark side.
  11. The one in the back wearing Nuparu's Inika mask (Jovan) was the Turaga of Voya-Nui prior to his death.
  12. If you want the best application, an airbrush and then a second coat of clear-gloss paint would be the best looking. Spray paint is fine, but it usually leaves behind a texture that isn't very smooth looking.
  13. If you have the specific URL's for any of the lost MOC's, the Wayback Machine is probably your best bet... and since you said its already not working for you its probably a lost cause. At this point I'd say it is like the situation with MOCpages' old content, its all lost in the internet void except a few small bits that the Wayback Machine somehow managed to save before the site vanished. Really the best time capsule into old school Bionicle MOCs is in printed media, Lego Club Magazine MOC spotlights, the old Rahi and Dark Hunter books, etc. Brickshelf is still up too and has MOCs going all the way back to the early 2000's and would also be a good place to check.
  14. Yes. I have actually have been thinking about the material changes too. The original 2001-2003 masks I think used regular LEGO ABS, while the 2003-2010 masks used a more soft plastic, I think its the same type the Toa weapons were made of and maybe even Lego plants. I do give credit to G2, while I don't think those masks were ABS they did use a harder plastic that felt much more in line with the 2001-2003 mask range than later G1 masks did. But yeah the classic masks would have definitely helped in 2006 and 2007 especially, imagine the Voya Nui Resistance team if they didn't look like mini Toa Metru. At the very least its a shame the 2004 masks didn't see many recolors either (just one Metru Blue Great Ruru... really?) The robot was always planned out, but I don't really know if they did intend for the Matoran to return to the inside of the robot or not to be honest. It seems the early story stuff I have read suggested that Mata-Nui was meant to be settled by the "colonizers" who were in stasis tubes inside the Great Spirit Robot; and that the Matoran had failed to wake them up because Makuta made them lose their purpose. With that said... I think since Mata-Nui was always supposed to "wake up" I I think there were always plans to smash the island especially since the Bohrok's purpose to clean the island was established since 2002. Either way, I think Metru-Nui as a city inside the GSR was a later addition. It took me several years, but I finally restored my Toa Mata, Bohrok and Turaga sets after Bricklinking a lot of new pieces. The problem with most of the parts there, other than a few cracked sockets; one of my dogs had gone through a chewing spree on my Lego pieces as a kid. For years my Kopaka had a lame-ankle for example since the socket was loose and partially open because the dog chewed on his foot. Tahu Nuva's fire swords had teeth marks in them. Vakama's fire staff was a makeshift Technic axle with a System flame piece stuck on top since the dog completely turned the fire staff to little red bits. My early Bionicle sets were just physically abused, and I am glad to have almost finished restoring them all (I just miss one socket to fix a Gahlok Kal that I bought second hand off Bricklink and the socket broke in shipping). The rubber bands are a lost cause... I have to use non-Lego replacements but hey I can't be to upset over just the rubber bands at this point. But... I am glad I kind of quit G1 when I did (2007 after the first few Barraki sets) since I think the line's quality control problems really kicked off about then and lasted until Hero Factory introduced CCBS. Knock on wood, but my Ehlek (one of my last G1 sets I got as a kid) has zero broken sockets. I think the fact I lost interest in Bionicle after the Barraki wave meant I only assembled Ehlek once, but now I am afraid to ever take him apart since lime joints have such a reputation. But yeah its unfortunate that despite Bionicle's popularity it had some of Lego's worst quality control issues.
  15. Built it a few weeks ago, I didn't do it with a 3D MoUP, instead using a stock Mask of Control as a stand in. Building it was a bit tricky, I bounced between several photo sources and videos to try and get different angles. I think Eljay's stuff on the TTV channel has the best views of the build and its components. There are also some photos on Flickr of Lego's original Makuta model that make a great reference to try and get it as close to how the original Journey to One build was. Building it is satisfying because it is a challenging model, and once finished has the size and heft to make it really feel like a massive display centerpiece. That size really hampers posing and play aspects. The gear function for the arms is completely useless and really doesn't offer much to the model especially since the shoulders block so much of the motion. The model can stand on its own, but the limited articulation in the legs makes it hard to pose really effectively. The skirt also limits leg motion really locking Makuta into an almost constant standing pose (or standing with a slightly bent knee pose). The staff is so massive that even with friction extenders its hard for Makuta to really hold it up steady without placing the bottom end on the ground to provide additional support. Its clear as a concept model, Makuta never went through the same quality assurance processes as an official set, it really feels like a high end MOC and not an official Bionicle product. With that said the staff is a fun build since the planetary gear function makes spinning it really easy and fun, and the switchblade arms are kind of neat. You also have to consider what sets you are sacrificing to get the build. Lord of Skull Spiders, 2016 Tahu and Ikir, 2016 Onua, both Umarak the Hunter and Destroyer models, and Skull Grinder vs Ekimu. When it comes to playability and action I'd say those sets individually are more impressive than Makuta, and breaking them down to make Makuta feels almost like a waste. A big reason I haven't broken down my Makuta yet though to rebuild those other sets though is because Makuta's build is so complex and massive any project to break it down would take hours before I'd have all those sets assembled again, and none of their building processes are quite as interesting or innovative as Makuta's are. The big pro to Makuta though as I mentioned already is that size and heft. Put that guy on a shelf and he TOWERS over almost everything else. Really my only other Bionicle set of a similar height is Roodaka, but while she is about as tall as Makuta she is much thinner and feels light. Makuta is just heavy to hold, he has a powerful aura and when you put him on a shelf... he is KING. Makuta while not as fun as a toy is probably the best Bionicle build I have ever made for display purposes, it draws the eye in and dominates my own display (G1 sets from 2001 all the way to G2's 2016 and my MOCS). Its the other big reason I have yet to break down the build, I really just love how he looks on the shelf. As much as I miss 2016 Tahu and Ikir right now, its hard to swallow the thought of restoring them to their glory as long as Makuta just towers over everything. If you can somehow get the parts for Makuta in bulk/used packs definately do it if you want to avoid the "should I break down my sets" dilemma I am in. If I had enough spare parts to have built Makuta separately I would never consider taking it apart, the only reason I keep thinking about it is because I miss the sets I had to breakdown to build Makuta up. Although when we consider that G1 Makuta was originally supposed to be a symbolic representation of the "destructive" side of Lego and how the Lego creative process requires breaking down other creations... maybe in a sense having G2 Makuta built like that is the embodiment of everything the character has ever stood for in all iterations of Bionicle.
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