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  1. My thoughts if G1 were to be continued: Finish the serials (obviously) Re-tell the existing story if possible via new medium, imagine an animated series like The Clone Wars telling the G1 story or something. Or... perhaps the best idea... restart the story in a new location. What were the Toa and Matoran not from Metru/Mata/Voya/Karda-Nui doing in G1? What was society like in the Great Spirit Robot in far off lands before the Great Cataclysm? How did Matoran survive in the far corners of the universe after the Cataclysm? Or even outside the GSR, what is happening on Bota Magna and Bara Magna during all those years after The Shattering? Yes it would still be G1, but it would be a completely blank slate offering a new perspective on unseen corners of the universe.
  2. Just random, but I want to speak candidly of some of my thoughts of Bionicle and the fandom as a whole right now. Maybe something I can share for future reference if anyone wants to know what my thoughts are on different things regarding Bionicle. Somedays I don't really care about the Bionicle community's past, I have been on this website on and off for 14 years; 14 years in the Lego community online. Something that surprises me constantly is how people though are still bringing up so to speak "the sins of the past." I hear all the time about "Well seven years ago TTV said this" or "8 years ago somebody posted this on BZPower" and sometimes it seems grudges are still going back to the day and age when Mask of Destiny was still active. I frankly... don't get it. I'm 26 years old, I wake up every morning and see the beard on my face, and lately have been trying to wrap my mind around how in the world I am going to finish my degree during the middle of a global pandemic. 14 years ago when I first joined this community I was not the same person I am today, and I can't help but feel like that applies to everyone in this community. Yes, maybe people wronged people in the Bionicle fan community 5, 10, 15 or almost 20 years ago... but why are we still hung up over it? Do we really want to judge others based on the actions and words they said when they were 10, 11, 12 or 13 years old? I certainly wouldn't want anyone to be quoting the stupid stuff I said when I was 12 years old in the present day, and I figure its best to give people the same consideration. Nuvaboobs are still stupid. I don't think I need to explain this one. I loved G2, warts and all. Most of my MOC's are CCBS heavy. I love a system who's sockets won't break apart if I sneeze in their direction. Yes I know its not following "the G1 aesthetics" but... since when did G1 ever have a consistent design? I can barely put a Toa Mata right next to a Toa Metru without them looking night and day in difference, and they were only released three years apart from each other. Yes G2's story and advertising was abysmal, but I am just glad it happened since it is what re-ignited my fascination in Bionicle as an adult. G1 wasn't perfect either. Don't get me wrong, I love G1 and have a lot of hard baked nostalgia for the early years 2001-2003 especially. I have recently been sucked back into mask collecting, and am hoping to soon have a complete collection of the 2001 masks (excluding the pricier misprints... I will complete those on a later date). But for everything G1 did right, I think its fair to look critically at its flaws. The early figures were simple, and pretty clone-ish. I think its understandable (even if a bit frustrating) as to why many AFOL's in 2001 dismissed Bionicle outright, since (outside the Technic heavy Rahi and Titans) the theme never had any really complex building in the early years. The Toa Mata as iconic as they are, were pretty crude as action figures with limited articulation and large single piece limbs. G1's early years will hold a special place in my heart, but I think its fair to look at it with a critical eye and recognize the flaws it had while also celebrating the things it did right.
  3. My thoughts too reading this thread... Makuta is monologuing a lot to himself in Mangaia. The comics which had him narrating certain scenes also can be seen as him talking to himself (remember the 2001 comic with the big infected Hau looming over a swarm of Rahi during Makuta's narration?). At least in the 1000 years after the Great Cataclysm... I bet Makuta did not get to leave Mangaia a lot... so he might have some cabin fever locked up in his lair and scheming.
  4. Disney and Universal are the two leading theme park companies in what I would call "immersive design" and would be my two top picks for a theme park, I would lean more towards Disney though since Universal is known for using a lot more projectors and screens in their attractions which takes me out of the immersion a bit. I know technically Merlin Entertainment has the Bionicle rights through Legoland, but for this hypothetical scenario I am imagining it as a Disney park. As for locale... the Island of Mata-Nui makes a prime location for a theme park. It has Bionicle's most iconic locations, and the hub and spoke design would be extremely easy to imitate in the theme park layout. Our park guests will begin the day via entering on the Ta-Wahi beach... with the security gates and ticket sands on a faux-sand concrete, a water feature off to the side suggesting the Aqua-Magna oceans and Tahu's lone canister washed ashore. Although off limits to park guests, the Great Telescope towers over the area and might even have an animatronic Nixie up there staring at the stars. The park's main entry will then follow up a winding path through the charred forest ending in a central hub point of Ta-Koro with Mount Ihu and the Mangai volcano towering in the background (imagine as similar layout to Tokyo Disney Sea and its Mysterious Island actually). Mount Ihu and Mangai with Ta-Koro at the base act as the park's "weenie" (an actual theme park design term about using large structures to draw in guests attention and serve as a visual icon, also aiding in guest navigation through the park). A cable car ride will take guests over the Mangai and to Ko-Koro which is on the opposite end of the park. Ta-Koro will have some sort of E-ticket... perhaps a lava surfing themed ride or roller coaster along the Mangai. Ta-Koro will also serve as a central commercial hub, with several shops and eateries for park guests and a stage for park shows and events. Lucky guests might find Takua or Jaller at work in the Ta-Koro area. Lastly, Ta-Koro is the access point to the Onu-Wahi highway system. Unlike the MNOG system, this highway will have access to Ga-Koro and Ko-Koro too... just to provide ease of park flow and insuring Ko-Koro's only access point isn't the previously mentioned cable cars. Le-Wahi will focus on the Le-Koro tree tops offering a vibrant futuristic jungle (think Pandora at Disney's Animal Kingdom) and a central E-Ticket at the Kini-Nui. The Kini-Nui attraction will drop into Mangai, perhaps taking guests through the Bohrok Nests and offering a brief glimpse at Metru-Nui in the distance; culminating in a face to face encounter with Makuta himself! Imagine something similar to Universal's Harry Potter rides for example. Additional family friendly attractions in Le-Koro will focus on the various tamed Rahi in the jungle, perhaps offering Gukko rides or other experiences. The Kini-Nui also offers a place to learn Bionicle lore, for the uninitiated. Ko-Koro is built around ice, and the park has several playgrounds and ice caves to explore and family attractions themed around skiing and sledding. A major E-Ticket will take guests into Mauka hunting with Matoro, think something along the lines of Disney's Matterhorn and Expedition Everest. Guests can explore the knowledge temple, and perhaps seek out wisdom from Nuju in his sanctum. Onu-Koro is completely enclosed, and the interior building will make guests feel like they are in a constant state of nighttime down there. Perhaps a water flume attraction could serve as a solid D-Ticket through the flooded Great Mine tunnels, while other attractions will highlight the stout miners life of the Onu-Koro guilds-man. A family attraction gives guests the chance to experience riding on the back of an Ussal crab. At the bottom of the land, the "layer of unbreakable strata" hints at the massive Great Spirit Robot buried underneath the island. Po-Wahi is a desert of carved rock, imagine something like Car's Land in California Adventure. The Po-Koro marketplace is a vibrant outpost for guests, and they can join in a game of Kohli or purchase their own Hafu originals to take home. A Lego experience full of Bionicle parts also offers guests a chance to create their own custom Bionicle heroes in the park, featuring exclusive and rare masks only available in the park itself. I don't know what the E or D ticket ride would be here, maybe a dark ride where guests join Pohatu as he fights the Nui-Jaga. A visit to the Turaga's hidden Kraata cave offers guests a chilling locale to visit, and park cast members remind guests to be wary of Ahkmou, who is represented as an animatronic figure in the central village working his Comet Ball Stall. Ga-Koro provides a tranquil shade covered market, with plenty of water based attractions and ocean themed sights. Perhaps a motion simulator can take guests boat racing with Macku, leading them to encounter a wild Tarakava and be saved by aid of Gali. A more tame boat attraction (think like the Jungle Cruise or Navi River Journey) takes guests on a tranquil journey along the shores of Ga-Koro. Park food will be interesting, it has to be palatable enough for human consumption but kind of alien and strange, along the lines of the menu items at Star Wars Galaxy's Edge. Its unique and flavorful, and park guests might even get a passing comment on the Matoran being disgusted at how humans eat with their mouths and maskless! Either way, the food is unique and offers guests the sensation of being in a foreign land (even if a few of the menu items are just traditional theme park corn dogs and burgers, it will still have a twist to them to keep them from being bland and "Earth like")
  5. I mean you can always crib other pop culture references and see if that can give them enough of an idea of how the setting works, I.E: 1) A sci-fi setting created by mysterious "Great Beings" who have long since vanished (ala Halo's Forerunners) 2) The entire species in this world are various Warforged-esque sub races, cybernetic beings created artificially to serve the world (ala Dungeon's and Dragon's Eberron setting's Warforged) 3) The civilization is divided into several elemental tribes, and have spiritual-warrior champions called Toa protecting them (maybe draw a comparison to something like Avatar the Last Airbender?) 4) Its based on an old Lego theme (maybe go to a used Lego store and grab some bulk Bionicle bricks, and after they create their characters give them the chance to MOC up their character in actual Lego to use as a game token of sorts?) Maybe its cheap to compare Bionicle to other pop-culture icons... but I would think saying "Polynesian Transformers from Lego" as cheesy as it sounds, is kind of the attitude you need to rope them into play. Break down the universe into its simple components, then create an elevator pitch to the players to recruit them to the game. I would think it would be important to keep "the big secret" with Mata-Nui being a giant robot well, a secret as long as possible. Sure if they use Google the players might learn the true nature of Mata-Nui and the Great Spirit Robot; but part of the shock and awe of Bionicle is that world building around the GSR without ever outright explaining it was the GSR until late in the story. If your players discover the GSR's nature from external sources, make sure they remember to treat it as meta-knowledge until their player characters actually figure it out. If you can, maybe invite them to play MNOG. The game is a quick primer and guide to the style of Bionicle from its early years, setting up the big secrets without revealing anything major... If you can, don't let your players know more about the franchise than we did as kids back in 2001. Also you say you have a Toa of Lightning and Psionics in the group already. Are these player characters, or NPC's? Make sure if you have such powerful NPC's to not let them become "DMPC's" and overshadow your players. Arguably you could use them as training wheel characters in the first few sessions, and then kill them off to give your players incentive to engage with the main quest. If they are PC's though, that sounds like fun and will make interesting player characters in the game.
  6. I have only done a mask repaint project once for my infected Huna: The entire paint was done using Citadel paints. I actually hand brushed it, and I was surprised at how clean the colors were for handbrushing. The mud texturing was from a Citadel texture pack specifically for that type of effect. Since it is supposed to be an infected mask I wasn't particularly concerned about it looking super smooth anyway, however if I did want a smooth color I'd go and buy an airbrush and use airbrush ready paints to get a crisp finish. As for color matching, I have vague memory of that being a topic over on the TTV forums once. Might be worth checking there to see if they have advice on selecting a proper color.
  7. ^For some reason this comes to mind. I'm pretty impressed, its neat to get such organic shaping from Bionicle parts!
  8. That actually sounds great. Please do! (At the very least we can discuss why the Onu and Po Matoran share the Black & Tan color scheme... that is an oddity that still sticks out to me. )
  9. "Production went smoothly for the most part though I think we suffered from featuritis, over-stuffing the game with ideas that we didn’t have time to properly follow through with" that is interesting to hear from Gordon, since I have struggled with MNOG2 for that reason, I find that so many of the game features bogged down the story and slowed the pacing in a way that felt like a step backwards from MNOG's brisk movement. Especially in the era of dial up internet, MNOG2's slower game and features really just caused it to grind to a halt. With that said, a lot of credit to Gordon and the Templar team for creating so many of the Matoran we know and love. I think Bionicle owes a lot of its longevity to the "NPC" characters MNOG created and how it fleshed out the world into something that felt alive.
  10. Ehhhh. G1's cancellation hit when I was not really collecting the theme anymore. In 2010 it had been three years since I had bought my last Bionicle set in 2007. So I heard the theme was wrapping up, I read the final comics that came with Lego Club and was satisfied at the Rock-Em-Sock-Em finale. And... that was about all I thought of it. I had other Lego themes I was focused on at the time, so Bionicle dying didn't really hit me to hard other than a "all things must end someday" type of reaction. By G2 I was back into collecting Bionicle sets, so it hit me a bit harder. Beginning all the way back in December 2015 or January 2016; there were already rumors about the theme under-performing, not doing well and the fan debates got pretty hot here on BZPower and Eurobricks which I was also frequenting at that time. It started to really show as the 2016 sets were becoming much harder to find on shelves and weren't as widely available as the 2015 ones were. I remember finally hearing the news officially break when the final episodes of Journey to One dropped, and after reading the news I fired up Netflix and sat down and watched those last two episodes. Yeah G2 left me more upset at its cancellation, but I really can't say my reaction was as strong as yours. Was I sad? Yes. But I had seen the theme cancelled once already, and I ultimately was more impressed the line got a second chance at life at all. So I guess if anything, 2016 left me with a sense of gratitude it got that brief second life; no matter how frustratingly cut short it was. I mean... plastic lasts a thousand years they say. So its not like the line getting cancelled caused a Thanos snap that destroyed all my sets, so in that regard nothing changed at all either time.
  11. I mean if you want to get really technical, the line was in its early conception in the late 1990's... so while the public release didn't happen until the 2001 Winter wave (with some sets hitting shelves in 2000), Bionicle certainly existed prior even if only in internal Lego and Advanced documents and prototypes. Its interesting to note though that much of the 2001 launch media seemed to be made in the same year, with Saffire Studio's cancelled Legends of Mata Nui and Templar Studio's MNOG both made during 2001, with apparently in MNOG's case very little if almost no work done in 2000 at all.
  12. Yeah I can't blame you. If I ever decided to pursue my Krana collection I'd focus only on the rubber ones too and only a VMKK one if I am lucky to have an opportunity to pick one up. I just wanted to joke with it a bit.
  13. But what about the Sterling Silver, Vacuum Metal and Dark Gray Plastic Krana?
  14. The eye colors you got seem to match the Metru eye colors actually, not the Mata eyes. So it would be with the Mata eye colors: Gali: Trans Neon Yellow Lewa: Trans Neon Green Tahu: Trans Neon Pink Pohatu: Trans Neon Orange (actually the color of the Kaukau he got IRL) Kopaka: Trans medium/light blue Onua: Trans dark green But as I pointed out already, Pohatu did in fact already get a mask that matches his eye color! So in a sense, his oddball mask fits already with your proposal. When we consider the European Misprints both a Trans medium/light blue and a Trans Neon Yellow Kaukau's exist, so we could experiment on how it looks on Kopaka and Gali, while Onua could take Lewa's official Trans dark green mask for himself. Unfortunately if you want to recreate this in real life, Tahu and Lewa would be impossible without some heavy customization; since the Kaukau was never cast in their respective eye stalk colors. Ultimately, it would probably result in the same view as Pohatu, each mask would very heavily contrast with the color schemes of the Toa by taking what is at best a tertiary color on the original set and turning it into a secondary color. If we could turn back the clock to the design phase of the mask, it would have been neat to have had the Kaukau to be two separate pieces, a trans-clear visor and a solid face mask; similar to the style we saw in MNOG. I don't know though if a two piece mask with a separate visor would have been tough enough to handle the rough "mask game" play suggested with the sets though, so a single piece was probably the more solid option for the toys. A few MNOG and MNOG II shots to showcase what I mean with how the games depicts their Kaukau's.
  15. Man this discovery is going to make a few collector completionists start to sweat.
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