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  1. Hero Factory starring: Hmmm yes, crazy times in Lego Hero Factory I tell you what.
  2. Clearly we are asking the wrong question. Is Nobua a Boxor pilot?
  3. I sure hope it was a dumb seven year old who asked that question, because that is below the belt.
  4. A new Black Keys double LP made of covers of classic blue's standards? Sign me up!
  5. The thing is toys fueled the story, story fueled the toys; etc. Almost impossible to imagine Bionicle without both aspects. The only comparison I can make to a toyline story sans toyline, is IDW's Transformers comics. It is firmly rooted in 80's G1 Transformers lore, but 30+ years separated from the original toys allowing more creative freedom in the storytelling. Maybe someday we might see that for Bionicle if we are lucky.
  6. They're buried somewhere on Brickshelf, but the European Misprints also made it to display in LEGOLAND California showing they made it to the states in that same display set up with the misprints. They were indeed in the international mask packs (commonly called European due to their factory origins, but they would be the mask packs available in Asia and Latin America as well). US mask packs came in boxes as set 8525: Masks while the international set 8530: Masks was were the misprints were in polybag form. This trend of dual releasing US mask packs in boxes and international ones as polybags continued until 2003 when the Kraata was released as a single canister with the same set number in both US and international markets. Worth noting though of the misprints we do know the black Ruru while technically a misprint included in 8530, would see mass production as Hafu's mask in both 2001 and 2003 and a few red Ruru's were one of the masks that were possible to get in the clock set!
  7. A forewarning, this is mostly speculation based on tenuous evidence; so don't quote this as gospel... but I have a gut feeling the existence of the fabled European misprints are evidence of cancelled plans for the original Bionicle launch. The term we use "misprint" always felt odd to me. A misprint is a one off mold shot, a factory accident, a faulty machine, etc. But the European Misprint masks are, although rarer than the main production Kanohi are still obviously a mass produced item. It seems unlikely to me that Lego created thousands of masks in eight different color variations with three different molds (Ruru, Matatu and Kaukau) before realizing they had made "misprints." It is almost farcical to imagine Lego having piles of thousands of masks before realizing that they had a collection of "mistakes" filling up their factory. So it presents a more likely argument, that Lego deliberately produced them for something which as later cancelled or scaled back. We know Lego furthermore had codes for many of the misprint masks, along with color variants for many other masks we never saw, in their piece catalogs. We also have seen a few even rarer misprints, the Brown Komau and the White Huna for example which while they are one offs they seem to match the coloring scheme of the other Noble mask misprints (i.e. using a Toa's primary color for a Noble mask). So my running hypothesis is the following, Lego originally intended for the mask line to include Noble mask variants for not just the Turaga, but also the Toa as well. I.E. the Toa would have had to collect matching Noble masks for themselves as well; not to dissimilar from what we see in Legend of Mata Nui and MNOG where the Toa use masks such as the Matatu, Ruru or Komau. It is likely that the International (or European) market was in production a bit before the US sets began production, so the European factories began producing these masks for the Toa starting with the Matatu and Ruru; before the decision was made by the higher ups to pull the plug and trim the mask packs to a smaller set of masks, focusing instead on just one set of Great masks for each Toa and one set of Noble Masks for the Turaga. The Kaukau's are a little bit harder to explain, but it is possible they were originally intended for the Turaga colors (i.e. the Trans-Yellow on say, Vakama and the trans-Medium Blue on Nuju or Nokama). Yes, I know in Bionicle canon the idea of a Turaga wearing a Great Mask is a little silly, but it is possible that decision to limit the noble masks to the Turaga was made after Lego made the decision to cancel the Turaga variants of the Great Mask molds. It is also possible those Kaukau's were intended instead for Matoran, many have pointed out that Macku is not wearing the same mask as Gali and is the only McToran to do such. Either way, I feel that there is an unsolved mystery here regarding the production of the early Bionicle mask packs, the existence and style of the known misprints feels to intentional to just be a simple manufacturing mistake to me. I would love it if anyone else had more evidence or some insight into what was going on with those masks when released, to see if my speculation is right or not.
  8. Basically it sounds like the Vahki were used as a "Worf" to get beaten up and show how tough the new big bad was in 2005.
  9. Yep currently that is an issue. I think 3D printing works fine for "low load bearing" components like masks, but the socket joints require the precision that only injection molding can offer; and unless 3D printing makes leaps and bounds in the next few years it is going to be the hardest hurdle to making new Bionicle parts at home. There are online people who have printed sockets, but they look very rough compared to the official Lego ones.
  10. The reason #ReleaseTheSynderCut worked was a couple of fortunate factors, 1) a massive fandom who wanted it 2) a director willing to waive his fee to do the film as a passion project 3) actors who wanted to come back and do it 4) a multi-billion dollar studio part of a multi-billion dollar company needing a headlining film to launch their new streaming service Bionicle has a respectable fandom, but lets not kid ourselves into pretending its anywhere near the size of the DC Comics fandom. So already we lack the clout needed to make Lego think "easy cash" when we ask for something. Another thing too, we already have a hashtag for Bionicle, #biovival. Its short, concise and comes from co-creator Christian Faber (so it has some sort of small celebrity clout). Basically at this point the only thing we are in a position to ask for is "Lego, consider bringing back Bionicle" and that is an uphill climb against their last experience with Bionicle in G2 and its sales issues. A long hashtag list of fan wishes is just going to confuse the people we are asking, Lego knows what Bionicle was but asking them to continue the serials or listing off fan favorite characters is not productive because I bet 98% of Lego staff (outside those who are Bionicle fans like designers Tooth Dominos or Nic Vas) would not have a darn clue as to what we are talking about. Biovival, its simple, short and comes across not as a fan wish list but instead a clear message that we just simply want to have another go with Bionicle. With that said... we do need to get comfortable with the fact that no matter how much we ask Lego's answer might still be "no" at the end of the day. The fact Sokoda's diorama is getting a second shot on the Bricklink designer program is frankly already a small miracle (since Lego owns Bricklink it would be basically a backdoor Bionicle set release if Sokoda's gets produced), not to mention the fact Lego isn't slapping all the Bionicle fan game projects with digital copyright takedowns either. Or the random Bionicle easter eggs like the Voya-Nui flight plan in the latest Lego City airplane set. We can't get to greedy that we forget what we have already gotten, and we have to ask ourselves that if G1 were to continue or G3 were announced; would it live up to our impossibly high standards if we can't enjoy what we are already have?
  11. Go to Bricks and Pieces, look up set #92176 or set #21309, you can ask Lego customer service for replacements for the printed parts. Then you can replace the printed parts with fresh pieces, then use the methods above to clean the rest of the rocket body up to match the fresh parts. https://www.lego.com/en-us/service/replacementparts/broken/location Personally though I would be tempted to buy a second Saturn V (totally not because I want to do that to create a Saturn V in Skylab configuration and a Saturn 1B to accompany it... no of course not )
  12. So if we all pre-order Sokoda's project on the Bricklink designer program, and it does get in production we should all act like "this isn't real" until it shows up on our doorsteps? Not going to lie, it sounds like a solid plan.
  13. That is my thoughts too, some Makuta created Keetongu perhaps as a purposeful anti-dote to the Visorak. Then when the Makuta turned evil they hunted down his species.
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