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  1. Captain Pulodo The flamboyant and famous pirate captain of the Vo-Hoto is a famed lady's man and sworn enemy of Kulta's Skull Raiders. Pulodo is a famed folk hero among the coasts of Okoto and its surrounding islands. His armor consisting of bright blues, gold and red-yellow Kanu Bird feathers makes him a distinct figure on the Vo-Hoto's deck. Chef Harke Rescued from the Skull Raiders by the Vo-Hoto's crew, Harke still bears his scars from his imprisonment under Kulta's crew and their harsh treatment of him. A killer cook, both in terms of his sense of the gourmand and his fierce sword abilities, Harke when not in combat dedicates himself to preparing seafoods from the waters the Vo-Hoto sails. First Mate Delk First Mate Delk, cursed to silence via the cursed Varku he wears is a mysterious but trusted figure on the Vo-Hoto. Delk's experience with navigation makes them a fine guide to sailing the waters of the open sea for those patient enough to understand Delk's non verbal communication. Kanohi Varku Designed, 3D Printed and painted by Eden Sanders. The axle is a bit of a tight fit, I don't know if I will ever be able to get it off the head I put it on, but it looks very nice and fits the nautical pirate theme I wanted with these figures. According to Eden Sander's lore for his Muzona Guardians series the Varku is a cursed mask that silences its user and makes them mute.
  2. Hehehe. I was living in Argentina when G2 started (I was oblivious to that) but I remember shortly before coming home to the US having a discussion about how childhood fan favorite stories went (Star Wars, Halo, etc.) and I remember bringing up Bionicle and diving into its lore. The details of the discussion were vague, but it was enough that it started to tickle my nostalgia itch for Bionicle and knock my socks off when I finally got home to see G2 on the shelves. So yes... Nostalgia Empanada indeed.
  3. Sometimes I am an odd one out, but I absolutely adore the CCBS system. I popped off "the hood" of a few of the official G2 sets to show what I mean, with Skull Basher, Onua (2015) and Lewa (2016). I removed their chest armor and right arm and leg armor but left on their left limb armor to show the contrast of how the pieces fit over the skeleton. Three sets, each one with a distinct differences in body build and function all achieved by the skeleton variations. Onua has a gear function akin to 2001 sets, Skull Basher has a relatively unique boxing function that allows its arms to swing to cut with its axes. Lewa has a waist swivel function with custom upper arms and lower legs that are build using the old 2009 shell piece as a base piece and with other Technic and CCBS parts to lock it together. Lewa's old Bionicle heritage is not just visible in the 2009 shells, the classic 2002 Bohrok eyes are there along with the 2009 Glatorian necks (also used on Skull Basher) are both used too, of course not counting the Technic pins and axles that have been around forever now. Yes the armor shell textures are not as detailed as the original single mold parts were, but what they lack in detail they make up in versatility. Three sets, three unique functions all released within a year apart. CCBS is just a robust and very flexible system, but its important to remember its 100% backwards compatible with original Bionicle parts too. I have a few MOCS that try and blend both systems because honestly they all share the same ball joints and the same Technic pieces, so don't limit yourself to just one or the other. CCBS gains in robustness and versatility what the Inika build (2008 and 2009 in particular with their cursed sockets) lacked.
  4. Beach chant with me guys, "oooohhhOOOH" *seagull squak* "ooohhhOOH" Jokes aside, your aren't wrong.
  5. Personally I don't think a simulation was ever the intent of the G2 story team, but instead they were very heavily suggesting something happened with the Mask of Time itself. This is their words in the 2015 story bible. Take the translation a bit loosely since it was likely written in English, translated to Russian which is the language fans got a copy of it in, then translated back into English; but the original intent of the story bible is very much intact: "TIME CHANGES EVERYTHING" "We want to draw from the original [initial] plot of BIONICLE®, but not to be limited by it. We’re going to achieve this with the following trick. The original story involved the Mask of Time, which granted its owner the ability to alter the flow of time. But the Mask of Time was a half-mask. Here is our trick: the second half of the Mask of Time is located on the island of Okoto. The six Protectors use it to summon the Toa." "We believe it will be enough to link the two plotlines and awaken the imagination of the longtime fans. With this, we encourage them to come up with their own explanation. What exactly “happened” is not important to us, but we need this trick, because it allows us to tell the story of BIONICLE® anew." "Thus we’ve come to “the beginning”, but the circumstances have changed. The characters are the same, but the island and the plot have changed." "This allows us to achieve three goals:" "1: We’ve come up with a new beginning, “not burdened” by what happened in the past." "2: Using the mask known to longtime fans, we support [maintain, encourage] their interest – encouraging them to fill in the blanks and come up with the story that links the two worlds of BIONICLE®." "3: We can use the treasure trove of previously created content, but do it dynamically. We can use it as a source of inspiration without getting bogged down in the details." On the next page, there is a rough timeline of the G2 world history showing (although not detailed) that G2 was created by the Great Beings followed by an ancient "pre-historic" era before the arrival of the Mask Makers Ekimu and Makuta leading into the G2 story bits we are familiar with. Now how the Mask of Time played a role in creating G2 is left open ended, but it really does seem to support that G2 is a very real and very existent world in the "Bionicle Multiverse" and that the Great Beings we are familiar with from G1 had a strong hand in creating it (sort of meta commentary there since I always felt the Great Beings were almost author inserts for the teams at Lego and Advanced in both generations of the franchise... but oh well ). So I feel pretty confident in saying that it being simulated can be ruled out quite easily (the G1 Mask of Time of course being created after the creation of the Toa Mata and them being placed in stasis), but how G2 was created is still unanswered and left to the imagination of fans. I bet an Olmak user in G1 could easily hop to G2 though if they wanted though if G2 is indeed a parallel universe of sorts.
  6. Tahu has "the red one" effect and was promoted the most in branding, and while I still would say he is my favorite Toa I have to admit his characterization at least early on was actually pretty thin. It was mostly just "brave fire dude who sometimes gets angry." It gets better as the story went on, but its still the defining trait you need to know. Jaller on the other hand (like well all of the characters we saw as Matoran first) was a lot better fleshed out so while he may have been marketed as "the red one" and leader of the Inika/Mahri, his Matoran stories actually make him very likeable. He is a stubborn tactician in MNOG, he plays the Sam to Takua's Frodo in Mask of Light, is able to force all seven Turaga to admit Mata-Nui was dying by organizing a Metru-Nui wide strike, then he lead the future Inika through a perilous journey to Voya-Nui and to The Pit, ultimately willing to sacrifice himself to give Matoro a chance to save Mata-Nui. Although fate spared Jaller then, it still shows he was a consistently brave leader and intelligent thinker with really his surfer-bro voice in Mask of Life the only contradiction to that arc. So yeah, its pretty easy to explain why people like Jaller.
  7. I only own the Inika version, but the Mahri version looks better to me actually. But word on the street says lime joints kill the Mahri version...
  8. What type of plug is it based on? I have a bit of a weird curiosity on what different plugs look across the world and I genuinely want to know if its based on a real one somewhere.
  9. Why does this work so well? I mean the Matoran gender thing bugged me because I am used to the human 50/50 population split between genders, but this explanation for Matoran being more a 5:1 ratio makes a lot of sense.
  10. I assume they have all the same main senses humans would have (and maybe then some), but its possible the method of function might be different. Yes they can smell but we don't know if it functions like a biological nose or if its a cybernetic device that translates the smell to their brain. We know Matoran can eat, but its not done often via their mouth but instead absorbing nutrients through their body via coming into contact with food; but we do know they still have the ability to taste and eat via their mouth because we have in the novels mention of Nokama tasting water and orally applying herbal medicine. So this suggests that some bodily functions might have dual methods to them, both oral eating and "hand absorbing eating" both exist and function for Matoran and the same might apply to their other senses. I actually wish Lego had given us more details on Matoran anatomy functions, but I imagine going to deep into it would have lead to some questions Lego wasn't ready to answer which is why we only got a superficial understanding of Matoran biology. The closest we ever got to a canon dive into it is some Toa concept art from Mask of Light that showed how the skeleton and armor interacted with muscles.
  11. I dunno normally I would say the Rahkshi heads would be a bit much, but in this case I think exaggerating the female form actually works since it brings to mind traditional ship figureheads and art depictions of mermaids which really bring to mind the nautical nature of the Mahri arc. Kind of an "ahoy matties thar be mermaeds in these thar waters" type thing.
  12. On a dark night, Ko-Matoran and visiting Kohli players gather around the warmth of a fire along the cliffs of Mt. Ihu to listen to Turaga Nuju tell ancient tales and legends. Matoro, the sage's translator gestures and speaks alongside the Turaga bringing his birdspeak to the common tongue.
  13. Just revisited this page, yes its still perfection. Very well done!
  14. Its kind of a result of plasma having overlap with fire, since well the hottest of fires enter the plasma state. IRL Plasma is a state of matter when super heated gases loose their electrons, and it is naturally visible in lightning, hot fire, aurora borealis, static electricity sparks, and natural fusion reactions such as stars. In colder temperatures plasma can be formed via electrically exciting noble gases causing the distinct glow of neon signs and is also seen in arc welding or the fireball surrounding spacecraft reentry. So how does this play out in Bionicle? Pahrak-Kal is the only plasma character we ever see use their power "on screen" so to speak and it looks something like this: So yeah... basically just really hot and powerful fire. I guess an explanation for the Su-Matoran even existing... the Great Beings are jerks. So I can see there being jobs in the Great Spirit Robot that required a higher heat tolerance than the more common Ta-Matoran but rather than building all Ta-Matoran to be able to work in that environment the Great Beings created a separate and rarer Su-Matoran, probably out of a combination of "this job needs to be done, but we don't want these super powerful heat resistant Matoran to exist in mass in case we need to fight against our own creations." These are the same people who created Marrendar to kill Toa if they ever posed a threat to the Great Beings after all... Better to have 1000 Ta-Matoran and 5 Su-Matoran doing their jobs, than have 1005 Su-Matoran and the potential for 1005 Su-Toa. Ultimately though, I think its a shame we never got to see many of these Matoran with secondary elements actually play a major role in the story. I like to imagine the "What If...?" had the Su-Matoran been included in limited numbers on Metru-Nui among the Ta-Matoran population. Easy to imagine them working directly in the Great Furnace were the temperatures were to hot for Ta-Matoran and being seen as a small but limited class of hardy workers, while the Ta-Matoran took on more of the forging work themselves (mask and tool making, etc) that while still hot work was around cooler metal than the blazing hot furnace temperatures Su-Matoran might have been needed for. Similarly it would have been cool to see a few Fe-Matoran working in mining on Onu-Koro, Bo-Matoran living in the jungles of Le-Wahi, Vo-Matoran working in the power generation station inside the Coliseum, or Ce-Matoran hard at work in the Knowledge Towers of Ko-Metru... but its that kind of missed opportunities that are really only apparent in hindsight with Bionicle. It just feels like many of the "secondary elements" are specialized versions of the primary elements that would have been great to see represented even if in a limited nature, working among the other tribes of the MU.
  15. It's a unique take, but I see it now. Yes Matau's vanity was hurt by becoming Hordika, but Vakama was burdened by being a leader and trying to live up to Lhikan's memory, so his own temptation to fall was equally great. Interesting.
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