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    MOCing, MLBaseball (I'm a Cubs fan), and trying to draw. Also Black Ops (Name's Brokencase, check out my clips), though MAG is a better game in a lot of ways.

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  1. #3 (#1 is nice too!) - John
  2. Sounds tough, man. I can sympathize. You seem to have a good attitude abut it though, you understand that friendship is nothing to sneer at. - John
  3. Thanks a lot Aanchir! I vaguely remembered you wearing one at Brickfair in the past, it's an epic hat. - John
  4. Hey guys, I'm considering buying one of these from an online seller, but I'm not sure it will fit as it seems to only have been available in "Junior" size. Is the back adjustable? Would it fit a small adult head? Thanks! - John
  5. 55555

    Movie Recommendations

    If you haven't seen much Miyazaki, Princess Mononoke is one of my favorite movies of all time.
  6. I don't know, I just figured that they would. I haven't seen the movie either, so Vance and Ben kindly kept the conversation spoiler free. - John
  7. It's yours if you want it. I know the pits weren't clear in the first photos. Sure, I'll buy it. PM me with payment info and I'll respond with my mailing address. I'm also interested in your plastic custom masks, if/when those are for sale. I'm looking for something unique for a friend of mine who works for Lego and I think one or two of your masks would be perfect. - John
  8. Great! PMing. - John
  9. 55555

    Day #1 at LEGO

    Sounds great dude, congrats again! - John
  10. Hey, I'm looking to buy; 2x Transgerine Miru 2x Trans-Purple Kaukau I offer $100 total for these four masks, including shipping to my US address. I have a lot of stuff to trade; UK Copper Hunas, US Copper Hunas, Orange Vahis, TNGMs, etc. - John
  11. Would you guys be OK with waiting 2 weeks so that I can get enough money to pay you both? I'm a little short at the moment, but in two weeks I can definitely purchase your items. Sounds great. Let me know! - John
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