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    My interests...hmmm... I'd say I like to read, which is true. But the thing that mosts interests me is reading. Nyuk nyuk nyuk. No, that was not funny. I don't think many people look at this, though, so what's the point of making it look fancy shmancy.Lightning is cool to look at. Ooohh, but plasma lightning would look better. The joy of looking at lightning with positively charged atoms. It might sound very science-like, but it's a simple thing, really. It's just rare. Yup. I can make Excalibur, too. Watch this! ---[======> Ooh, Aah. <br /><br />GB< Those are my initials. Yay!

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  1. It's great to have you back,Dr.Jones.Erm,I mean Bioking!

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